CITT S4 ch 35


CITT S4 ch 35

Season 4 Chapter 35 – Others’ Paths (2)

Chapter opens with Inho saying exactly the same thing like last chapter. Seol’s expression was rather surprised. Then she seems rather dejected? She still thanks him  for his help and apologize cuz he was getting angry at that time (during SC incident I guess?). She then bids goodbye rather awkwardly, wish him strength for concour prep and she says she’s also heading to class. She says, “You’ll do well, right?” He answered, “Of course.”

She walks away while thinking “Now it’s done.” She narrates that it’s not her duty to be close like a family to someone she doesn’t like. Though it seems like that person (Inho) hasn’t finished arranging his feelings, the decision seems to be set; thus, I too, have nothing to say anymore. She thinks, “Anyway if I get really close to Baek Inho-ssi, I’ll always develop a conflict with Sunbae. Though I hope those two loosen up amicably (aka not always fighting).” She also thinks that there’s a limit for her to keep interfering in those two’s personal history. BUT she also thinks that Baek Inho-ssi isn’t just someone from sunbae’s past, he’s also someone she has relationship with (she literally meant ‘human relationship’ not THAT ‘relationship’), so she isn’t used to be this awkward with him either. She feels rather empty… She thinks back how he calls her ‘dog fur’ and thinks that wherever Inho goes (or rather…whatever path he takes?), how nice it is if things go well for him.

Next, she is greeted by panic-Bora hahaha. Bora was like running and crying toward her and her reaction was like” Whatt? Don’t you have class?!” (this girl is totally a model student…ahhahaha).

Bora: “Hooooonnnnnnggg~~ T_T”

Seol: “Why? What happens?”

Bora: “Euntaek-i…”

Seol: “What’s with Euntaek-i?”

Bora: “We’re dating but…”

Seol: “WHAT?!”

Bora: “He’s going to military! T_T”

Seol: “WHAAAAT??!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

((haven’t they told her they’re dating? Poor Seol seems to be getting double heart attack lol))

She’s rambling that he confessed, yet he applied to enlist already, and he couldn’t cancel the application *pats Bora. Seol is just like “wth is this… what…WHAT NOOOWW??!!?!?!” to everything Bora said hahahha. She goes to class with a totally blank mind (poor girl having mental breakdown lol) and keeps doodling on her note book “Bora..Euntaek…Bora..Euntaek…???” LOL. She recalls her latest encounter with Bora. Bora cries and asks her what’s she supposed to do now… Seol replies that since Bora has class now, she needs to calm down, don’t cry, and let’s talk later… #priority. Class starts and she sees Euntaek sitting in front row and was like ‘he just comes now -_-” She then concentrates to class and scribbles some notes…but she feels like someone’s staring from her back… She turns around, and it’s Jung (THIS GHOST LOL). Both seems to be equally shocked =))) He waves at her with bandaged hand and she asks him ‘how’s his hand?’ (silently, since they hv class and he sits rows apart), Jung cutely gestures that it hurts HAHA. He then moves to sit beside her and cutely greets her, “Hi to which she angrily replies by scribbling notes for him, “Why your hand is like that? Yesterday you didn’t say anything (maybe she meant that ytd he said he was ok).” He is leaning toward her to see the note while saying “Writing convo with Seol-i…first time” and she is like “psst” SO CUTE. He writes that it’s not severe, only hurt a little; he’s here not just because his hand is in this condition but this professor is sensitive about attendance rate; today he asks the consideration from the company; that he still needs some grades to graduate. He even brings a present to the Professor :)) He smiles and rubs her hair  ❤ She writes down something, and he’s like “again?” XD. She writes, “Are you really ok?” (aww she’s still worried). He replies that he’s really ok and let’s just pay attention to the class (lol these two are similarly model student). She replies again and asks him whether his family is worried since he gets hurt again. He gives her  a cryptic smile, she stares, then he gives her a bright smile.

Flashback to his call with his father. His father chides him that last time it was his face that got messed up, and now his hand…what kind of univ student behave to such extent…worse, does it raise suspicion/curiosity from the intern ppl (dad, priorities… -_-)…asks him wth is actually happening…and suspects him doing ‘something’ again… grrr. Jung just listens to his father’s nagging, thinking ‘just slightly go over the limit’…then repeating ‘affection…saving face…affection…saving face, saving face, saving face…’ inside his mind. He thinks, ‘hypocrisy’ (refer to his father?). He has a flashback of his father saying, “If that person (whom I assume one of his group members) can’t do his/her part for group assignment, you can just do it, right? You don’t need to keep getting angry about such trivial stuff” , “there’s that kind of problem? But you’re just the class president, so you need to understand and work hard, right?” Then scene shifted to his father asking him to greet someone (father’s colleague?) while chided him that he’s not a kid anymore. Flashback to another scene where his father asked him to come with him visiting a Professor who’s sick. Jung said he had a assignment that day but his father insisted that he should come, while preaching that in this life, though assignment is important, but there are things (like greeting someone’s important) that’s also important and asked Jung to change his clothes quickly. Seems like he was visiting Prof. Baek because he addressed that sick person as “Professor.” That professor that he just witnessed a kid cried when a grandma passed away and it made him felt uneasy. It made him worried about his grandkids and asked Jung father’s help. Naturally, Jung’s father said yes and assured him not to worry. He said his heart did not feel good (abt the left-behind grandkids? Or the dying Prof?) and he’d also take responsibility of his grandkids until the end. Jung eavesdropped everything from outside of the room. After that, Jung left the room and sat alone at a hospital bench, he wondered by himself, what kind of professor was that person, can’t be asked for a favor(I am actually confused here because it was Prof Baek who actually asked for a favor, not the other way round??). Then he thought that he doesn’t like dealing with many people, nor receiving anything…but he’s told he can’t express the dislike…he doesn’t know why it has to be like that though. Another flashback? There are Jung’s father images but I guess he was saying those things to Jung. Basically, it goes like (it’s not an actual translation, only like the gist?): from now on, whatever happens, if (he) wants something,  he should coolly reveal his weakness once and when that happens, people will sympathize once, then  use it to ripe you off, see you as pitiful person, or treat you as a weird person. At the end, Jung looked dejected (probably from recalling the memory), sitting alone. Not far from him, there was a little girl sleeping on the bench (I think it’s Seol…because the Professor mentioned something about kid’s crying and a grandma passed away).

Back to Jung’s phone call with his dad, as he hears no response from Jung, father is like “Do you even listen to me?”. Jung seems to say cryptically that many things happens…one by one… His father was like “what? You, really…” Jung then says that once he graduates from univ, he needs to be a perfect adult right…isn’t he now doing this and that…before graduation…one by one…he wants to tear everything of (wtf is he saying).

Chapter ends with Jung’s scribble to Seol, telling her “Of course (my family is) worried.”

WHY DID HE NOT TELL HER MORE ABOUT HIS DAD *angry flips* *strangles Jung* asjkkasjdasda





  1. elaienar (@elaienar) says:

    “Jung just listens to his father’s nagging, thinking ‘just slightly go over the limit’…then repeating ‘affection…saving face…affection…saving face, saving face, saving face…’ inside his mind.”

    I remember I liked this scene a lot when I first read it/the summary for it … it’s sad, but it shows a lot about the way Jung thinks and interacts with people (very analytically) and it shows a lot about his relationship with his father, so it was really interesting.

    Thanks for all the summaries! I’m getting to catch up on Cheese in the Trap after a long time thanks to you. ^^

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