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Chapter 25 -Chaos (7)-

Continuing from the previous chapter, Inho was ganged up by several people. One of them said that it’s impossible for Inho to win cuz there were many of them. Inho admitted it in his mind, “My patience is running out…as long as my hands are fine…” Then they started beating up Inho. After they’d done, Chopin appeared and one of them said “finally you’re here…”, “this is the kid who successfully lured Inho here”, “how did you manage to call him”. Mintae asked Chopin, “You are very upset Inho looking down on you despite being sponsored as well, right? You’re the one who wants to beat him up the most, right? Then, do it” The gangs started holding Inho and asked Chopin to start. Chopin looked at his hand, then took a stick (or was it pole?) then started beating Inho up. The guys and Inho all warned him not to use that, but he turned deaf.

Back to the present, Inho’s hand is shaking while recalling the incident. He recalls what Jung said about “not crossing the line”. Inho wonders what line Jung meant and whether the area behind the line was that precious. He also recalls how Jung told him that Inho wouldn’t understand it forever… Inho narrates that now he knows. *flashback to the incident* Chopin finished beating him up and said “it’s also from Yoo Jung”. Inho’s eyes widen and he recalled Inha told him that she stalked Chopin due to her own wariness and found that the kid often met Jung. Inha was afraid that Jung targeted them and pleaded Inho to find out since “it is your fault!” Chopin appeared in the middle of their convo, asking Inho to meet for a while after class at the construction site. Inho recalled all that while laying on the ground, holding his beaten hand. He also recalled how Jung smiled when Choi Sungjo (their classmate) was hospitalized. Resolutely, he ran to find Jung, calling him bastard, “Is this your doing?!!” Jung was surprised and answered that it wasn’t him, “It is your own fault. Think carefully. You’re the one who’s fighting. Again. Don’t direct your anger to someone else.” Inho asked him what did he even mean. Jung turned his back and asked Inho to go to hospital instead. He then walked away. Inho thought he saw Jung smiling, “Did you just smile?!!!”

*Back to the present* Inho mutters to himself that he was really stupid. “I even thought that dog fur is just like me…that it was obvious she’d also get betrayed..that we’re the same.. Then unknowingly I always worry about her and started intervening her relationship… Even so…it seems like I was wrong.” He continues, “At first I just wanted to get close to her to tell her that Jung is not good. If I keep intervening, another incident my occur again. Right, also with that big guy…I didn’t need to help cuz he’d get destroyed by Jung like before. Then after that… Me. Again. Because I cross the line again.” He recalls Jung’s statement that Inho wouldn’t understand (again). He thinks, “Right. I don’t understand it until now. I will never cuz I’m stupid. Why did you act more cruelly than others…what did you actually think..why the situation went to such extent…” He recalls his happy moments with Inha and Jung, also his time spent with Seol and her family…Jung’s laugh and Seol’s smile… “Fine. I’ll stop everything. Baek Inha and I can forever live like this. I’ll end it. I want to straighten my life anyway…but I seem to be inherently incompetent…” His hand keeps shaking and he asks it to stop…he mutters again, “Will it ever stop?”

=End of Chapter=


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