S4 Ch 37

S4 Ch.37 Others’ Path(4)

Continue from last week’s chapter. SC hurriedly says he’ll apologize to both Jung and Seol (probably hoping he won’t hv to compensate the watch). Jung said, “Ok. Apologize and compensate the watch.” He bids goodbye but SC calls him out, saying he’s too much, where’s his morale. Unashamedly saying he didn’t see Jung’s watch broken that day (“it might hv been broken elsewhere but you accuse me!!”), that he has to earn money for his tuition, etc etc (I hv no time to summarize his bullshit tbh). Jung reprimanded him that making ppl hurt and break their things, isn’t giving compensation a common sense? SC then accused him blackmailing #uhm. But Jung calmly answered that everything happened that day was recorded in his car’s black box+cctv…so if SC feels wronged and wanna prove he’s right, he can just proceed. SC asked what does Jung want. Jung replied only compensation, asked SC to choose, and left. Meanwhile, Inho witnessed all of that nearby (earlier, he saw SC and wanted to beat him up. But Jung was there first to greet SC).

Scene shifts to Seol greets Jung cheerfully. Jung asks her to eat together and says he brings no car today. They leave the campus holding hand while talking happily #whysocute. Jung mentions he brings no car that day and asks if Seol is getting thinner. Seol says she doesn’t think so. While eating, she told him about Bora and Euntaek’s situation. Jung remarks that she has to worry abt many things while exam is coming *lol top students’ priority*

Then Seol narrates (inside her mind?), “Sunbae. Just now when I was waiting for Sunbae, suddenly those kind of thinking go through my mind” She thinks that no matter how much she likes Bora and Euntaek, she realizes that being in the middle of them, she couldn’t do anything (to help them). She thinks that she’s also having her own problem, but if she get rid of such feeling..it means that  all these while, towards her surroundings, she’s kinda…behave superficially with the mindset that she wants to do well. She thinks she isn’t a bad person, but she’s also not too good. Though she wanna be a good one…she thinks she doesn’t hv any confidence and kinda wanna forget that (of wanting to be a good person/to do well?). She thinks whether all of those are only excuses. She thinks “What does #1 in class actually mean? besides, if I direct my attention to my surrounding, what should I do…”(she looks at Jung). During her thinking process, the scenes show them walk around and ride subway together. Jung looks back and asks whether she had lunch (him and his obsession about her eating or not lol). She says she didn’t just many things happened and she forgot. He says she has to make sure she eats, holds her wrist, and says she’s skinny. Seol blushes happily lol. The scenes show their rides (talking, being playful, and all cute lol). Seol writes on his bandage “stupid” HAHAH. Jung then says he’s awed. It’s the first time he rides subway with her, cuz he usually drives her around. He thinks why takes so long to ride subway together with her like this… He says now he’s working and she’s busy studying for exams, that they’re all busy. He regretfully says that their time together in university is too short. He wonders why…why he didn’t do it since before… He tells her that recently he always thinks about that…whether he and she are similar… He thinks that rather driving around comfortably, should they just ride subway together like this and walk longer together instead… He says he should’ve done this since the beginning… He looks at Seol’s scribble and affirms that he’s indeed stupid #HA. Seol puts her hand on his head, plays with his hair. She says she usually just studies while riding subway, nothing special. That’s why she likes today so much. She asks him not to worry to much as usual…his hand will heal soon and spring is coming, too. “And don’t forget to smile…”



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