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Idky I didn’t do this chapter before.. Maybe cuz it was complicated? Haha. Anyway I’ll do it now cuz CITT is on hiatus anyway..and I’ll review based on Indonesian version, so it’ll be more detailed and accurate.

It’s still a flashback episode from Inho’s POV.

He apologized to Jung, “Sorry. I didn’t have any chance to tell you, because you don’t seem to like meeting me at school. I’m sorry I was reckless. I…when I said something to you rudely, I didn’t have any ill-intention…You know that right? The problem is my mouth.. Because I felt happy..so I didn’t think about you and recklessly said that… Really, that’s it. Ah…nope..those are just excuses. Everything is my fault…really sorry…” Jung replies, “Nope. You only pretend you know, but actually you don’t realize it. Until the end, you’ll slow in understanding. Do you think I was angry just because of a gossip like that? You really don’t understand what is your fault. What kind of person you are…what have you done to me.. Forever you won’t understand… Just..continue.. (*as in being not knowing?*). Inho just stood there in confusion.

The next day, Inho observed that Jung treated everyone the same, except him and Inha. *flashback to the interview* the person asked what was his actual relationship with Jung’s father since he seemed to like Inho a lot…not just because Inho’s grandpa was his acquaintance. The person continued that he seemed like Inho’s father and dotted on Inho more than his own kid…the person further clarified that he was just joking. Inho muttered to himself, “like a father…” Inho narrated “I made a stupid mistake by involving a famous person. I misunderstood and didn’t know what’s the consequence for the action. It wasn’t really important though. What’s important is that…after the interview, there was a gossip that ‘Inho and Jung are brothers from different mother’. And because of that, Jung felt wronged. Finally, even the chairman solves the problem himself and the gossip stops.” There are scenes of Jung’s father clarifying that Inho is NOT his son. Inho further narrates, “Once I speak wrongly, the consequence is this grave. When the truth that I am being sponsored is revealed… Different attitude, then condescending gazes… those condescending gazes…” He thought that thankfully the bullying toward Inha stopped (mainly cuz of her aggressive behavior lol) though she looked miserable cuz Jung ignored her….however, both Jung and his father were still angry. He angrily thought why did Jung still angry and always blame him for everything…wondered what did he think and he want… He thought about Jung’s convo with the piano kid about his sponsorship and wondered if that was done purposely by Jung to seek revenge. He wished Jung talk to him about that and treat Inha (who did nothing wrong) better. One of his classmates (iirc he was the one Inho beat up before..in season 3..or was he the one injured cuz of Jung’s scheme? His name is Kang Mintae) mocked him that his “sponsor” had left him. Inho thought that it wasn’t true and held on what.. Jung’s father said about treating him like a father. Inho then confidently taunted the classmates.

After the piano class, the piano kid approached Inho (Inho called him “chopin”). Chopin asked whether Inho did not feel guilty toward him. Inho was like, “when did I even say that you get sponsored and I looked down on you?” Chopin was angry since he thought that Inho calling him ‘Chopin’ equals to underestimating him. He further said that Inho couldn’t do that anymore since they’re both at the same level aka get sponsored. Inho pulled Chopin’s collar, “So now I’m lowly? Since way before, I’ve been much greater than you (in piano). If you are offended because of that, that’s not my fault. I know everyone thinks I’m a liar. But I don’t care. There’s nothing can destroy me, understand? If one day you can win in piano from me, I won’t care either cuz it’s not my business. I really don’t care about you. You care about me that much so you stalk me? You really… Just exercise, bastard. It’s the only way for you to be great.”

He narrates, “Life is a recurrence of failure and happiness. Even if one’s life is ruined, there’s always someone who cares for me. There’ll be someone who said that they don’t want me to die…but at that time, I didn’t understand such saying.”

Scene shifts to Inho being cornered by several boys (his classmates/seniors?). Kang Mintae mocked him “a beggar who could only use muscles” and said that he’d warned Inho not to underestimate his brother (idk if it’s real bro or a very close junior). He further called Inho pretending to be kind while playing piano. Inho retorted, “then should I cry while playing?” lol. The senior asked how Inho managed to be so calm…when he didn’t have any parents anymore…when his grandpa died already… He called him “begging to Jung’s family”…while all these while, he thought that he’s with Jung (aka his close friend) “I’m very confused…[though you aren’t with Jung] but you don’t have to obey him…it doesn’t make sense”

=End of chapter=


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