Jung S4 Ch 36

S4 Ch.36 Others’ Path(3)

Chapter opens with Jung’s note to Seol in the previous chapter. Jung then urged Seol to pay attention to the class. Seol then busily write notes, while Jung think abt something… He seems bothered…while looking at Sangchul (he’s doing that fidgeting-fingers thing he did when he’s agitated lol). He seems to be plotting something ha! (I don’t like this aspect of him, but Sangchul is totally obnoxious ㅡ.ㅡ) But when he turns to Seol, his gaze softens. She turns to see him and he smiles. He still smiles when she goes back to her note. Class ends. Jung says he’ll go to Professor’s room and Seol says she’s meeting Bora, promise to see each other later.

Scene shifts to Hong Joon who’s pondering about his future (good!)…cuz Inho seems to find his own path in piano; his nuna will get accepted in a big company (her bf also doesn’t hv problem); his family won’t go bankrupt, even Ahyoung. He thinks only him has no clear direction, “But first, I need money.”

Then scenes show Inho busily practices piano (thanks God it didn’t take the whole chapter to portray him practicing #SHADE).

Meanwhile Jaewoo is agonizing whether he should text Inha or not.

Scenes shift again to Sangchul who’s rambling why does Jung come to college so often, when he’s supposed to be interning. He clearly wanna avoid Jung. But Jung suddenly greets him and scared the shit out of him lol. Jung says he’s purposely waiting for him at the place he’s usually smoking. Sangchul tried to hide his anxiety by pretending to be buddy buddy with Jung, asking how’s his hand, how’s Seol, that he’s planning to ask directly, asking him to understand why he didn’t contact them (obviously he’s bullshitting). Jung said he’s ok..and thanks to SC, Seol is worrying about him.

Sangchul was relief. Again, he’s praising Jung that he’s a gentleman “You must be an Emperor in your previous lives! Very generous!”), bringing up their good sunbae-hoobae r/s etc etc (basically talking crap). Jung said he also doesn’t like prolonging the problem, esp with Sangchul. He said he won’t ask for treatment fee, but he asked Sangchul to compensate his broken watch cuz it was a gift. Sangchul panicked and said how expensive it is. Jung was adamant. He said half price at secondhand market price is also fine. Sangchul gets more panicked.

Jung returned all of his preaches about sunbae-hoobae r/s, “As you mentioned, there’s no need to make a big deal out of sunbae-hoobae relationship. Doesn’t it mean that you won’t mind to replace the watch without any dispensation? Then about Jaewoo’s laptop too.  Go dutch with KyungHwan. You used it together, right?”…while adamantly asking for compensation for his watch. Sangchul was like “why should I….?”…but Jung said , “if we are all friends without taking account seniority…then don’t need to be so precise abt compensating price” (lol he totally returned what SC said before)…at the end, he said Sangchul has no affection (정 – Jung = affection. Sangchul also mentioned it during his preach to Jung in this chapter. Iirc 정 also means the affection u shall hv with ppl u hv r/s with in your life…also refer to the bond with those ppl. In Korean’s eyes you’d better not to shatter this 정. If I remember it correctly from a book I read previously haha). It can also means “no respect/no manner”… but Indonesian’s translation translates it as “take it easy”



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