S4 Ch.41 The relationship’s whereabouts (1)

~literally, but I think it could also be interpreted as the current state of the r/s

First thing first, this chapter is really difficult for me to understand, let alone translate it correctly…so I may skip some parts I don’t understand at all. Also, it’s Eid holiday here…so I’m rather busy to decipher the webtoon properly this week.

Starts where Inho says Jung wasn’t weird at all. Jung was taken a back, but he smiles. Relieved. Inho continued blabbering that Jung shouldn’t be a pushover anymore. Jung laughed out loud, to Inho’s surprise (I think Jung somewhat felt relief and glad Inho, who was his closest friend, didn’t judge him like his father did). Inho reminded Jung to come to a certain concert. Jung narrated that a person’s heart is rather cunning…he kinda knew the Baek siblings hv to (kinda) please Dad by doing what he wants, cuz he’s the one paying for their lives now. He said he didn’t like them, but he didn’t hate them at either…remarked that this kind of thought is very new for him. Scenes showed three of them play basketball (Inha is at the side, cheering). Inho fell and Jung offered his hand to help Inho up, smiling (aww Bromance). Inho’s hand got bruised and Jung reminded him to be careful with his hands. Inho smiled at his reminder. They were then off to buy ice cream… Their r/s was good. Next scene showed Jung got a music score signed for Inho, saying his name was Inho (T^T). The narration went like “that’s why..tried best to offer them kindness”. Back to the present, Jung says, it wasn’t like that (for Baek siblings). He says something abt studying abroad and how Inho would keep tabs on him even during that time. Inho was taken aback.

Flashback to Inho and Jung’s Dad. Dad seemed to be considering several options for Jung’s further study…Inho asked whether Dad considered sending Jung overseas. Dad said he’s still considering and asked abt Inho’s plan. To Inho’s surprise, Dad seemed to be intending to fund his study, even overseas (with Jung). Inho excitedly, he’d reallyyy like that, said he’d do his best …that Dad shouldn’t be worried abt Jung since he’s the hyung and he’d watch over Jung, and that three of them going abroad together seemed like a good idea. Back to present (I know, many flashbacks U.U), Inho was like “u were there at the house?” Jung said something I didn’t really understand…abt Inho talked to Dad abt studying abroad, I guess. Inho was like, “what? Wth r u saying?” Inho defended himself that him going abroad was Chairman’s idea and he was just followed along (didn’t try to leech him off for living expense). Jung said it was strange. Inho still didn’t get what’s he trying to say. Jung said that Inho’s expression seems like an acting, wondering if Inho realllyy didn’t remember at all… Jung then says, at that time (high school time) actually the only person who regards Jung as weird was Inho, and only Inho. Inho seems a bit angry. There’s another narration from Jung that his father has been watching and putting ‘surveillance’ on him thru ppl around him (he knows)…and the rest of the narration isn’t really clear for me. The scenes show Jung overhead his parents argued abt him. Dad said he’s being weird (it’s after his fight with the seniors in High School, I guess… It’s in Season 3), Mom kinda said that Dad putting surveillance around Jung is /MORE/ problematic (than Jung being weird/what’s he done to the seniors/friends). Dad also mentioned abt putting Prof.Baek’s grandkids at the same school to “watch” Jung.

Back to present. Jung insisted that Inho was the only one that perceived Jung as a weird guy and tried to confirm that Inho did see it that day. Flashback to the highschool where teacher announced that a classmate (who always messed with Jung…full story in prev season) was in the hospital. Jung smiled at that news and Inho caught it, wondering why did he smile and thought that it’s weird. More flashback to the fight (won’t translate it as iirc it was in the last season). Then back to Inho inside the class who’s having a flashback on his convo with Dad (I know, it’s a series of confusing flashback lol) where he thanked Dad for thinking abt his study (and watching over him like a son) and Dad mentioned that as a familyofc must defend(?) each other. Inho inside the class then concluded happily that as a family, he should defend Jung (kinda) though he couldn’t really understand him nor understand what he’s thinking. Another flashback to Jung smiled at Inho while doing smthg. Inho noted that there’s something abt his smile…he talked to Inha abt it, mentioned it’s a bit awkward and he didn’t seem to like Inho and Inha (he said something else, but I couldn’t really understand). More flashback to them laughed together, Jung offered his hand, they watched fireworks and Jung laughed out loud. Inho seemed to be thinking Jung is finally quite sincere to them and that’s not a bad thing at all (aw he’s smiling contentedly while saying that). Back to the present where Jung said from now on, they shall not expect anything from each other or looking out one another, “let’s just go on our ways”. Inho is stunned. He’s thinking that he doesn’t really get what Jung is saying since the beginning of their convo. He remembers Jung once asked him whether Inho really considered him as friend (season 4 ch. 20smthg). Chapter ends with Inho thinking and wondering abt that…




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