Inho S4 Ch 37

S4 Ch.38 Social Relationships (1)

It’s gonna be a brief one since I hv many things to do T^T Also, this chapter doesn’t really provide much development.

Seol is on the phone with Mona. Seems like Mona confessed she had a hand in Euntaek and Bora’s r/s (I guess the part where she and ET joined hand to make Bora jealous?). Seol is kinda upset and Mona plans to apologize to BR and ET. Seol told her now BR and ET are fine but ET is going to enlist. They talk abt lots of thing… Mona says she hears about SangChul who’s totally crazy…however, she’s got no idea that Seol will move her friends to go against the head of department.  Seol replies that it’s because she also can be angry and has been holding back for so long. Mona notes that Seol is more like a fox now..which is better than a bear, like Seol during high school. She assesses that Seol is good at holding back emotion but can be scary if she explodes in anger and cut off relationships. She then says that there’s a rumor that Seol is dating a chaebol lol. Seol was shocked. She thought it was triggered by Jung’s appearance on her meeting with friends (S3). She then remembered what Jung told her about outsmarting others (not to be on the lose side in life). She mutters “pretend not to see. pretend that nothing happened”

Next day, Seol goes to uni and Daeyoung avoided her, but Seol thought Daeyoung is just busy rushing to her class. She mutters that there’s a rumor that Dayoung now takes night classes. Meanwhile, Bora decided to wait for Euntaek. They hugged dramatically, witnessed by Mona and Seol xDD Mona didn’t apologize at the end…She tries to get away stealthily, but Seol catches her and asks her to treat Seol a meal lol

Next scene shows Hong Joon comes to visit Inho to help him studying (for GED, remember?). They talk abt smthg and Inho recalls his recent meeting w/ his friends (ppl from his construction work? I can’t recall). One of the construction guys [seems like his boss] asks when is Inho’s competition and makes sure Inho will go with them right after that. Inho confirms he will. The boss says Inho should thank the other guy for not telling Boss where’s Inho location is despite getting beaten up. Back to the present, Joon tells Inho about a job opportunity which guarantees him to be a branch manager in several months. Joon excitedly says he’ll apply and ensures Inho it’s not a scam cuz there are so many testimonials. Inho is not convinced and tries to talk Joon out of it…even asks whether Joon has already told his family about this. Joon snickers and says that he doesn’t need to. He then sends an application for Inho too.

Afterwards, it’s shown that Sang Chul is being stressed out over the compensation Jung asks for. He considers taking part time jobs, but he’s too busy with graduation prep… He couldn’t come up with solution. He then sees Dayoung avoids her friends. They talk and Dayoung confides that her friends left her (I guess due to the exam note incident?). He accuses them not having loyalty #uhm. Chapter ends with Sangchul offers himself as someone to confide in (kinda) to Dayoung if she has a hard time. -End-



  1. Tia says:

    Thank you so much for the latest CITT review!
    I just hope that the conflict that Dayoung+SC are going to create in the future chapter will be a positive thing that could strengthen Jung and Seol’s relationship, instead of messing them 😉

  2. machamocha says:

    Thank you for the summary!
    I just hope that the conflict that SC+Dayoung will create in future chapters are a positive one that could strengthen Jung and Seol’s relationship, instead of ruining them 🙂

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