S4 Ch 46


Season 4 Chapter 46 – Mirror (1)

Continuation from the last chapter when Seol said she feels good…”I feel good but…”  *scene shifts to the classroom* group member 1 sleeping, group member 2 is Seol, and 3 others are absent #Relateable =)) She mumbles, “All ruined” and texts the group members that tonight they must ‘meet’ on the chat room. She thinks that she’s not actually looking forward to that and once again says that it’s all ruined. She then goes home and gets squashed inside the subway. She helps at the family restaurant and wonders what Joon would be doing from now on. She remembers Joon came to her in despair, asking what should he do now…to which she replies that he should just go back to the USA. Happy-go-lucky Joon then asks Seol to eat ramyun together with him…seeing him being all happy and cute, Seol just says ok while ruffling his hair. Joon says that nuna should not worry about him anymore, cuz he’ll be working hard from now on. Seol grimaces, wondering if he meant in study or work…but still keep her smiling face anyway.  She narrates even though she keeps the troubles away, anyhow he’s still the cute dongsaeng…until the end, if there was a cute friend… (I think what she meant by “cute” here is like…no matter what mistakes a dongsaeng is committed, s/he still looks cute in one’s eyes and can forgive anyway, cuz they’re siblings…but for friends, it’s hard to give the same treatment)

At night, she opens 2 chat rooms, one for high school alumni and one from group members. She narrates that it is like a given when the group members do not appear on the group chat *pats*. Seol looks haggard while typing at the group chat for group members: why aren’t you guys here…aren’t we supposed to be talking… then one member just replies with ??? *pats Seol*.

Meanwhile her friend called Yoonie, writes how disappointed she is about Seol who adamantly refused doing blind date, “what’s the problem in that? You said that to Mona?, right?” Seol replies to Yoonie, “I didn’t say anything.” and a group member replies her, “Our group is so chaotic isn’t it?”.

Yoonnie still insists her case and the group mate asks whether they should just end the convo here. Finally,  Yoonnie says something about Seol’s boyfriend..to which Seol furiously replies both”DONT CALL” to Yoon and “YES. GOOD NIGHT” to the group member then slams her laptop shut HAHA. She then sighs “AH HOW REFRESHING” =)) She thinks “I won’t do it. Also won’t come to the high schoolclassmate’s get together.” She grimaces and decides to start studying for her own exam…only to be interrupted by Inha’s text who asks for recommendation for an exercise book. Seol was like, “Oh wow” HHAHAHA. She then replies that Inha can go find secondhand materials when Hakwon registration opens. Seol yells in despair after, “Arrgghh I’ve got hell to fix…wth is this!!!” She then wonders if she’s doing the right thing…not telling sunbae and doing as she pleases..until when she won’t tell (him)… but if she tells about it, she’ll receive stress like back then…she doesn’t want to obstinately cause another pain for a person who’s adapting to the surroundings. She narrates that even if she was definitely overwhelmed by anger at that time (when she heard Inha tattling about Jung), even if without reason she said those things to Inha (instilled by her anger), those mistakes won’t disappear either (as in Inha’s mistakes). She thinks that it won’t resolve Sunbae’s trauma either…that Baek Inha-ssi all these while has been tattling on Sunbae… She narrates…for Jung, though she doesn’t know the best way to solve it yet, she at least contribute a little bit to Inha’s journey to find her own path, thus, she thinks that it’s the best thing she could do. Meanwhile, Jung suddenly texts her that he can’t meet her next week due to the end of accounting term and wishes her best for her exam. She sighs and sinks deep in thought.

The next morning, she determinedly dresses herself and packs her books and laptop, heading to Jung’s place. In Jung’s place, his phone rings while he is still sleeping. It’s Seol. He picks up and asks her what’s up. She tells him she’s in front of his door already, to his surprise, “WHAAATTT???!!!” Seol hears him scrambling around, making noises lol. He is panicking and asking her to wait a bit, he’ll open the door for her. Seol was like, “Uhm…are you okay?” But Jung was too panicked to answer her LOL. Anyway he opens the door, with his totally disheveled hair (to Seol’s surprise haha), “Seol-a!! How…” Seol just stares at him, sighs in relief, and lets herself fall to his chest. Jung was confused, but still hugs her. Seol asks whether he has any appointment, stating that she comes there on her free will (without checking with him first). She continues that even if he has an appointment, that’s fine. She says she just wants to see his face for a while then study at any cafe nearby…or if he doesn’t mind, can she just study at his house. Flustered Jung says he’s got no appointment and even if he has, he’ll cancel it for her, and tells her not to go, “don’t go”…while holding her hand and asking her to come inside. He bombards her with questions next, “It’s cold outside, isn’t it? Are you coming here by the subway? Have you had breakfast? Ah you must hv had it at home… The ahjumoni… Ok, now sit down first. Gimme your bag.” Then he goes fussing while walking around busily, “Should I start from coffee? Ah exam!! Study for exam! My books are put away already. Just wait  a little. Ah…I need to wash up a bit…” Seol watches him like that, then she giggles, “It’s okay. Anything is fine.” Jung is like, “Eh?” then he laughs also. She asks whether he was really shocked haha.  The next scene was them both having their laptop on. Jung said he has things to do as well. Seol says, “let’s just do this together.” Basically, they do their own thing. Jung ends up staring at serious Seol, smiling warmly. Seol looks completely absorbed and he tries to peek (so cute haha), but she just ignores him hahhaa. He is like, “Really only come to study…” He stares at Seol again, smiling. Chapter ends with him staring and smiling at her like that.



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