[SUMMARY] Cheese in the Trap -EPILOGUE-

Actually I did this summary right after it was uploaded by Soonkki…but I forget to put it here :p

So here it is.

Cheese in the Trap -EPILOGUE-

It’s about what happened that night.

JUNG asked whether Seol didn’t like him anymore. Seol was taken aback…and Jung was sobbing. Seol reached out to him, asking if he’s really the sunbae she knows, “you’re really like a kid.” Jung wiped his tears slightly, “So you don’t like me?” Seol thought about it for a while..then cupped his face in her hands, saying “No [I like you]. Please stop crying” She then hugged him, “I don’t dislike you. Let’s go back together.”

Then suddenly Seol’s dad (and mum and Joon) appeared. Her dad sternly asked with they were doing lol. Shocked, Seol asked them why they are even there πŸ˜‚ The family answered that they’re going to eat some chicken. Jung greeted them and they instantly fussed over him. Joon: “did you just cry?” Seol’s dad: “Whats with ur face? Did you just cry?” Seol’s mum: “whoa your eyes are red.”…”Lemme see your face”; “are you fighting with Seol?”;”what? Why?”; “Look like you’re fighting to break up” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ while Jung frantically wiped his remaining tears and apologized for letting Seol’s parents witnessed him like that…Seol’s parents were more concerned about his condition and offered him to just stay over at their house. Jung and Seol then look at each other, blushing πŸ˜‚ .

At the house, Joon lent Jung his clothes. Jung was sleeping in Seol’s room (not on her bed..but on the floor). Dad didn’t seem to approve and grunted that Jung should’ve slept in Joon’s room instead. But Joon wisely told his dad that Jung and Seol seemed to have a fight, so it’s better to let them talk it out. .

At Seol’s room, Seol offered Jung to climb onto her bed. Jung readily did so..then Seol instantly put her head on his lap, sighing deeply. While Jung put his hand on her head. Seol wearily asked Jung, “You won’t leave, will you?” Jung replied that it should’ve been his question. Seol admitted that she still couldn’t get at the same wavelength with Sunbae…that her standard still didn’t match his..but still she still wanted to try to adjust. Jung answered that he thought so, too. He said it wasn’t a bad thing at all when he thought she was similar to him.Β He continued that if he didn’t think like that, probably they’d only be ordinary senior-junior. He said that while other ppl seemed to be different from him, but he felt like Seol would understand him. “Do you know that I like it when we’re growing more similar to each other.. That way, though I felt relieved cuz you wouldn’t leave me…but I wasn’t really happy afterwards..” He thought because he’d like it if there’s other ways. He further said that he couldn’t ensure how would he behave from now on, he still wanted to be together with her. “That would be more than enough.” Seol listened and smiled. Jung kept stroking her hair while she’s falling asleep, smiling.

Flashback to the hospital scene where Jung’s dad met Inho’s grandpa. Little Jung sat alone grumpily, wondering why his father took so long. He then noticed little Seol was crying. He approached her with concern, asking why was she crying. But Seol ignored him. He was about to leave when Seol reached for his hand. He was taken aback..but decided to sit beside Seol. At the same hospital, Little Inho was running around looking for Inha. He saw Jung and Seol..noting that Seol’s hair looked like dog fur lol. He then left them… Jung is seen to be holding crying Seol’s hand.


There’s one more chapter updated, but it’s just a goodbye message from Soonkki + fanarts from other webtoon’s cartoonists. There’s no content update.


8 thoughts on “[SUMMARY] Cheese in the Trap -EPILOGUE-

  1. Shena says:

    Hi. I just found your blog and I’m wondering if you still have summaries of Season 3 chapters and how can I find it as the link above directs me to Season 4 Chapter 22 to the latest. I am reading CITT through Naver Webtoon English version app but it only updates every Sunday and is still in S3 Ep 53 as of the moment. 😦 Thank you. πŸ™‚

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