S4 Chapter 42 – Relationships’ Whereabouts (2)

Continuing from the last chapter where Inho wondered, “What he’s been talking about? What I actually…”

He had flashback to when Jung asked him to keep his line (here) and concluded “That’s why he suddenly says such things… because he thinks I tattle on him??”

*flashback to high school time*

Inho called Jung to talk to him about the “yesterday thingy” (refer to that night when Jung asked him to keep the line), but Jung looked cold. Inho chickened out and just asked him whether he’d come to the concour tomorrow and Jung coldly said he has something else to do. Inho was surprised then angry “Why is he sulking for so long…so irritating” lol.

Scene then shifts to the convo inside their class about the currently sick classmate (in previous chapter+season 3), Choi Sung Jo. Inho caught Jung wished Sung Jo can recover soon and scoffed (cuz he suspected that Jung somehow caused Sung Jo to be in hospital). Jung saw that, so does Inho (he noticed Jung’s expression). He wondered, ‘wth was that’

*back to the present*

Inho surprises that Jung’s father knew about Sung Jo. Jung is like, “how convenient that you forget so easily.” Inho says Jung might be mistaken (on him tattle to the father). Jung is not convinced. He further says Inho is mistaken, thinking Jung is mad because Inho steals his father’s affection. He narrates, “Well, it’d be a given for me to think like that…but It’s not because of that”

*another flashback to the past*

-High school time, prior to concour-

Jung asked his father whether he’s got time to dine together tomorrow. Father asked “what’s the occasion?” Jung answered that the next day, his mother came home. If I’m not mistaken Jung said both parents fought before she departed, thus, he thought they’d better dine together once she came home. His father was indifferent, “It sounds good. But tomorrow Inho’s got concour. You go pick her up at the airport, k?” Then turned his back on Jung to continue talking to his secretary to make sure reporters would come to Inho’s concour, restaurant must be booked, and OF COURSE there must be a celebration party. Jung heard it all.

The next day, Jung noticed his schoolmates were whispering while looking at him. He wondered why until a friend/classmate approached him, asking whether he’s heard the story about Baek Inho. People stared and whispered, Jung looked blanked out in shock while walking among them. He caught someone said “With strangers…”, “half-brother”, and “poor him” to him. He broke down and shook in anger. He narrated “I don’t understand…those two [Baek siblings]…eventually come this point…” Inho ran to him and said, “No… I…” (The next scenes are connected to the previous chapters in season 4, when Jung burst in anger at Inho). Jung continued to narrate, “if I keep being nice…continue being nice…you do this and that, not knowing where to end.”

*Back to the present*

Jung explains to Inho that since then, his thought changed. He further says that whether the siblings come or not, his father oppressed him already, anyway. Inho then asks, “Then why…to us..” Jung retorted that Inho should answer him first…why did he say such thing regarding his relationship with Jung’s father.  Inho starts, “That’s…” Jung interjected, “That bastard’s family…” Inho shuddered. Jung said that even if his father (I think he was talking abt his father here) told Inho to consider him as Inho’s real father, he had no affection..Inho  did not trust him either yet he wanted to believe what father said. Jung continued, “That’s why your statement came out. You don’t care about how other people might perceive it.” Inho gritted his teeth. Jung further says that he knew very well that his father is a hypocrite, but he can’t stand one thing: how the siblings faithfully follow his father’s act…helping him in his act and worsening everything, so loyally.

*flashback to highschool*

Jung narrated that since then, he put some distance with the siblings because he was sure, by doing so what he’s trying to say will reach his father. As a mere high school student, that’s only what he could do.

Scene shifts to the piano kid (who was his name again?) came to Jung hesitantly, he asked whether it is true that Inho received sponsor from Jung’s family (iirc this came up in Inha’s flashback several in S4 Ch.24 or 25?). Jung was taken aback. The kid then explained that not long ago, Jung’s father came to school. Tthe kid didn’t make it to concour and felt disappointed, so he thought Jung’s father came to school to cheer him up (as the sponsor)…but Jung’s father didn’t come for that. He told someone “I gave sponsor not because I required you to win big prizes. No need to feel burdened. Kid, I feel happy if my little help can help you reaching your dream in the future. I really like classical music, so it’s a given I give sponsor on that field. There are other kids in this school and other schools who got sponsored by my as well.” The kid said, “Their family is intact..how happy. But Inho keeps sticking to you without any certain family relationship.. The gossip says… ah, ofc it’s just a gossip… so anyway…I wanna know about Inho Baek. Is that true [that Inho’s being sponsored]?” Jung took a deep breath and asked the kid to “try look into it.” Next scene shifted to convo in class about Inho receiving sponsor. A classmate approached Jung to ask him why he didn’t say anything about it. Jung just smiled and his friend kinda “wow he’s a Budha!”.

Next scene was Jung’s father asked Jung to ‘talk’ (more like he’s preaching). He’s talking about Inho, “Inho has repeatedly apologized and admitted that he talked wrongly, that’s why a rumor on you guys’ relationship came out. Even though it’s not true and ppl will know it’s not..but those kids [Baek siblings] will continuously get impacted. Please understand them… Good…you’re a good son.” Jung looked down and had his crazy-eyed (the ones appeared when he was mad haha). The father kept talking on how he initially planned to send three of them studying abroad (but now couldn’t cuz Inho is so hurt because of this problem), but if Jung still wants to study abroad, he’d send Jung with Inha Jung rejected the offer and said he’d just study in Korea. Father was surprised and tried to console-self, saying domestic uni also not bad, etc etc. Jung said, “If I go, won’t you be worried…what kind of problem will be caused by “father’s son”. I’m better staying here than one kid is left behind while another one keeps putting surveillance on me.”” Father couldn’t answer him.

Next scene showed Inha ran frantically toward Jung and asked him to “talk” to her. She apologized, saying all are her faults. Jung asked her coldly, “What (is your fault)?” Inha replied hesitantly, “…..all. Everything.” Jung said it’s all because Inho’s reckless mouth during concour, not Inha’s fault. Inha insisted, “And also what my brother said to Chairman about you, too. I’ll apologize instead!”

-Chapter Ends-


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