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Final Chapter of Cheese in the Trap (Ch 76)

The sentences in […] is Seol’s narration.

[The season has passed again. Then it’s unknowingly spring again. We’re all living our respective lives]. 

JW receives a short text from Inha, “buy me food..” He’s like “why it’s always me.. Can’t take it anymore” lol. She texts again, “Now you’re a salary man right?” He sighs in defeat, looking at two movie tickets in his hand (he actually brings flower in his bag aww). 

[The recently employed Jeawoo sunbae thinks it’s time to confess]. 

Inha receives his text, smirking. Someone asks why she keeps texting, she doesn’t answer the person directly. She asks to what extent she should tell the story. 

[Baek Inha receives a steady counselling]. 

“that guy smiles sincerely just once.” *flashback to the firework time with Jung and Inho* “I really liked that day. It was really the best moment in my life. Mine. My brother’s too.” She continues saying that while she couldn’t just forget it, Jung didn’t want hv anything to do with them anymore. But she and Inho continued living like a fool, didn’t think about anything. She sighs, saying that at that time, there’s nothing she and Inho could do. The counsellor asks about Inha’s plan next week. Inha says she’ll visit her aunt at hospital cuz her aunt is weak/sick now. 

[Meeting her several times and I feel like she looks slightly calmed down now. Still, there’s still a positive change right?].

On the other hand, the next, door ahjussi greets TA Heo awkwardly. TA Heo looks surprised yet touched. He then instantly scolds ahjussi’s unkempt hair. Seol narrates that the ahjussi now opens a small business and he comes to tell TA Heo about it.

[Ah-Youngie went to the US for study. Even though it’s also her dream, but it makes Jun happy too.] 

Seol further narrates that Bora starts her fashion business like she’s been dreaming of. But unfortunately she has to work with Mona a lot HAHAHA. Seol mentions that their style never match πŸ˜‚. She also mentions that Mona is preparing her wedding.

Meanwhile, Kyung Hwan is working and going to blind date often..and he met Dayoung (with another man) once haha.

SangChul still hasn’t graduated..while Oh Young-Gon is serving in the military…as EunTaek’s subordinate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Seol narrates that she still visits Ahreum (from her volunteer job with Jung in season 2) sometimes..Ahreum now can count to 20. Seol’s family is busy as ever at the restaurant to support Joon in the US. On the other hand, Inho is playing piano at a restaurant. Seol narrates that she believes that Inho is doing well somewhere.

What about Seol? She finally graduates today. Joon and Ahyoung send their congratulation msg through video call.. Seol’s parents are there and acknowledge her hard work all these while. They mention how they’re proud of her. Then she hears someone calls her name…she jerks in surprised. It turns out to be someone with the same name with her.. She sighs in disappointment, looking for someone in the crowd. “really doesn’t come..” She narrates, 

[Come to think of it.. Sunbae.. Those two (inho comes in the picture) were like my illusions. I think they’re like an oasis which suddenly appears in my daily life. Both of them seems unrealistic]. 

She smiles to herself, “Thanks to them I’ve got lots of fun experience.” She then reminisces every memory she’s had because of Jung. Then there are imaginary scenes where Jung appears in front of her in the shadow, seems scary. But when he appears in the light, he smiles and says “everything is alright. You too. Me too.” It somehow overwhelms Seol and she starts crying buckets right..making her friends and family confused.. (She’s also confused af since she never cries πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).

[looking back to the eventful college years, it seems like you can also cry at the graduation ceremony]. 

Seol then tries to calm herself down at a secluded place haha. That’s when a voice asks her “Are you crying? Why? It’s a good day”. It’s Jung. He says hi to her while smiling, opening his arm wide. She’s very surprised but instantly runs and hugs him…then cries again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She cries, “How did you manage to come?” Jung teases her, “Haha. You cry again?”. Seol mutters, “Didn’t you say you can’t come?” She continues while crying, “Today I feel sk strange because Sunbae said you couldn’t come γ… γ… γ… ” Jung asks, “is that why you cried?” Seol admits that it’s not the only factor. Jung asks her not to cry, wiping her tears, he tells her that his mom’s flight wasn’t delayed so he can come here swiftly. “Even though I was late, it’s nice I can make it, right? Don’t cry, eh? I’ve been busy all these while so I couldn’t see you, right?” He then continues with his familiar saying, “Seol-a, would you hv a dinner with me?” Seol finally smiles and laughs, taking his hand and walking together with him. On the way to her family, Seol tells him that her family and Bora also come..then says that her dad might be angry with him because Seol was dropped out of Jung’s company lol (maybe she applies but got rejected). Jung teases her, “Now that you graduated, try calling me oppa” πŸ˜‚ Seol rejects him, saying she doesn’t like such thing lol. She then asks where is her flowers.. Jung replies that it’s in his car and it’s HUGE 😁 

[What I saw as a mirage is a reality. Maybe even if we go to different paths, then we’ll only be away from each other and not knowing whether we can meet again. To accept each other’s differences, it’s not one person’s effort. I know from experience that two persons’ effort are required to face hard time. From now on, just like the time that has passed, there’s no guarantee that there’ll be happiness at the end. But I have prepared for my current choice].

=End of the series=

P.s: there’ll be an epilogue next week.



  1. Rei says:

    Woot!! Thanks for all the summaries!! But did they ever talk abt what exactly happened that night after jung cried? I guess everything turned out good….anyway, we need moreeee!! S5 myb?

  2. Elery Onverse says:

    Thank you so much for the summaries ❀ Will you do one of the epilogue? I cant seem to find a full translation of it and it seems to tie some loose ends.
    Thank you again for the summaries they helped a lot *-*

  3. Fhs says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing summary … I watched the drama this year.. And the ending really breakkkk my heart .. And i start to read the webtoon english version but its only updated to season 3 at the moment ..And thanks to you i can finally found the ending of season 4… I appreciate your commitment and hard work.. Lovesss

  4. Daisy Siete says:

    Thank you so much for this. I just finished watching the tv series and I’m extremely pissed with the ending. I haven”t read the manhwa so I have no idea if the tv adaptation followed the manhwa/webtoon plot. Based on your summary, does it mean that the ending in the manhwa/webtoon is different from the tv adaptation?

  5. hanie.gee. p says:

    Thank you thank you thank you so so much for this. I used to read it on your ig but then life get in a way and luckily I remembered to bookmark your blog XD
    Finally, it ends!!!! after sooooo many years, it ends~ wow…..
    I guess this is the closure I need, both for Cheese webtoon and drama and it kinda take my wind a bit tbh. There is a pang of sadness that it is really end but at the same time, I’m happy~
    anyways, just meaningless rambling on my part, thanks again for all your hard work.

  6. Lucifer says:

    Thank you so much for the summaries. I watched the drama & must say was extremely upset since I watched it for HJ & he was almost not there in the second half. Left a bitter taste. Hence decided to read the webtoon to understand the actual story & found your blog. I am not able to find the chapters from 44. Where can I read them?

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