Season 4 Chapter 48 – Comedy

It’s started with a string of sentences uttered by Jung and (maybe Seol)? I recognized only some of them. “Would you date me” and “You need to be careful” are among them. Seol woke up startled, shouting “SCHOLARSHIP!!” and falling down from bed LOL. Jung was surprised, “are you ok? Get up.” Seol realizes that Jung’s hand is ok now, “Isn’t Sunbae’s hand still hurting?” Jung said it felt okay and lifted Seol up, “Get up. You hv to go to the uni… Go eat breakfast” Seol wonders if he didn’t sleep at all.

Outside his apartment(?), Jung apologized because he couldn’t take Seol to the uni. Seol answered that it is okay, because the distant to uni is near from Jung’s house anyway. Jung smiled and put his hand on Seol’s cheek. Seol said that he should take care of his hand, Jung agreed. They hold hand until Jung lets go, asking her to go quickly. Seol grabbed his hand, “Ah wait!” Both have this O_O look haha (probably recalling that Seol indeed has a habit to grab a hand that being pulled away from hers). Jung assured her that his hand is okay. They bid goodbye to each other. Seol looks puzzled, “what’s this/what’s happening..” Jung shouts her luck for exam….then tease her “scholarship!” (the word she yelled when she woke up earlier) HAHA. Jung waves…then once Seol is out of his sight, he looks thoughtful…?

Meanwhile, Seol wonders to herself that once this semester finish, fall holiday commences. Then once the holiday ends, her third year also ends. At the uni, it is shown that the trio (Seol, Euntaek, and Bora) are working hard for their exam. After that, Seol is talking to Mona by phone while eating. Seol whines that she’s having exam now..why Mona’s calling. She talks with her mouth full, so Mona asks her to just eat first haha. They talk about their friend, Yoonnie (last chapter?) and her insistence on going blind date. Seems like Mona is also displeased with her. Seol just says that she’s quite busy with exam now, so they can talk to each other later after she finishes her exam. Next scene shows Sang Chul tiptoeing around to avoid Dayoung. but Dayoung noticed him and smirked haha. Sang Chul notices Seol after that and goes buddy-buddy, asking her about Jung’s hand condition. Seol was like, “Don’t talk to me about Jung -_-” since Sang Chul who was responsible for Jung’s hand (Seol is angry haha)..Sang Chul then bashfully asks Seol to convey something to Jung… Seol asks, “What is it?” but Kyung Hwan interrupted and asked him why didn’t he study haha. A hoobae I don’t recognize asks SC to come with him, to Sang Chul’s dismay. Seol just stares at them. Next scene shows that the exam has finished. Joon appears and sees Sang Chul walks with that hoobae. He smugly says to himself that his specs are much better than that person haha. Ahyoung appears and asks whether he’d really find a job in Korea. Joon jokingly says that now she can’t break up with him haha. Ahyoung is unfazed, asking him about US and his uni..whether he stays because of her. Joon is still easygoing as ever, asking not to worry and leaving all to him.

Meanwhile, the hoobae who was with Sangchul tries desperately to get Sang Chul cares about their tasks. Sang Chul uses exam as an excuse. The hoobae explodes, “UNBELIEVABLE!! SUNBAE THINKS ONLY U GOT EXAM?!!” and tells him he won’t bother anymore. Seol thinks that ever since the stolen note incident, the hoobae’s been with Sang Chul…but now the situation has been reverse (as in everything changes) and she says to herself that it is not her fault this time. She narrates that anyway that person is the only reason why she sets up those situations. Suddenly, Inha appears and asks Seol to tutor her, to Seol’s dismay (she kinda forgets she did tell Inha to come to her if Inha has any questions). Inha is still rude as ever, while Seol thinks she must have digged her own grave HAHAHA. At the library, Inha is frustrated because she couldn’t understand a thing. Seol asks her to shut up (because it’s a library). Seol continues tutoring while thinking that she’s busy enough with her own studying for exam..that she will never ever help Inha anymore haha *pats*. Suddenly Jaewoo appears, with halo around him…Seol looks at her savior with sparkling eyes LOL. Jaewoo offers to help, since he knows that Seol is busy studying for her own exam…Seol is very grateful for that and thinks that Jaewoo sunbae (still with a sun shining around his head like Buddha lol) is really a good person. She remembers how she was tutored by Jung and she tutored Inho. She thinks that this kinda thing can only be done in university. Scene shifts to Jung with a very worrying expression (from my POV…GRR WHAT’S HIS THINKING). Scene shifts to Inho, beating up someone? Seems like that person doesn’t want to disclose something. Inho says he came to find Min Sajang secretly to do something(as in teach him a lesson?).

-Ends of Chapter-



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