Ch.40 Social Relationships (3)
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Inho says he’s leaving. He further explains to Jung that this time, he doesn’t want to run away. He wanna conclude everything nicely, instead of running away (like before). Jung asks whether he comes to find him before leaving, greeting ppl one by one. Jung then asks Inho, “ytd, you saw, right?” (saw Jung and Sangchul) “Will you meddle? About Seol too?” Inho shouts that he won’t (three times lol). He says he also says goodbye to Seol already. He says he wanna end everything and stop getting involved with each other, between Jung, Inha, and himself. All. He sneers that Jung must be happy that the annoying kid will be leaving. He laments that he’s tired being here anyway. Jung was like “What? Ends? Runs away? Tired?” He remarks that Inho hasn’t changed at all. If he’s gonna leave, he should guarantee all of these annoying problems won’t be repeated. Saying that during high school, all problems were Jung’s faults (as in he put Jung to blame) and he just left. Jung says, “Don’t hold grudge on me. I’m not holding grudge on you, so don’t do that as well”

Inho laughs while saying Jung is being smart-ass, “what grudge?”…kinda saying what Jung knows abt what’s on his mind. Jung says he might not know, but Inho’s better live like a normal person from now on. If he plans to study abroad, just tell Jung’s dad. If not, just go and mind his own business. Inho gets angry and slams the table. He says why Jung never seems to listen…is he deaf or whut lol. He was like “as if you live normally too…you always do whatever you want.. Do it properly!!” then Jung says that he already said Inho’s hand wasn’t his fault repeatedly and that Inho always misses his points and Inho should be the one who cleans his ears lol (aka listens properly). He asks why Inho was angry at him and not to that kid (the one who actually hit his hand)…”Weren’t you the one who’s DEAF? Wasting my time talking. Why you only vent your anger to me? But even if you’re deaf, I was serious about what I said. Why at that time, you meddled in the decision about me leaving [to study abroad]. Why?”  Inho is stunned. Flashback to high school. Jung talks to a girl (Inha?). The narration, “That was why people seemed to think I live aimlessly. But I wasn’t like that.” More flashback to his childhood. Jung’s dad told him to be nice to the pitiful kids .

He narrates “Nope. I know well that  they’re not pitiful… I also know very well why they were taken care of by father. But I quietly follows along… Cuz no harm in doing so anyway… cuz they’re useful, too…”

At the end of this chapter, Inho told Jung, “Of course!!! You’re not weird at all tho…”

=End of Chapter=



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