Season 4 Chapter 49 – Comedy (3)

This chapter is another filler U_U It’s pretty short as well. I started writing the summary last Thursday, but neglected it due to work u_u

Anyway, continue from the last chapter, Hong Joon and Inho go somewhere together to earn money. Once they got in, the person closes the door a bit too hard, making them surprised (and suspicious? lol). There’s a narration that actually Hong Joon’s sense something at that time. Joon is like, “But this door isn’t closed…whatever…” and folows the direction showed by those ppl (who said that they should listen to the presentation there then go to the interview after). Joon resolutely convinces himself that he’d get lots lots of money.The narration continues, “(but he) denies it.’ They both are put in a room with several other people. In short, Inho realizes that they both are trapped in a pyramid scheme. He then tells Joon about it. Joon is shocked, but he tries to hide that he knows and follows the people along (iirc, you can’t escape this thing or place easily. So Joon is being prudent by pretending not to notice anything). Inho, who is suspicious, notes how many people around them and wonders if Seol receives/sees his message or not.

In uni cafetaria, Seol asks Inha to show the exercise she did the day before. Inha whined that she’s in the middle of her lunch,to which Seol replies, “I also have an exam, ya know.” Inha then complained that the cafetaria food is rubbish. Seol tells her just to suck it up since she has no money LOL. Seol finds out that the answers are correct and asks whether Jaewoo helps her to do it. Inha denies. Seol enquiries about Jaewoo knowing what’s going on, but Inha says no. Seol reaches out to fix Inha’s hair (I guess?). Unconciously, Inha grabbed Seol’s wrist. She looks shocked and warns Seol not to do that, then excuses herself. Seol sees that her wrist is bruised. Then Jung calls and says he’s at the uni. Both Inha and Seol scrambles to hide the evidence that they’re together ahahha (somehow I love his combo). Jung appears and they both walk together somehow, talking about her exam. Ahyoung then approaches them, asking about the disappeared and uncontactable Joon. Just then, Seol receives Inho text which discloses the location Joon is currently at.

-Ends of Chapter-



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