S4 CH 48


S4 CH 48


S4 CH 47 – Mirror (2)

It’s a JungSeol chapter.
Continuing from the last chapter, Jung asks Seol (or kinda to himself since she ignores him lol), “Really only come to study, eh?”(WHAT DID U EXPECT haha) and just stares at her while she’s studying.

They then ordered delivery for lunch and eat while talking. Seol insists on doing dishes though Jung says she doesn’t need to. They end up doing together tho (‘oh water spills!’ ‘where’s the cloth?’ ‘here here’ then Jung was like ‘lemme do it’ but Seol insists that he doesn’t have to. #sodomestic haha). After that, they watch TV/movie together before going back to concentrate on studying/work haha.

The scene shows that it’s night time already and they seem to be dining out. Seol sighs that it’s cold and Jung readily hands in hot coffee/or tea :3 Seol brags that this time she comes prepared (clothes) cuz last time, Jung’s clothes were so big so she couldn’t wear it HAHA (remember when she wore his pants and it slipped down?). Jung asks what did she tell her family and she was like “ofc I told them I’m sleeping over at Bora’s”…they both laugh hahaha #naughty.

Seol sits beside Jung’s bed and tells him that she’s only got one class left. She kinda says that she also cuts down one friend(?), to Jung’s surprise. She continues that the aftermath she feels refreshed and not worried about things. Jung was like, “Oh that’s why…” Seol cuts in, “that’s why…only studying is a bit frustrating..” She continues that when she knows she’d be alone at weekend and needs to study a bit, she decides coming to Jung’s. Though giving up her grade like this is not good, but she wants to stop thinking about that. She admits that she did feel hurt when she realizes she was nowhere in Jung’s future plan (S2..she asked about his future plan when they just started dating), needlessly anxious over that…she thought rather than thinking badly about future, shouldn’t she change it (change her way of thinking?) bit by bit…like coming to Jung’s house without notice. Jung agrees with her and they kiss. Jung confesses that even though he ends things with Inho (Seol was surprised “Ah? Yes..? HAHA he didn’t tell her -_-)…he also thinks whether there was another way, should he do it another way (to solve their r/s I guess..?). He continues that as he continues being with her…when he looked back to his last year’s self and current self, he feels like little by little he becomes a different person…that he wants to find out what kind of changes exist for him…anyway he thinks that even his own future is different now. He touches Seol’s shoulder (and hair), looking at her lovingly, “I…” then scene shows that both fall asleep #SMHSOONKKI haha.

The next scenes show that both of them are sleeping, Jung on his bed while looking at Seol (who’s sleeping with book opened haha). Flashback to early season 4..when she fought with Sangchul and Dayoung…to the time when she tells Dayoung how to get back at Sangchul and she tells of Sangchul. Flashback to the few chapter ago when she witnessed Inha drunk-talking about Jung and how she ‘threatens’ Inha… ((At this point, I’m not sure if Seol is actually sleeping or dreaming or half-asleep…)) anyway she thinks that she has reason for doing all those…the reason is that she wants them (Inho and Jung) to live well. Seol opens her eyes…there’s flashback on angry Sangchul and Dayoung who ran way from her, also the scared Inha. She smirked. Jung noticed it, touching her face, “did you just smile…why?” Seol was like, “Ehh?” (She was half-asleep I think HAHA). She says she must hv fallen asleep and dreamt. Jung asks her not to sit there and sleep, just sleep on his bed. Jung says she needs to sleep well to do well on exam…while kinda “u sleep at this side, here’s the blanket, etc” =)) Seol opens her eyes a bit and sees Jung smiles at her. Jung covers her with blanket and caressing her hair. Seol confesses that lately she’s been doing things she doesn’t usually do. Jung asks, “what is it?” She tells him that she told Dayoung about Sangchul stealing exam’s note, to Jung’s surprised. She also confesses how she manages to “get back” at SC by ruining his exam. She says that it might be coincidence, but both Sang Chul and Dayoung do as she wishes they’d do. She admits that it feels a bit scary, however, she feels good about it. She says she doesn’t want to suffer/cope with everything anymore. With fierce eyes, Seol said now she can understand Jung more than ever. She goes to sleep while leaving Jung stunned.

-End of Chapter-




  1. Etine says:

    In cheese in trap they think tooooo much always with flashbacks its a bit dragging but I love chesee in trap just the drag

  2. elaienar (@elaienar) says:

    Ha … looks like Jung isn’t really happy that Sul is becoming like him. That’s … good, I think? Anyway it shows that the knows that the way he treats people sometimes is bad for him, even if it makes him feel better to get back at people who are being nuisances.

    Thanks for the summary/translation! ^^

  3. Yuuki Phương says:

    It’s so cute how everyone is gradually becoming more normal: Jung, Inho, Inha, etc. and then it’s Sul who is becoming more “evil”, like the old Jung haha :)) Oh men I’m so going to love how Jung would resolve this, it’s interesting to see Sul like that, but I’m sure Jung loves her because of her original characteristic, so he would try to lead her back to the right part.

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