Chapter opens with 3 iljins complaining about how Yerim treats then. They recall Yerim told them “You reap what you sow” after they’ve got beaten by SF unnies. They further complained that YR used to be like them but now suddenly become a nerdy. One of them wanna vent to YR directly, but another one notes that she’s all talk πŸ˜‚ They then see KJ and his friends (like what’s shown in the previous chapter). KJ and WY’s group finish eating. Mirae cheerfully asks them to hang out together next time and the girls will pay. WY thanks KJ for delivering her bag, but warns him not to come again (cuz she’s got an upcoming exam). KJ sternly replies that he wouldn’t come since he’s bbuussyyy. Feeling guilty at his tone, WY apologizes, but KJ goofs around “Aww my baeblue is disappointed.. Oppa will come then” πŸ˜‚ WY instantly flares, “I’M NOT DISAPPOINTED THO” The boys then walk away. TS praises KJ for being better than expected (abt WY), but KJ suddenly cries, “How will I withstand (not seeing her) until Sunday T.T” πŸ˜‚ TS tries to cheer him up, offering him a part time job so he’s too busy to mop around πŸ˜‚ Meanwhile the iljins manage to steal some pics and say “Daebak” at what they found.

WY arrives home, feeling tired. Mum comes at her for her dirty shoes, asking where did she go, bla bla bla. In her imagination, WY replies calmly and tells her about being a member of a drawing club, how the ppl there and nice, and how she learns a lot. But in reality, she can’t do so and tells her mum that she “didn’t go anywhere.. Don’t suspect an innocent person” Mum is angry at her insolence, but WY is saved by her brothers who ask her mum to do something for them.

In her room, WY mimics how her Mum talks to her brothers, sighing that she never talks prettily to her. She sighs that she can’t even attend SF meeting this week cuz of her exam. At the chat room, Blue announces that the dress code will be swapping colors. WY announces sadly that she can’t come due to exam and the other members instantly wish her well. Their cheers fueled WY’s spirit to study

At his place, Blue tells Khaki about the dress code and asks what color he’d choose. He shyly says “Black”. Blue smirks and tells Khaki just to confess if he likes her. Khaki vehemently denies, but Blue is like “It’s so obvious on your face”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ On the other hand, TS with half-asleep KJ arrive at the part time job place. It’s another photo shot job. They accidentally meet YR who has just finished her session. KJ ignores her and walks away, telling the photographer that he’s just got 30 mins. TS says goodbye to YR..then YR receives a chat from the iljins, containing a photo of KJ ruffling WY’s hair while grinning.

-End Chapter-


Chapter 57

KJ is in foul mood (cuz BaeBlue won’t come to the SF meeting)… He fires his anger to someone who just slightly bumps into him #senggolbacok πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meanwhile, WY is busy studying. When she rests after studying English, she remembers Mirae told her (obviously DW filled her in) that KJ won’t attend SF meeting cuz WY won’t be there. WY thinks that she doesn’t like KJ going to that extent and decided to text KJ for confirmation (KJ’s name in her phone: “πŸ’©guy” HAHA). KJ is totally ecstatic “OMG THE TEXT COMES OMG WHAT SHOULD I REPLY”, to TS’s annoyance πŸ˜‚ (WY’s name in KJ’s phone is “MINE” ❀). He replies WY with the shortest text “Y” #playhardtoget πŸ˜‚ WY asks him whether he won’t come because of her. He replies with “Y”, again πŸ˜‚ WY proceeds with a long reply, telling him bluntly that she doesn’t like he skips because of her..how would other members think (she feels bad also). Wrapped in his pink sleeping back and crouched down, KJ asks her “Then I should go?”, WY agrees. KJ asks further, “Then what should I do?”, to WY’s confusion.

Her thought is interrupted by Mum’s entrance, bringing snacks for WY. For once, she talks to her prettily, even patting her head to WY’s surprise. Mum says she always nags WY bla bla bla but she does that cuz WY resembles her who’s not good at studying blabla. She encourages WY to take first place/increase her grade. WY happily indulges in Mum’s rare affection. She suddenly gets an idea to ask Mum to grant her wish if she excels in exam. Mum agrees if she manages to increase her ranks/grades. WY happily continues her study. .

On Sunday, Green makes her serious entrance as Black Fingers..but only manages to do so in seconds..and goes back to her goofy self. She asks cafe owner whether other members hv come and sees Red(?). She proceeds to greet that person by smacking his head..but it turns out to be Brown oppa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she apologizes and praises Brown’s new hair cut, calling him cute. They talk about what other members might wear today..and the cafe owner directs them to a baby blue theme room.

Both wonder if BaeBlue manages to come today…and open the room to KJ (who’s drawing BaeBlue on the board). KJ greets Green sweetly (with aegyo and all), “Nunaa~”, to Green’s shock πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

=End of Chapter=



KJ is cosplaying as BaeBlue for this week and totally acting like her. Brown notes that it suits him, but Green extremely disagrees πŸ˜‚ The siblings bicker, then suddenly Blue appears with Mint attire (different socks colors). He claims that it’s Green’s usual fashion and attitude, but Green disagrees “WHEN DID I DO THAT IDIOT” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Pink then enters with blue outfit, wearing her hair down. They all agree that it suits her. Brown coughs his acceptance. Pink looks satisfied. Khaki follows behind her, claiming he’s Brown from head to toe (KJ and Brown are busy taking selcas at the side haha). They wonder where’s Black, then she suddenly appears. They’re like “When did you enter?” πŸ˜‚ she’s assuming Pink role today, wearing no wig. The members exclaim that she looks cool and awesome, while Khaki suddenly collapses (cuz she looks too awesome πŸ˜‚). The session starts with the usual greeting which is swapped according to their color today. KJ hesitates when he has to do BaeBlue’s squid greeting…but the members push him to do that. When he’s finally done, he whines that his life lost its value πŸ˜‚. They talk about how fun is today’s theme and wish BaeBlue to be there. Black says they can do the same theme again when BaeBlue is present. They start drawing with Pink as the first model. KJ looks dead serious this time.

Green looks fascinated and sends the picture to group chat, “Not BaeBlue but feel like BaeBlue but also don’t feel like BaeBlue” haha. WY mutters to herself that he looks CUTE, before catching herself “Why did I think of THAT” πŸ˜‚ she then imagines her dress code..as goofy Green, or Chic Black, Lady Pink, classic Brown, or solitary Khaki…until Mum knocks her room and brings her back to reality πŸ˜” The first 1minute session is done and they examine the drawings. They notice that Brown manages to draw a huge drawing (unlike his usual style). He smiles and wonders whether it’s because he dresses as Red today haha. Meanwhile KJ is busy taking pics of the drawing (to be sent to Baeblue). Blue asks KJ to take his pics. KJ ignores him in jealousy πŸ˜‚

p.s: it’s because Blue wears no glasses and BaeBlue will surely swoooon over that..so jealous Kijeong decides not to take his pics at all Β πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

=End of Chapter=



Do you remember Khaki collapsed when he sees Black dressing in pink? Well, he’s currently lying on a bed (with ice cubes to cool him down haha), thinking about his convo w/ Black during their hanbok meeting. She firmly rejected him..but he said that he’s not really asking her to date him (he even calls her “Taengja-ssi). She scarily replied, “rweeally?” He berated himself, asking why he even told him that. Hugging Big Foot, he wails that Taengja-ssi must be angry. Without him knowing, Black witnesses his agony behind the door

After meeting, they go to eat. But KJ takes hundreds of pictures and prevents them to eat. All of them look very annoyed πŸ˜‚ After taking pics, he excuses himself..while the other members talking about him and BaeBlue. Pink correctly guesses that he’s done all that for BaeBlue. Brown asks whether they’re dating. Green says they’re not and KJ has one-sided love. Black says that both of them match well..but why BaeBlue rejects him. Pink asks whether she likes someone else. Green stealthily eyes Blue..then she lies that she doesn’t know about that. They all voice out their approval and support for KJ #awww

WY’s family is having dinner. Her dad asks her about her current exam. Her mum cheerily replies that “our daughter is studying hard and this time she’ll improve her grade..cuz she already promises me..rigghhtt?” while elbowing WY to agree. WY brightly answers her dad that she’s working hard..but if her grade doesn’t improve it doesn’t really matter, cuz she already tries her best. Her bright answer surprises both parents. Both of her brothers offer help for her study, even Woodol who’s in primary school. WY laughs that she’s not that bad and WD cutely says that he’s being sincere haha. The dinner continues in a good mood

WY checks her SF group chat for pics and notices there’s no Blue pics AT ALL..though she’s sure that he attends meeting cuz she saw his drawing (KJ crops Blue out of the group pic at the restaurant…and insert his bare-chested selca among the pics πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). WY shivers, wondering if she’s being set in a trap πŸ˜‚

KJ then suddenly calls her, surprising her. He wishes her luck for her exam..and mention “oppa” will come after exam.. He actually reads out whatever TS writes on paper…and imitates whatever he said, like “I’m hanging up”, “IDIOT, HANG UP THE PHONE”, “NOT THAT, IDIOT!!” (WY hears all that fuss..wishes he won’t come to find her later haha) #ROFLMAO.

Scene shifts to Yerim who successfully ranks 1st at her class, earning praises from the teacher. The triplet iljins call her and ask whether she saw KJ-WY pic they sent. YR coolly says she saw it. The triplets try to dig more, mentioning how angry they were when they witnessed that scene. YR maintains her indifference while the triplets keep saying how they’re worried abt YR..how WY is totally a fox bla bla bla. YR then sharply says, “That’s why you help me like this?”, then kinda implying that they gotta help her no matter what. After she’s gone, they talk about how she gives them creep..how she’s clearly hurt but pretends not to (being hypocrite). They kinda plan a revenge on what WY and Green (+SF girls) did to them by using YR..

-End of chapter-


SF members got a picture of KJ on bed, sending heart (the one I upload for this summary haha). The pic is clearly intended for WY. Green calls him immediately, “IDIOT, YOU SENT IT TO KTALK GROUP. HOOOWWW” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



Two juniors accidentally bump into KJ. They apologize instantly, fearing him. But KJ is in super good news, so he even offers them some help, “if you hv hard time, come to hyung”..then he leaves while dancingπŸ˜‚ His two friends wonder what meds did he eat this time πŸ˜‚ TS told them that it’s because Baeblue agreed to treat him a meal. He yawns, saying that he couldnt sleep a wink because of KJ last night. On the other hand, KJ putting his hand around Head master’s shoulders, praising his mustache and sneakily asking if he can leave early πŸ˜‚ His friends are panicking cuz of his boldness.. While TS sighs that he somehow feels worried. .

Flashback to last night. KJ nagged at WY through KKT, “what would you do for me? Hmmm? Hmmmmm?? (Repeat 50x)” before WY finally conceded and agreed to treat him a meal. KJ instantly rolls around in happiness, waking TS up in anger. KJ suddenly goes “omg I’m so done”. TS retorts, “WHAT AGAIN?!”. KJ seriously asked, “What if (we) kiss?” TS threw his pillow in anger, wondering if he should just kill KJ πŸ˜‚ .

The trio (SR, MR, and WY) finish their mid term and hang out at the movie theatre. WY excitedly ask them what they should do next..when MR suddenly disappears and send them chat msg that she goes to see LegendSul πŸ˜‚ WY jokingly mentions that she’s a traitor..when YeomSe says she also needs to go for her appointment with her Mum. WY urges her to go and says that she was only joking about the traitor thing. After WY is left alone..she remembers about her promise to KJ and wonders why he hasn’t contacted her yet. She contemplates sending him a msg, then “Why should I. I. Dun. Care. Not. Even. Waited. For. Him.” πŸ˜‚ It turns out that KJ is overslept. After realizing he’s late, he hurriedly runs down the mountain πŸ˜‚

WY walks home in a good mood. Then suddenly the iljins purposely bump into her. They greet her but she ignores them and starts walking away. One of them blocks her, asking where will she go and mentioning that they even greet her. WY flatly says, “So what if you call. I forgave you already.” The iljin says forgiveness means nothing and rants how they hv a hard time because of her. WY cuts her, apologizing for what the unnies did to them, but since three iljins attacked her so underhandedly, she had no choice. The iljins mock her statement, saying she must be crazy. WY continues that they should stop doing these things since they aren’t kids anymore…mentioning that their self-worth/self-respect will degrade even lower if they continue. Her statement surprises them. One of them recalls that Yerim (THAT BEECH) only asks them to threaten her a bit. WY walks away again from them, saying that “this unnie is in good mood after exam so won’t let y’all ruin it” Then one of the iljins pushes her hard until she falls down. They mock her for overdoing her “lecture”..they only slightly bumped into her. WY is getting up, coolly saying that pushing a glasses-wearing person until the glasses fall down is counted as attempted murder. She then calls their names in informal language (Park Lee Jin. Park Se Ryung. Sa Hye Yoon), threatening “if one more time you disturb me, I’ll find you until I die for a revenge.” Three of them recall what Green told them before and run away in fear. After that, WY sighs in relief that they’re gone (that attempted murder thingy is a lie haha) and picks up her broken glasses, sighing that her Mum will be very angry again. Then YR suddenly appears, kindly (MEH “pretend to be kind to be exact 😀) asks whether WY is OK.

-End of Chapter-


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