Episode 36

The unnies and oppas are full of praises for the couple pose.. But the two models didn’t feel the same lol. Kijeong is busy denying his newfound feeling while Baeblue is quite annoyed :p
They then wanna go eat pig feet but Kijeong said he’s leaving first. Wooyeon concerns cuz he said he wanna eat that earlier on and calls him ..only to be roughly brushed off by Kijeong “y u so concern.. R u my wife” lol. He threw a tantrum by himself when she gets //too close// in perimeter (like examining his hand which is hurt bcoz of his tantrum)) πŸ˜‚.

At home Wooyeon is greeted by Woodol who kindly saved her roses-making book before their mom found out (while cleaning her room). Wooyeon smiles and tells him she feels happy someone is at her side at home, woodol was like “I’m not siding with Gorilla” πŸ˜‚ but he still offers her to hide her drawing books in his room since mom wouldn’t bother his room. Wooyeon agrees and only keeps the pic drawn by Blue Finger at the first meeting in her room.

On another note, Khaki is being treated by Blue (lots of health patches) cuz he works too hard for Black’s phone.Β He manages to give it to Black (after he insists). However he gets another blow when Black meets another man (addressing her as Taengja-ssi) who asks who Khaki was.. And Black answers “oh the kid I draw with” He got so menbong and cried on Blue’s shoulder afterwards. Poor Blue didn’t get his story at all πŸ˜‚ -End-


Episode 42

Shopping day for the SF’s girls. Wooyeon asks the unnies to accompany her shopping for the next, dress code. Those three unnies arrive with such striking appearance. ppl are looking at them with wonderment πŸ˜‚

The next concept for SF which is Wooyeon’s idea is “Strong unnie”. They made Wooyeon trying several clothes but “everything looks cute on her” for them.. And Black asks her to take her glasses off πŸ˜‚ They post a “teaser” pic of “Swag Wooyeon” to the group chat. Kijeong reads it and is like “Hul.. cute 😣” He is dying to reply the message or contact her but Taeson insists he needs to play push-and-pull.. The other two said he must hv missed Wooyeon so much lol. Taeson then decides to go shopping as well (all follow him). While they’re shopping, the owner insists to ask Kijeong to model for them. He refused, saying he’s in hurry to meet his gf (aka Wooyeon..maybe they go to the same shopping center with the girls haha).. But at that moment, Yerim appears and the owner thinks she’s whom he meant (*sideeyeing Daewoo who indirectly told her via SNS update*) Back to the girls. Wooyeon finds a T-shirt she really likes but hesitate on whether it’ll fit her or not.. She narrates that she never really goes shopping.. Even when she went with her BFFs, she’s just a cheerleader and never actually buys cuz she thinks any fashion doesn’t fit her. She decides to give a try, shows it to unnies and admits that she really wanna try wearing leopard pattern. Unnies are like “That settled then. Shopping, success!” πŸ˜‚ Wooyeon is startled at how easy for them to decide and admits her insecurities. The unnies advise her to not give a f**k abt what ppl say, as long as she’s happy with what she wears…and there are too many fashion items wasted if she doesn’t try any. Green asks her to imitate a crazy pose “FASHION’S COMPLETION IS IN THE ATTITUDE” πŸ˜‚Β Unknown to them, their group attract the attention of the triplet-iljins.. -End-


Episode 43

Yerim suddenly appears and asks Kijeong to talk to her. Kijeong refuses and says he’s busy. Yerim stops him to say he needs to take responsibility #FOTWHATGDI ..Kijeong stops in track. Meanwhile, Wooyeon excuses herself to the toilet.. And was ganged-up by the triplet-iljins. They bully her again. She shrinks in fear.. Reminiscing how she’s never dared to speak up and fight back since she was a kid..to her mother’s dismay (calling her “frustrating kid”😠). But she determinedly changes it today…she also remember what Kijeong told her on the first day they met “Don’t be afraid if you aren’t at fault”. Holding a broomstick, she tries to fight back.. But the iljins threatens that they’ll upload her embarrassing pic now. It gets her distracted and gets her hair pulled.

Meanwhile Daewoo feels guilty by Yerim’s sudden appearance. It turns out he didn’t call her so he wonders how did she find out.. The glasses friend guess that he must’ve uploaded their pic on SNS and deduces Yerim must hv found out that way.. Daewoo looks very apologetic #oops Thought they did wonder what kind of responsibility Kijeong needs to take lol.
Meanwhile the unnies feel weird cuz Wooyeon takes too long. Green decides to go find her. But one iljin is standing by at the door and making up some excuse to prevent anyone getting inside. She’s holding a phone.. Ready to upload Wooyeon’s pic. Suddenly the toilet door opens…showing Wooyeon gets beaten up and Green enters furiously


Episode 44

Chapter begins with Yerim and Kijeong talking#letsjustskip πŸ˜‚ anyway Yerim asks Kijeong to join photo shoot again but he rejects it plainly. He also flatly asks Yerim not to see him as a man anymore. Yerim asks whether it’s because she was an iljin. Kijeong is like “Nope. Just don’t like you” πŸ˜‚

Meanwhile Green is beating up the iljins. Black also arrives at the toilet, but one iljin mistakenly calls her “elementary school student” which earn her a furious kick from Black πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The iljins are now fully “decorated” (with makeup) by Pink. Green sternly asks them to apologize to Wooyeon. Wooyeon says her apology worths nothing, advising they should live properly instead. Green menacingly asks for their name, school, etc.. So they can’t harrass Baeblue anymore πŸ˜‚ The iljins go and the unnies treat Baeblue’s wounds, worrying about her. On the other note, the SF guys are also hanging out.. But seems awkward? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The girls go to eat cheerfully and accidentally(?) meet Kijeong on the way (he keeps calling Green but she didn’t pick up). Green asks why he’s even here. He defensively yells “I’M JUZT SHOPPING WHY?!!”, making up excuse. Green doesn’t buy it, of course haha. She says today is girl’s day and nags him. But he doesn’t even listen and goes straight to WooYeon who’s standing (or hiding?) behind Green. He suddenly grabs her face so closely πŸ˜‚ -End-


Episode 45

Continuing the last chapter, KJ grabs WY’s face (he noticed her wounds) worriedly and hisses “which bastard did this?” WY is like “omg too close I can’t breathe”πŸ˜‚ Green pulls him away from WY, scolding him for making her surprised. KJ doesn’t listen to her and demands what kind of bastard did that to WY. They fight (ppl around them: “omg girl and boy fight” πŸ˜‚). Green yells they are women..what would he do. He yells back that he doesn’t care, cuz they touched what’s his and he wouldn’t stand still. Anyway, they all go for a buffet. BaeBlue cheerfully goes to pick more food while the unnies cry together because BaeBlue still manages to smile despite what just happened to her #aww 😚 KJ grabs WY’s plates, putting more meat while nagging at her “you need to eat more..”. WY is in awe, “are you worried abt me? “.. Flustered, he defensively replies “OFC NO WHY SHOULD I..U THINK I GOT TOO MUCH FREE TIME??!! ” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ WY coolly responds, “OK then if you aren’t”..but he continues nagging, “now you’re OK but tomorrow you’ll feel sore all over your body”. WY smiles, making him yelling (cuz flustered) “WHY U SMILE” HAHA. She then tells him it’s the same thing happened when they first met. KJ suddenly apologized solemnly, for mocking her at that day. He said it was because he’s in bad mood due to some annoying girl. She said she’s fine, cuz she somehow remembers his words back then, “if you aren’t wrong don’t be afraid”, while patting his head like what he did back then. He instantly blushed and WY runs away, leaving him frozen in shock πŸ˜‚ After lunch, they all part ways. The unnies are still worried, so Green asks KJ to accompany WY home. KJ is like “WHY SHOULD I? I’M BUSY. GONNA MEET FRIENDS” and walks away, to Green’s annoyance haha.

Scene shifts to KJ’s friends who are betting whether KJ succeeds in confessing or not. All of them bet no LMAO. They then talk abt what happened to Yerim (they met her after she talked to KJ, looking dejected). Taeson recalls that she took a call from someone who mentions abt green-haired unnie. He deduces that it might be KJ’s nuna.. Meanwhile WY walks home while calling YeomSe, updating her on what happens and asks her not to tell Mirae (since she was the most worried before). Then she notices that she’s being followed. Terrified, she still she decides to confront her “stalker” with a stone. It turns out to be Kijeong πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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