KJ runs down the mountain so determinedly he scares two hikers 😂 Meanwhile, YR gives WY her phone back. The screen is cracked. WY wonders when did it fall out of her pocket. They both settle in a cafe. WY sighs in relief..while her bag and books are drenched, the ink hasn’t spread yet. YR brings her a cup of hot coffee and mentions that she’s younger than WY, so no need to use honorific. WY asks her why did she do all these, even lending her jacket. YR replies that it’s because she feels bad, since the triplets are her school mates..moreover, she saw them ganging up on WY but too afraid to help 🐍🐍🐍 WY says if she were her, she also couldn’t stop such things from happening.. WY thanks her for her help. YR then notices drawing on WY’s books, asking whether she’s studying to enroll in College of Art 🐍🐍🐍. WY shyly says that it’s just her hobby. YR arrives at a page with KJ’s drawing, while mentioning that the book looks like a portfolio.

On the other hand, one of the triplets is fuming mad, while the other two shiver in fear due to WY’s threat (that attempted murder lol). The angry iljin correctly guesses that WY was bluffing. They then bump into a group of girls with same raincoats. One of them is Mirae. They almost get into fights, but then two iljins decide against it. Mirae belatedly realizes that they’re THE triplets. Meanwhile, YR recalls her encounter with WY. Before they part ways, YR insists that WY keeps her jacket and asks whether she can contact her sometimes. WY brightly agrees, calling YR her Savior and promising to treat YR a meal next time. While recalling, YR barfs at “her Savior” and mutters that WY is an idiot 🐍🐍🐍

Meanwhile, on her way home, WY cheerfully whistles about how kind YR was and how she kinda save her almost-ruined-day due to the triplets. She cries at her broken phone and glasses..cuz Mum will kill her 😔 She then wonders how KJ is, since her phone is broken and he hasn’t contacted her at all (neither she can). She’s even worried..”What if he waits in front of my school until now” 😳 Then she sees bruised and shivering KJ waits for her at the end of the street. She asks her why is he here..while he fires his anger “WHY U NO PICK UP YOUR PHONE DO U WANNA DIE” | WY: “WHY SUDDENLY YOU YELL??!!” | KJ: “DID YOU WAIT FOR ME?!” | WY: “Why should I wait for you? It’s raining and cold as hell” | KJ suddenly softens his tone (to her surprise), “Really?”..and he suddenly hugs her, “I was worried, kiddo”

-End Chapter-



YeomSe is waiting for her mum at a restaurant. But her mum calls and says she can’t make it due to some sudden works. YeomSe tries to downplay her disappointment, consoling her mum not to worry about her. She sighs, “Should just eat tteokbokki”

WY pushes and hits KJ for hugging her, calling him pervert. KJ defends himself, saying he didn’t do it on purpose. WY realizes KJ is bruised all over and starts tending him, “must be really hurt”. KJ lightly says it’s not that hurt and he can just spit on it 😂 He tells her not to make it a big deal. She nags that he could’ve had infection or even tetanus. He stares at her closely, feeling touched. Then she suddenly asks him “does you even know what tetanus is”. He boasts “what do you take me for”…then proceed to play palm-slapping (the word sounds similar in Korea) 😂😂😂😂😂 She is like “ofc (he won’t know)” haha. She asks for his phone and looks it up for him. He reads the information out loud..then she nonchalantly puts band-aid over a wound on his face, making him blushed hard and stuttering 😂 After she finishes tending him, she gets up and says she’ll treat him next time cuz it’s late already. Naturally, KJ tries to hold her back by pretending he’s still huurrt, “Seems like I’ve got tetanuuss” 😂 She giggles, so he continues his “act” until she laughs harder..even opening his clothes (she instantly chides him to stop and calls him pervert HAHA). Meanwhile, TS is being dropped off by his “date”. He looks at his phone, wondering why KJ is so quiet. Then he suddenly stops his track.

Back to KJ and WY. WY puts more band-aid on KJ. She silently cries that she used up too many 😂 She tries to leave again, but he suddenly sneezes. She thinks he’s pranking her again. But he says he doesn’t. She worriedly wonders if he catches a cold..and puts her hand on his forehead, noticing that it’s rather hot and nags him to just return home. He throws tantrum while holding her hand on his forehead “don’t wanna go!! Don’t want! Don’t want!!” He asks her to stay “10 more minutes…nope..just 5mins” She sighs and sits beside him awkwardly. He then tells her that he ran down the mountain so swiftly and scared to ahjussis. She flatly responses that he must be joking. He continues telling the story of him trying to go to her excitedly.. She realizes that he must’ve got hurt while coming to her..then she sighs. He asks worriedly if she feels cold and wants to go home. But she suddenly asks him, “Why do you like me?” He innocently replies, “Cuz you’re pretty” She chides him not to joke around. She continues that “handsome guy like you won’t like a mediocre/plain girl like me.”..that “there must be some reasons” KJ is like “who said you’re plain? You’re very special (unique)!! There are no women like you around me..you’re the only one!!” She says it feels like an insult somehow. He says it’s a compliment. WY: “Nope” | KJ: “Yep”😂 She then sighs that she can just hv normal convo with him. He then says, “I like you (for no reason)” (literally he says “just because” which can be translated to “no reasons”). He further says that liking someone doesn’t really need any reasons..that he suddenly likes her. She weighs in his answer and doesn’t listen to him saying “that’s why..now..us..” She then says, “Then..” He listen excitedly. She continues, “Then you can also dislike me for no reasons, right?” to his surprise.

Epilogue: Rabbit KJ urges Turtle Baeblue to come to him hurriedly

=End of Chapter=

===========================================================CHAPTER 63

Mirae is fuming mad while WY tells her about the triplet iljins. Sera asks whether WY is hurt..WY replies that she’s OK. Mirae advises WY to tell KJ about it..but WY says that KJ hasn’t contacted her for a while.

Scene shifts to KJ sitting on top of a rock..recalling what happened to him and WY. He demanded to know why WY told him to just dislike her, assuring her that his feeling won’t change. WY flatly asks, “How could I believe that?” At the present time, KJ agitatedly screams “WHY U NO BELIEVE ME? BELIEVE OPPA JUST THIS ONCE”…while his bffs are trying to hold him (prob thinking he’s going to jump or smthg lol). He then tells them what happened. DW asks whether he did something she doesn’t like..glasses guy says that’s unlikely since KJ doesn’t like skinships. DW asks whether KJ clings on her or smthg like that. KJ dejectedly confesses that he did all that..then he randomly asks whether they know what tetanus is. All of them say they know..to KJ’s shock (“even DW knows about thiiss!!” 😂). He then starts hitting his own head to a tree, yelling that it must be the reason why WY doesn’t trust him/asks him such question (“THAT MUST BE WHY!! IDIOT!! JUST DIE!!”) 😂😂😂 WY tells her bffs what happened and Mirae notes that KJ must be hurt. WY concerns about him getting hurt and also feels bad cuz they’re not even dating but KJ waited for her like that. She notes that KJ is rather stupid (as in “innocent/naive”) so it’s better for her to come clean since the beginning. Mirae probes why she doesn’t date him..”cuz he isn’t handsome? Cuz his body isn’t good? Take out his brain factor tho” lol. WY answers that it’s because she feels that they don’t match. Mirae chides her, basically saying that a straightforward guy like KJ is rare and worrying that WY might regret later. Sera offers opposing opinion..and they bicker as usual, not noticing WY’s sigh.

Meanwhile, the snotty guy gives Woodeol a present (lots of socks). He says that his grandma asks him to give it to his friend. WD initially refuses but finally concedes (though he pretends to refuse lol). They both bicker, and the classmates notice it then wonder why snotty guy still insists to befriend the annoying WD. Scene shifts to WD’s mum in a gathering..which I hv no interest in translating at all 😂

At her room, WY is busily drawing Big Foot. She wishes Sunday to come fast so she can draw and meet other SF members..then suddenly wonders if KJ has recovered from flu..and swiftly scolds herself for worrying about him 😂 On the other hand, TS showers while recalling his encounter with dejected Sera (last chapter)..he mutters that her sad face somehow worries him. Then he comes out of the bathroom and asks KJ whether he’s asleep yet. KJ answers that he’s thinking…thinking why he’s come to like WY.

-End of Chapter-

===========================================================CHAPTER 64

WD is preparing to go to school. He recalls Snotty Guy tells him to report to him if he wears the socks.. then resolutely pulling his socks up.

MR gives info from DW to SR and WY about KJ who’s down with a very heavy flu.. WY gives no reaction..while SR flatly asks if MR is dating DW (cuz they seem to text each other often). MR flares up and denies vehemently. SR is like, “fine if you’re not” MR thinks SR doesn’t believe her and says, “I’M REALLY NOT!! I’LL DATE TAESON!!” SR just coolly answer, “OK then” 😂😂😂 WY ignores them and just stares out of the window.

Meanwhile, 4 boys go to school together. Likewise, DW gives updates from MR, saying that there’s no reaction from WY on updates abt KJ. TS also asks DW if he’s dating MR. Hilariously, DW gives exactly the same reaction with MR 😂😂😂 then KJ suddenly holds DW’s phone and breaks it into a half, menacingly says, “I’LL KILL ANYONE WHO DATES BEFORE ME” 😂😂😂 At the elementary school, Snotty Guy was ganged up by the bullies from WD’s class. They ask him why does him still trying to get close to WD. He innocently replies that he only wanna play together. They refutes it, saying that WD only takes advantage of him and was sure WD has thrown away all socks he’s given to. They then ask WD who happens to pass them by (reading a book). Bong-Gu (snotty guy) says that WD doesn’t need to do so. WD ignores all of them, but the bullies forcefully try to take off his shoes. WD falls down with shoes off..showing grey socks he’s wearing. The bully leader triumphantly says to Bong-Gu that “WD is that kind of guy” (aka bad one)..then mocks Bong-Gu “how pitiful” “just play with us.” Bong-Gu ignores them and walks over WD, asking if he’s OK. He then scolds the bully, adorably telling them that his grandma forbids him to play with bad guys, “you guys are bad.” The bullies angrily say that WD disregards BG too..then WD suddenly pulls out the grey sock, and shows the red flowery sock BG gave him, to BG’s delight..though he says “not because you’re my friend..but cuz the socks are comfy” #tsundere 😂

Meanwhile, the boys are strolling at the street after school. SJ and TS are busily betting if DW will end up dating MR lolol. KJ walks behind them and accidentally bumps into a bunch of guys. The guys are not angry and ask KJ to apologize. KJ ignores them and they pull out his hoodie+mask. Bad mood KJ turns into a hulk, threatening to kill them all 😂😂😂 Luckily he is held back by his friends and those guys swiftly apologize and run away haha. To calm KJ down, TS pretends he sees Baeblue..as expected, KJ instantly calms down and looks for her 😂 They sit down together and TS asks if KJ has found any reasons for liking her. KJ replies that he hasn’t found any. DW is upset and tells KJ to just stop since BaeBlue seems to dislike him so much (+Baeblue doesn’t seem worth it for him). KJ angrily tells DW not to say such things again. DW counters that he is just upset for him. KJ says he’s even more upset, actually. TS then advises him to seek revenge.
On Sunday, Baeblue goes looking for an art supply store. She walks through the piles of pencils in wonder..dunno how to pick one. Then she notices pencil types that Blue usually uses. She reaches out her hand and accidentally bumps into someone hand. It’s Blue! 😁

[Epilogue] TS is preparing KJ for the “revenge” 😂

-End of Chapter-

===========================================================CHAPTER 65

WY accidentally met Sunho (Blue, hereafter) at the art supply shop. WY tells him that she’s looking for a different drawing tool, rather than a pencil. Blue suggests a charcoal which can result in a drastic difference in her drawing. He also tells her the differences of some other art supply (there’s one that rough and sticky but it’s expensive haha). WY diligently listens and notes down what he says on her phone. Blue laughs and says she doesn’t hv to do that..WY agrees that she just needs to practice. Little do they know, Green is hiding behind a wall, looking at them 😂 Blue then guides WY to some paper supplies. WY then asks why did Blue ask her to be the model when they met for the first time.. It was a crowded place, but why did Blue pick her. Blue answers that he wasn’t sure why..he met many ppl while doing Croquis. Some just wonder what he’s doing..some ask him to draw them..some seem to be saying that they reeeally can’t do that (as in being model?). WY asks if she’s the later lol. Blue says he’s just joking..that at that time, he just thought that WY was similar to him…he was also holding back from doing things ppl do though he also likes it. WY then says that she wants to say something to him. Meanwhile, Green is like “why am I hiding” lol.

At SF meeting, Brown and Pink are bickering about their costumes. Both cosplay as rabbit. Pink asks Brown to take it off..since she works hard to prepare her costume and brown color doesn’t match rabbit (“You should be a bear instead!”😂). Brown refuses, saying that he’s even prepared a matching CARROT t-shirt and it seems like Pink who’s unprepared. Black and Khaki just sigh in defeat looking at them 😂😂😂 At the art supply, Green thinks that she stops eavesdropping their convo (maybe she thinks WY is gonna confess haha). Then she hears that WY sincerely thanks Blue for letting her being SF member. She says that she’s been waiting to say that to Blue. She further says that though she isn’t that good at drawing, but Blue still let her come..she also says she’s growing more confident while being with the oppadeul and unniedeul at SF. She says she’s also been doing Croquis with her friends during the break at school and grow closer to them because of Blue. Blue jokes that she should buy him an eraser if she’s that thankful..to which she replies that she’ll even buy 100 erasers for him 😂😂😂 Green listens to all of that and cries, “Baeblue is so kind ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”..she then starts to crawl away from them but accidentally bump into them LOL. She awkwardly says that “OFC IM NOT HIDING OR ANYTHING..JUST BUYING SUPPLIES HA-HA-HA”😂😂😂 She tries to walk away but Blue stops her track. He checks her chart and asks whether she’s really buying 5sets of expensive drawing tools..Green belatedly realizes this and panicked, “WHY R U MEDDLING..GIVE IT BACK”. Blue retaliates “R U SANE?”😂😂😂 WY looks at them and smiles..she then puts their hands together while saying “YOU TWO LOOK GOOD TOGETHER. JUST DATE” 😂😂😂 Green chases after her, denying everything. Blue looks surprised..and flustered? 😚

Anyway three of them go to the meeting place together and find that Pink and Brown are still fighting (Cold War now 😁). Green tries to lighten their moods..but Black explains that both are fighting like children haha. Green mutters that her aegyo fails..to which Blue asks “THAT was aegyo?!” Lolol. Baeblue then tries her aegyo…and it works. Both Pink and Brown make up and apologize to each other..but disclaim that “WE AREN’T DRESSING LIKE COUPLE. REALLY NOPE” 😂😂😂. The drawing session is about to start. Brown asks where is Red..Green says he’s got a cold so probably won’t come. Pink asks how did he catch a cold. Black guesses that it might be caused by weather. WY keeps silent and wonders dejectedly that it might be because of her..and wonders whether KJ is that sick. Then a voice heard, “Who said I ditch the meeting?” It’s KJ..with extravagant outfit 😂😂😂

-End of Chapter-


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