S4 Ch 43


S4 Ch 43


Season 4 Chapter 43 – Relationships’ Whereabouts (3)

Continuation from the latest chapter where Inha ran after Jung to offer an apology on behalf of Inho. She basically said that if Inho was the one who made mistake, Jung didn’t need to ignore her too (err..I take back what I said about her being pitiful last week. She’s a totally heartless, opportunistic, and self-centered b***h lol). She begged Jung that she’d do anything Jung and Chairman to do and obey them. Jung was like “wth are you doing”. Inha then admitted that in order to receive recognition to be at Jung’s side, she must follow whatever Chairman said, as it’d be advantageous. She then said, “Just a little more…let’s be manipulative” because anyway in the future, Jung would take Chairman’s place, that’s why by complying Jung, she’d be able to live…right? (TCH). She smiled (kind of smile when one tries to win a favor). Jung sighed and kinda rolled his eyes haha. He then narrated in the black box that this kind of idea is quite laughable, but it’s not bad..that I’ve (Jung) always been in a good r/s with your nuna…that Inho would never do things to such extent like Inha (kinda… maybe he meant that Inho wouldn’t be as shameless/manipulative as Inha in the r/s with Jung’s father haha).

Scene showed beaten-Inho looking fierce while the students whispered about him being ‘awesome’ (as in awesomely shameless. It’s a sarcasm) and obnoxious. Scene shifted to Jung being called by his classmate to talk about Inho’s fight all the time…shouldn’t Jung tell someone…the classmate mentioned that if this continued, he’d (Inho) be finished (get into trouble). If I’m not mistaken, Jung only said it’d die down/he’d keep silent. The piano kid then bashfully approached Jung to ask him listening to his piano play, though he’s not that good. Jung agreed.

Scene shifted to piano kid crouching down in front of the piano studio, while Inho was playing the piano. He even closed his ears in despair while mumbled by himself. Jung was approaching when he was at that state and asked why he was like that…didn’t he call Jung to hv some talks? The kid was so taken aback and panicked, asking Jung to pretend he didn’t see anything. Jung consoled him by saying no need to be agitated nor embarrassed…that if he’s upset about anything, he could always tell Jung if he wanted to do so.

*Back to the present*

 Jung says to Inho that even Inho seems to like that kid…but he seems oblivious to what the kid actually feels/thinks.

*Inho’s flashback to high school*

Inha panicked…saying the situation couldn’t stay like this…even if (they/she) reconcile with Jung to the point they’ll go to different university…(Jung?) would keep making fuss about getting a revenge (not really sure about this part tho). Ranting about how wanting to hear ppl call them orphans…”because that bastard (not sure whom she refers to here) would spill everything!!”  Inho was only like, ‘-_-‘ watching her #lol.

Then she begged Inho to go find that disgusting kid (aka piano kid) cuz she felt uneasy the kid kept hanging around Jung…suspected that kid would somehow replace their position…begged Inho to look into it. That kid seemed to hear Inha’s cry. But he just told Inho to go and talk to him after the class finishes. Inho replied that he also wanted to see the kid. Inha was like “look look at this bastard!!” (Please not that both behave and talk rather rudely to the kid here). The kid said something (not sure..smthg abt announcing publicly?), to which Inha replied, “Waah..wth with that bastard…wanna fight?!”

Scene shifted to Inho walked alone and wondered that the kid spread everything, then he came across Jung with friends circling/walking around him. They talked how Jung must hv been a hard time cuz of Inho all these while. Jung kinda appeased them…saying that it was a very close warning sign, but they should just let it be. He also asked them not to make it more stressful for Inho, his friends said they aren’t those kind of ppl. Inho left…while having flashback (yes, flashback in flashback) when Jung was asked about Choi SungJo…then several other occurrences between Jung and seniors/friends (it’s in Season 3…latest parts)..then he remembered about Inha’s warning about the kid being around Jung. He muttered, ‘betrayal…’ He looked at Jung’s back while wondering, “don’t tell me…this time…” while clenching his fist.

He watched the kid and Jung closely. When both exited the class at the same time, he followed. He was wondering was with those two..whether they’d meet…and why they met. But it turned out that Jung was meeting a group of ppl downstairs, while the kid entered a room (same building level with Inho). Confused, Inho turned back, scratching his head. He decided to just stop thinking too much. He decided to try talking to the kid. Flashback to a scene of fight between both of them. Inho also decided to find out who’s the kid name (#HA I also dunno the kid’s name =))). Then scene shifted to the time when he was greeted by a group of people…whom later caused his hand injury.

*back to the present*

Inho is in deep thought. He flexes his hand then goes back to his usual easy-going demeanor. Saying that there’s no good point in talking about the past…anyway everything is ruined (including their r/s) and it is too late. Whatever happened, for Inho, Jung is always the one who smashed his hand. While to Jung, Inho is always the fake friend. Jung rolls his eyes LOL. Inho continues that he only calls Jung to tell him he’s leaving not for this or that.. He even teases Jung… “Baek Inha, please…” Jung freezes, probably thinking Inho would ask him to take care of Inha. Inho continues while smirking, “Nah wouldn’t ask you a favor on that. Don’t worry.” HAHA. Then he unexpectedly wish that Jung and Seol to live well, “I only want to say that.” Then he nags, “if you live well, you won’t do this and that…please stop doing those things… at least in front of Dog Fur”.. Jung tries to interject, but Inho still rants, “If you’re gonna say what say I hv in this…” He further admitted that he did approach Seol fully aware that she is Jung’s girlfriend..wanted to tear everything apart. He claimed that Jung himself (and everyone) also had that kind of bad thought sometimes, right? Jung’s face hardened. Inho continues..at least if Jung feels some regret, from now on, in front of Seol don’t do the same things. He asks whether things will end with Sangchul once he gives the compensation… Jung asks whether he actually wants to ask about those things and leaves… Inho sighs..lamenting it’s true that he’s the idiot one lol. He suddenly remembers his dream where Seol cried (after his fight with Jung). Anyway, he won’t interfere in Jung’s business. He also understands today that Jung holds grudges for a long time. He says that because he also had some shares of mistakes, it’s better for them to just say bye bye to each other.

Inho leaves the cafe. He reminisces the convo with Jung about Sung Jo. Another flashback to his past with Inha. He told Inha something. Then he saw Inha talked to Chairman. After that he asked Inha whether she told Chairman strange things, to which Inha denied. He thinks back on Inha’s ‘apology’ to Jung. There’s a dialogue bubble saying, “you’ve been mistaken about something for some time…” but I’m not sure who says this? Inho? Jung? Inha? and When? *confused reader* 😄


Baek Inha’s image flashes by.

Inho looks stricken.

“Baek Inha.”

-Chapter Ends-



  1. Ritsa says:

    Thanks a lot for your summery! So.. In-Ho’s hand was ingured because of his sister? I’m kined of confused.

    • crabbielife says:

      no… Inho refers to the one who tells on Jung to Jung’s father. It was all Inha. (But I also remember one chapter in Season 3 where Jung heard it himself that Inho tells on him to his father too…so I am also confused whether Jung misunderstood or Inho doesn’t remember that or I remember wrongly lol)
      Not the one who injured his hand.

  2. chloe says:

    “you’ve been mistaken about something for some time…”, I think it’s Jung who said that since it’s a kind of phrase Jung often used with Inho each time they reopened their history wound.

    Regarding who badmouthed Jung to his father about Inho’s injure, I think it’s Inha and Jung himself knew it very well. Since when Seol got jealous at Inha (around season 2 or 3), Jung tried to explain to her later briefly why he needed to treat Inha nicely. If not, she’ll talk bad about him to his father and his father will be angry at him eventually. Then flashback here and there showing Jung’s memory of how he was restricted by his dad under Inha’ influence and how Jung saw Inha was talking to his dad during high school time (maybe just after Inho’s incident).

    I think the information Jung just revealed to Inho must really got a bigger impact on him more than he showed it to Jung.. It must fill in some pictures in their past which is quite important. This manga was like a jigsaw that combine by a story each character is telling you. That’s why it’s a little confusing sometime because they don’t come by orders! -_-

    I guess.. Inha must did something quite nasty more than we knew at the moment. She was already the reason why the big group that messed up Inho’s hand got mad at them in the first place (the leader of that group was rejected rudely by her).

    Thank you very much for your summary of this manga! I really appreciate it! I’m waiting impatiently for the next release of this manga and also your summary 🙂

  3. CheesyTrap says:

    Thank you as always, Crabbie!
    Hmm, I’ve been suspecting In-ha for In-ho’s hand for quite some time now. Who knows how everything will turn out in the end.
    It’s about damn time In-ho realizes that his noona was tattling on Jung! I still hope for the revival of the Bromance That Shouldn’t Have Stopped.

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