Season 4 Chapter 49 – Comedy (2)

Continues from the last chapter, the person apologizes to Inho, because of him, Inho can’t run away. Inho told him no need to apologize…then saying something about record a medical report and hand it over, and tells him not to forget about it. The friend assures him that everything is prepared. He further asks him to do it properly this time so both can leave well separately. He then receives a message from Joon, asking him to meet. Meanwhile, Jung receives a text rant from SangChul about his failed exam etc etc (bottom line is he doesn’t have the money to pay the compensation #BARF). Jung replied the text, saying that SC didn’t even pay for the treatment bill, to what extent Jung should cut him some slack…if SC keeps being selfish, he’ll get angry again and asks SC to keep contacting him. SC replied angrily, “Will you keep being like this? If so, should I tell Hong hoobae about this?” and mentions about rattling on Jung’s relationship with that mixed woman (aka Inha) as well ((*rolls eyes*)). Jung is like “…” lol. SC texts again, saying that Jung shouldn’t make any excuse because SC knows everything #yeahright. Jung replied that he’s got no idea what SC is going on about…challenges him to bring that woman to class if she’s available…and says that he’ll come to the uni the day after tomorrow. SC is panicking, he was just bluffing actually haha. Then another text from Jung comes in, saying “anyway the truth will come out.” Dayoung images then circles around him, “Have proof? Proof? Proof…Proof.. There’s no proof” HAHAHA. Jung further texts him that if SC keeps sending him useless texts, he’ll claim the meds bill as well. SC crouches down and says everything is ruined. Jung sent the last text, warning SC not to bother Seol-ie. Jung then texts Kyunghwan to ask about Seol. Kyunghwan tells him that SC did come to Seol today but nothing happens and asks Jung not to worry anymore. Jung takes a deep sigh and wonders to himself about going to uni.

Jung texts Jaewoo and asks about his exam. Jaewoo replies that it goes well and tells Jung that Seol is tutoring Inha, saying that Seol is so kind, care for everyone. Jaewoo then asks Inha and Seol directly why they are suddenly studying together (I suspect he’s doing so in Jung’s favor). Inha answers that Seol holds her captive…before Seol claps her hand on Inha’s mouth LOL. Seol says that they’re really coming to study today…while putting her scariest face to make Inha agreeing with her =)) The two then go buddy buddy and tell Jaewoo they reallyyy plan to study haha. Inha is like “hmpph” then Seol, “don’t make such expression plz” HAHA. Jaewoo asks Seol to go first. Seol goes on while smiling, after threatening Inha to send all her answer via photos, “..if not….” =))) Inha continues to study with Jaewoo. At some points, she whines that her head is spinning haha. She also tries to do aegyo to Jaewoo, to which Jaewoo answers angrily, “NO” and asks her to continue study HAHA. Inha whines again and Jaewoo asks her to study and says that maybe she’s got reason to study with Seol and that studying isn’t all that bad anyway. Inha angrily yells, “why you are also like this to me” Jaewoo as like “Ssst. So..can I call Hong Seol?”. Inha gives up and returns to her study. Inha then asks Jaewoo why is he being this unfriendly, didn’t they drink together and pour everything out already. Jaewoo peeks Inha’s bag and empty answer sheet. He then asks Inha, “Didn’t you come to this uni because you want to study art?” then he notes that she suddenly skips classes and just appears again now. Inha says that something came up. Jaewoo continues that in his eyes, Inha just does whatever she wants without an ounce of sincerity. He further questions if she has anything that she sincerely wants to do at all. Inha is stunned then angrily stomps off, while saying she doesn’t need his help and just does all herself. Jaewoo uses his magic word, “Imma calling Hong Seol…” Inha shivers and tries to do aegyo again, “Jaewoo-ya, you aren’t this kind of kid, riiigghhht? But why are you like this?” Jaewoo ignores her and busily marks her book, asks her to study up those parts to answer questions and asks her to sit down. Inha obeys him reluctantly HAHA.

Meanwhile, at home Seol texts Inha, “See you again tomorrow” to which Inha replies, “fxxk” LOL. She then streches her body and decides to finish her study for today. In another place, Inho and Joon appears. Joon resolutely says, “Let’s earn lots of money!” Inho is like, “That sounds good, but…” Joon assures him that they can do it. An employee welcomes them while Inho says that nothing he couldn’t do anyway and he’s quite sociable.

Question is…what kind of place is that? XD

-Ends of Chapter-



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