S4 Ch.39 Social Relationships (2)

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-Inha and Inho-
Inha is in the police office. She seems drunk and doesn’t respond to the police’s enquiries. The police asks whether she’s a student in A univ, but she doesn’t seem like it. Inha mumbles about “now even the cheque card too” (seems like she wanna buy smthg but it gets blocked). She then imagines her grandpa smiled, then turned away and left her. then Jung’s father, too…smiled and turned away. then Jung who greeted her while smiling at first, but turned away and tell her not to delude herself later. Another flashback for Inha (seems very recent). She answers the call from someone (I assume it’s Inho based on the familiarity they use) who asks whether she lives well. She replies that if she knew it’s him, she wouldn’t answer…didn’t she tell him not to call her. The person in the phone grumbles that it’s been a while since they call each other, so pls watch her words. Inha is on the road. There seems to be an accident? (Ppl with two cars seem to be arguing nearby). The caller asks where is she and she says she’s busy. She says the man she was with, bump into another person’s car by mistake. The caller yells that didn’t he warn her not tk drive…was she drunk-driving?!! Then she just says “Bye. From now don’t call” and hangs up. She walks away humming (seems like she’s lying? cuz if she’s involved in the accident, she won’t be able to leave the place). Next scene, Inho is calling when Inha is with someone. She doesn’t pick up and says she doesn’t need to. The person she’s with asks whether she has another man. Two texts come in (from inho?). I think both kinda asks her whether she lives properly. Inha answers that man anyway, saying that they’re all just pushovers.

Back to the police station. She giggles by herself. A purple-haired girl signals that Inha is crazy. Inha glared at her and swore at her “u say I’m crazy?!” she threatens she’ll turn that girl upside down (scary haha). The police tries to stop her. She mumbles that ppl tell her that she’s the only one (that they only hv her). She says, then if they say so, they shouldn’t hv done this to her (flash back to bruised Inho choking her up <I think it’s in the past>…then said he’s sorry <few chapters ago>)… She has flashback of Inho leaving her “Still…I was thrown away again. AGAIN, ME!!”. Next scene, she is outside and Inho stands before her. Seems like he wanna scold her but hold himself back lol. He just says “let’s go.” after a sigh haha. That purple-haired girl comes out and insulted her that her coat is so last season anyway. Inha swears…Inho warns her “just stop” and pulls her away. He says he paid the bailout bill already. Inha thought he’d yell and call her names after (in her imagination lol)…but in reality, Inho just asks whether Inha has thought about what he said previously (few chapters ago), He starts, “I thought…” but stops himself. Inha looks stricken and down.

-Seol, Kyunghwan, Jaewoo-

Meanwhile, SC greets Kyunghwan, Jaewoo, and Seol who are studying together. (Seems like he’s trying to get away from paying Jung’s compensation by appealing to Seol. Tch). Kyunghwan gets goosebumps at SC’s cheerful greeting and asks whether he has already apologized to Seol. He said that’s why he’s here. Then he tells Seol (acting as if he’s sharing a huge secret) that he got a high-leveled info from Dayoung. I guess it’s about certain exam. He tries to appeal them by saying if they hv that info, they don’t need to study, etc etc. Kyunghwan seems interested, Jaewoo keeps mum, Seol looks indifferent lol. SC acts as if he only wanna share the info to Hong hoobae. But Seol flatly says she took that exam last year lol. Panicked, he tries to appeal to Kyunghwan and Jaewoo, but both shoo him away hahaha. Kyunghwan is curious what info he’s talking abt tho, he’s wondering whether he should find out and later share info with Jaewoo. But Jaewoo says he doesn’t need it. As long as he studies well, it’ll be enough.

-Jung and Inho-

Meanwhile, Inho and Jung meet up awkwardly. Jung just stares, deadpans. While Inho glances sideways, can’t even look at Jung lol. Ppl at the cafe stare at them though.. Inho says meeting him like this feel so weird for him. Jung is like, “Aren’t you the one who calls?” :)) He then affirms the feeling is mutual (as in he doesn’t feel good meeting up with Inho either), so if Inho has something to say, just quickly say it and both can go. Inho looks at his bandaged hand, asking if it hurts so much. Jung replies that since the gips has been removed, it’s not that hurt…. Then after a while, Inho finally says, “I’m leaving”

-chapter ends-



  1. Marissa says:

    Thanks for the summary. I already gave up citt since chapter 25 because i couldn’t find any summary. But suddenly i found your website i started re reading again. So glad i did because things getting very interesting!!!

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