Season 4 Chapter 51 – Comedy (4)

Poor Joon is trapped at the pyramid scheme. He was separated from Inho…then he saw a door and tried to get out of there, but was stopped by some staffs. He blurted out an excuse about an urgent family matter, but the staffs ‘reminded’ him that they collected all of the participants’ bags (including their phones)..so what is he talking about. Joon is pushed back inside the classroom. Joon cried, remember how Ahyoung asks him to think over his decision cuz her gut feeling said that he’s wrong. Meanwhile, Inho was staring at one of the “guard” at his class. When the guy stares back, Inho just smiles widely at him haha. Meanwhile, Jung, Seol, and Ahyoung came to pick Joon up. Ahyoung waits inside the car while Jung and Seol goes in, greeted by a staff. Seol tells the staff that she’s looking for his lil bro. The staff says that he needs to make sure her bro is in here and that he’s probably in the 3rd floor, asking another staff to check. Seol notes that mention. The staff asks them whether they want to hand over their bags for, ya know, safekeeping. Jung says, “no thanks.” The staff then praises Jung’s look, saying that if only he worked for his company (for sure he’ll attract more consumers haha). Seol asks about why the door in/out the building is closed, aren’t people using that to come in/out. The staff explains that it’s not used. Seol keeps glaring during the convo haha (while Jung is looking around). The staff notes that this noona looks very worried and assures her that Joon will be ‘returned’ after the interview is done, so actually she doesn’t really need to come nor worry~ he also notes that Joon must hv been doted a lot, then excuses himself…while waving that the door is not locked. Seol still glares at that man lol. Jung assesses that the place is indeed fishy…what kind of interview lasts this long. Seol obviously isn’t listening cuz she’s busily muttering she’s sooo~~~gonna kill Joon HAHAHA.

The staff is back to the room and hands out some papers for Jung and Seol, saying that it’s a good reading material while waiting for Joon. He says that both of them are still young..it’s best to start. Meanwhile, Joon frustratedly yells that he needs to use his money to get some. The staff denies and asks him to use more time to think it over…Joon cries, “I SAID I DON’T WANT TO!!!” Meanwhile, Seol interrupted whatever the staff tells her, saying that he should’ve just returned her dongsaeng. The staff leaves the room again, telling them to wait until the interview is done…then back with another ‘reading materials’. Seol peeks in and sees that he doesn’t really leave but stands there…he even shows her the paper when he sees her haha. Seol is irritated…asking Jung what should they do to resolve this and that they don’t even have any reasons to call the police. Jung then gets up from his seat, pretending that he’s looking for toilet. The staffs show him gladly. He looks around for way outs and finds that mostly are blocked/locked. He then notices from the corner of his eyes that one of the staffs is following him. Seol tries to distract the staff, pretending she has stuffs to ask about the materials given ((surely both are plotting something haha)). She then pretends to be very curious and that she has nothing to do while waiting anyway…so might as well reading this. The staff is happily answering him, leaving Jung free to wander. Jung goes to the second floor, he muses that he needs to be fast since Seol is alone…then he accidentally sees Inho is choking up a guy.

-Ends of Chapter-



  1. B says:

    Hi Crabbielife! Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you are still going to translate for CIIT, or perhaps you have decided to moved on? I haven’t seen any new translations for the last 4 or so chapters, so I was curious. ^^

  2. bitterkoekjes says:

    I forgot about our love JungSeol for a bit. Now that Goblin has started promo, I’ve returned to wonderful (webtoon)Cheese-sphere lol

    Anyway, thanks for the translation! I found JungSeol extremely adorable lately~ Soonkki-nim probably got burnt by the drama as well lol

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