s4 CH 45


Season 4 Chapter 45 “Goodwill (2)”

Continuing from where we left off last chapter.  Inha threw tantrum, cries that she doesn’t need any bastards (men) while pulling out Jaewoo’s hair (poor him). Seol recalls that Inho cried yesterday and deducts that it is because of Inha. She also recalls of what Inha just said in her drunken state about Jung, that it’s fun for her to see that bastard’s father tramples on that weird bastard (Jung). She remembers Jung telling her in his apartment (S3 Chapter 70 smthg) about his relationship with Inha and how he got along with her prettu well. Recalled how Jung said, “I don’t like everything” (I forget which chapter is this); and how Jung told her (after his fight with Inho) how his father always scrutinized him and saw him as a weird person (and how he obviously hurt because of that). She then recalls how Jung waited and called her name with a warm smile. There’s more flashback when Jung told her how annoying was the Baek siblings (season 2/3…around Minsoo’s happening iirc..definitely happened after they fought about something). Seol’s expression visibly darkens (Oh how this look resembles Jung’s). At the same time, Jaewoo asks Inha to just spill her hardship.  Just then, Inha notices Seol’s presence and called her, “Yoo Jung’s gf” then starts rambling at her, “Ya! Your boyfriend and my brother shouldn’t hv done this to me. Ah, spare my brother! Anyway, tell that bastard that he shouldn’t have done to me. Both Baek Inho and that bastard. You also.” and claiming that she’s the innocent party in this. Then she continues tattling on Jung “You dunno what kind of person ur bf is,” calling him cunning and ve~~ry scary and reaallyy weird. Seol looks mad. Jaewoo sighs, saying he doesn’t know how to converse with woman lol.

The next morning, Inha is being waken up by a phone ringtone, a call from Seol who’s calling herself, “Yoo Jung sunbae’s gf”. She asks Inha to come out of her house NOW. Inha then remembers her rattles about Jung last night and how Seol stared at her during those times, to her horror. However, she ran outside while reprimanding Seol, “how dare you” Seol just replies calmly, noting that Inha was sleeping and looks tired. She mentions coldly that she needs to go to university also (aka no time for Inha’s shit). Inha was angry and pulled Seol’s hair while reprimanding him. Seol glares at her. Inha threatens her and demands an apology. Seol then swatted Inha’s hand and said calmly, “Go study.”(to Inha’s surprise). Seol asks her to study data processing, go to schoolm and study diligently; she mentions that she’ll receive Inha’s gratitude later. She kinda threatens her to tattle everything she heard last night to Jung, if Inha doesn’t do as Seol says. She asks Inha to go to Hakwon (course) too and offers to go together if Inha wants. If Inha doesn’t have money, Seol advises her to look into student loan. Inha looks so flabbergasted during the whole conversation. Then she laughs at Seol, “what are you trying to do here?!! are you really threatening me?!” Seol replies calmly that she follows what he (Jung) usually does…is that even funny?…if it’s the same laughable way, then Inha can just disregard what she says. Inha stops laughing, “Wait…erm…Hong Seol…wait…” Seol continues calmly, asks Inha to think about it carefully, Inha thought of Jung as a scary and weird man, right?…that Inha ever told Seol to back off since she knew Jung since childhood time and had long history, so she knew Jung well…if Inha hurts Inho and hurt that scary Jung too, what would he do then (damn smart girl XD). Inha sweats and asks her not to tell…she’s not joking… She even threatens Seol, “If you tell, I’ll….(to you).” Seol cuts in, “That’s why. Please think about what I said. Understand?. University, Hakwon, thank me. If you don’t want, don’t do it.” Then she walks away coldly, to Inha’s despair. She narrates that she must grab all lucky opportunity that benefit her expectation (sort of..?).

Scene shifts to Euntaek piggybacking Bora around and Seol follows them; while Dayoung walks alone and Sangchul calls her out.  He gets all violent demanding answer why the information she gave were not in the exam. Dayong replied flatly, “when did I?…Do you have any evidence? (that she does give him that info I guess).” Sanchul lost for words. Seol narrates that she can’t be sorry for every mistake that’s been done by her surroundings. Bora says that she’ll do anything she wants before Euntaek enlists. Seol says she’s going back hometown. Bora says she too. Euntaek says he’ll go with Bora to study. They g separate ways while cheering each other for the exam. Euntaek says (with arms around Bora) that they should go on a date after the exam is done, to which Bora agrees. Seol recalls the time when Bora cries due to the enlistment and she consoles her, asking her not to take it too hard and they just need to wait for Euntaek together. Bora cheered up and agreed with her. At the present time, both Bora and Euntaek stroll together happily while Seol is watching them. She narrates that she now can handle her surroundings and she feels great about it (damn that last smile of hers mirror Jung’s hahaha).



  1. noor16blog says:


    i knw this is not related to ur post. but do u hav the god of victory 2pm vs shinwa full ep. i cudnt find the final part. if u knw where i can find it please share it with me.
    hav a nice day and all the best for ur blog

  2. Alizay says:

    I really look forward to your summaries. You do a good job. I don’t know whether it’s good or bad that Seol is becoming like Jung but I hope she doesn’t do anything she’ll regret.

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