#치스인더트랩 #웹툰 #4부 #cheeseinthetrap #webtoon #season4 

Chapter 26 – Faith

Euntaek pulls the struggling Bora away from Sangchul, saying that he trusts Jung (to solve the problem). He correctly guesses that Bora must be upset about something else beside Sangchul. *flashback to 10mins ago* ET yelled why did Bora ask Mona to take care of him..he was very angry about that (“My mum doesn’t even say such things..why u act like my mum..isn’t not enough you act like my gf? Lol). Bora stammered, “I just want your r/s goes well since you’re my friend…” ET was surprised, “SINCE WHEN DID I LIKE HER? DON’T U KNOW WHY I EVEN WORK PART TIME?!” He confessed that he works to buy her the earrings she wanted and how he’d tried hard to keep it secret to surprise her…but then she went to a blind date and it made him go crazy cuz the man seemed to be BR’s ideal type and all. BR said that she rejected that man..to ET’s surprised. BR asked if the earrings were really for her… Then they were interrupted by Sangchul incident. 
They move to a bench and talk about Seol. BR wonders why Seol didn’t tell her about problems with SC. She recalled that time when Seol suddenly collapsed (that time she mistook Jung as Euntaek..several chapters after this chapter) and how Seol insisted she was okay so BR didn’t hv to worry about her at all. Bora recalls that at that time she vows to always be beside Seol.. But now she doesn’t even know about her problems and fusses over ET instead..she feels so sorry. ET calms her down, saying that Seol can solve whatever problems coming her way and she has Jung so she’ll be okay… He then says to BR, “I also can solve my own problem. As for my relationship, I can also decide it myself. I believe everything will go well. Now, you..what makes you so afraid?” BR stares at him, her hand shakes a bit then she answers, “You”. ET hugs her. 


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