S4 ch 44


Season 4 Chapter 44

S4 Ch.44 “Goodwill (1)

Continuing right from the previous chapter. Inho seems to realize that it’s all Inha’s faults and has a breakdown. He keeps calling Inha’s name and asking “Why, Inha?? What’s this?? Nuna….” T_T

Scene shifts to Seol walking back home and spotting Inho standing while crying. Inho sees her and walks away. Seol just looks at him and recalls the time when she saw him crying and sheltered him under the umbrella. She muses that many things have changed since then, that she is no longer able to console him, that even Baek Inho will obviously avoid her. She narrates that even if sometimes the small ripples happen in everyday’s life, it’s all given, that Baek Inho will also be able to tolerate it.

Scene shifts to Inha opening door to Inho (sitting with heads down on the chair), asking when did he return. Inho glared at her and she was taken aback.

Scene shifts to the next morning. Dayoung texted Sangchul, saying that what he’s saying is right and wishing him luck in exam. Kyunghwan and Jaewoo (busy studying) walk pass him and he sneered at them, but greets them with fake-cheerful grin and asks them whether they can do well on exam. Kyunghwan trembles and says his gastritis seems to be acting up (cuz of SC lol), to which Jaewoo advises him to ignore SC. Later at the exam, SC sits down confidently (cuz he thinks he got a cheat), but it turns out every question was different LOL #servehimright. He breaks in cold sweat and thinks that it’s sure that Dayoung has given him the cheat.. Narration in box says “..however to what extent someone possibly does something we expect them to do?”

Then a text between Kyunghwan and Seol revealed. She wishes him luck for the exam and Kyunghwan thanks her and seeems like saying that it’s a pity Dayoung’s information didn’t get thru (tho anyway he did well). Seol replied that he shouldn’t worry since he studies anyway (so naturally will do well). Seol walks and recalls her interaction with Dayoung (guess it’s recent?). Dayoung ran away when seeing her. Seol called her and stopped her from running away. It seems like she explains things. She said that she thinks even if the culprit most likely is Sangchul, unfortunately she’s got no evidence. She also apologizes for this matter. Dayoung yells, “and you ‘re just gonna let it be?!” Seol says she’s been mulling over on how to resolve this and quibble with SC and she says that if SC got mad instead, all was over. She lamented that it was crazy until even Yoo Jung got hurt. Dayoung was surprised and so angry with Sangchul. She said she wouldn’t let it go and get back to SC no matter how. She even proceeded to confront her directly, but was stopped by Seol. Seol asks her to think about it more, there are no evidence, so if she keeps going on about it, people would get tired of it and ask them to stop. Seol asks, “Don’t you already understand about it?” and got flashback to Minsoo’s case where people talk about them and Dayoung fiercely defended Minsoo. Dayoung looks guilty. She still wants to do something to SC, though. Seol whispers her something and Dayoung nods to that. Flashback to the scene when SC came to Jaewoo, Kyunghwan, and Seol saying that he got high-leveled information from Dayoung. Return to the present, Dayoung walks past Seol and nods to her. She narrates in the black box that there are people who do exactly as they are expected.

Scene shifts to Ahyoung and Jaewoo. Ahyoung questions why that unni (Inha) is not coming even though it is the last day of exam. Then suddenly Inha came with a blast lol. She wears shade and asks them whether it was their last day of exam and they confirm it. Jaewoo notices something is off with her, though. Seol narrates, “But there are also people we can’t predict.”

After exam, they go drinking together…or more like, Inha’s drinking and Jaewoo is busy calming her down. The black box says that, “This woman can’t be predicted even by her own brother.” Jaewoo asks her to drink slowly and what was the matter with her, but she just asks for more drink. Jaewoo recalls Inho asked him “You think you can win over my sister? Isn’t it clear enough that the one who likes first will lose? So what if you treat her sincerely? Before you do something sincerely, she must have given something back to you, right?” Jaewoo looks thoughtful.

Meanwhile, Inha recalls her convo with Inho the night before. Inho says he wouldn’t say anything related to what she’s done to Jung…”I’ll let him think that I did all that. Then..now I’m leaving. I’ve been thinking I should bring you with me or not. I’ve even asked you several times. But it seems like your answer is clear. Even if I’m gone, I’ll pay this room rent 6 month in advance. But after that, you should leave independently. This is the last thing I could do for you.”  Inha breaks down, “Didn’t you say to live together forever…three of us? I’d like that also…but you’re the one who ruined it first.” Inho stays silent. Inha says that she knows he’d be like that..that again, he’s throwing her away and leaving her…”because you’re that kind of bastard!!”…that he only cares about his piano and his own thought. She yells that she’d do anything to be approved (or receive some kind of affection?) from the chairman…that she has no choice but acting pitiful (more than him). Inho just said, “Got it. So from now on, please live like a pitiful person.” and he leaves Inha like that.

Back to the present, Inha keeps mumbling, “All ruined,” to Jaewoo’s confusion. She goes on about something..dunno directed to whom..Jung? She was dropped drunk and Ahyoung came in with Seol. It seems that Jaewoo called them, because he’s busy with his study. Seol narraes, “I’m curious…what will this woman predict about my reaction after this?”

P.S: Sorry for a very late post, but I was just back from Thailand last Tuesday and work happens…I’m barely able to breathe these 2-3 days HAHA.

=End of Chapter=




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