[MV] Shinhwa 13th Album “Unchanging” 2016

I actually feel rather bad cuz this blog rarely posts about Shinhwa anymore…sometimes I even got questioned on whether I still stan them :p (Yes, I do).

So I’ll put the MVs from their Unchanging album here…cuz sometimes if you search on Youtube, it won’t appear on the main page (smh Shincom when will you fix this U_U)

Please watch it on their official channel, everyone \o/


“ORANGE” is their official fan club color, thus, you can guess correctly that this song is a fan song. This song was released on October as a part of Unchanging Part 1 album “ORANGE”.


The title song of Unchanging Part 2 album. They promoted it on shows for 2 weeks only #sobs

“TOUCH” Dance version MV

The MV we got after reaching 5 million views in a week…they never give us anything FREELY smh #jk XDD


5 thoughts on “[MV] Shinhwa 13th Album “Unchanging” 2016

  1. byunbaekkie says:

    Hei, may i ask about the password of spirit finger webtoon chapter 87? I will be gratefull if you give me the password. Thanks a lot☺☺☺

  2. M M says:

    Hallo, this year is Shinhwa’s 20th Anniversary, hope u still stan them 😊 Can you reupload shinhwa on infinity hallenge with eng sub, please? The link from sfsub is enable, even their utube no longer active 😦

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