CITT S4 ch 34

S4 Ch.34 Others’ Paths

Chapter begins with Inho looking at his hand (In drama this kinda scene took up the whole 5 mins *stilltraumatized*). He remembers abt Jung hurts his own hand to protect Seol earlier that day. He then looks at his own hand angrily(? Idk he looks mad imo). Then Inha arrives and asks what he’s doing…seems like he’s reading Inha’s book? Because Inha snatches it right away. He rambles about smthg (I don’t really get it tbvh…but he said smthg is that book the only book abt drawing in the world…the only one she bought? haha). Inha laughs and said tht everything he said today is laughable. Then he asks her what’s she been up to today. Inha asks, “why do you care?” (me: grr be civil, girl…he’s just trying to be a good bro). Inho suddenly asks whether she likes living like this. Inha sighs and said “this bastard starts preaching again” (me: at least he’s working hard, not leeching someone off like you -_-). She goes on how the current life is unprofitable. Then I think (I just get the gist and ASSUME it here, so I might be wrong), Inho talks about what he said to Inha before (that crushed her dream, remember?) and if her passion in art is genuine (not just because someone else instigated her~aka Jung~) , he wouldn’t say anything about it (me: finally he realizes what damage he caused due to his word to her? T^T despite doing so out of concern, the impact to Inha’s dream was rather damaging imo). He says, “you can do whatever you want to do”. Inha said if she does so, money is the problem (me: I totally get her lol). He says she could pursue fine arts since she seems to hv good sense in it and she should decide abt it herself (me: ha! Finally). Inha was mad though, she says Inho always lives however he wants (w/o caring about her), why now he acts cool? Surprisingly, Inho says she’s right and apologizes. Inha was shocked (#metoo) then she starts yelling and said it’s all his fault she’s become like this (uhm no, it’s partly your fault too cuz you’re lazy) and if he runs away tomorrow, she’ll burn his music scores…she threatens that he won’t be able to participate in concour and that she’d do smthg to his hand too. But Inho just stands up and walks away while saying he was just bluffing cuz nothing’s remained (??). Inha asks where is he going (aww she seems to be afraid he’s going to leave her again). Inho just says Inha should go sleep first. Scene shifts to Seol wanna text Jung abt his hand, then she remembers he might not be able to type. She decides to call him instead but didn’t do so as it was too late (at night) already. Bora, Euntaek, Jaewoo, and KyungHwan all text her to ask whether she and Jung are alright (aww they’re so sweet). That night Seol thinks that Jung went to that extent for her. She thinks that how unimaginable it is last year haha. She has flashback to Jung at the infirmary when he said that she had no one else beside him (who’ll believe her at all cost); their convo when Seol asked why Jung confessed to her and Jung answered it’s bcause he likes her; Jung’s anger after finding out Seol was close to Inho; their convo before the first kiss happened; their convo at his apartment when he said he was so afraid of her and afraid she’d provoke him, how he hated that, and he then thanked her for saying she liked him. Back to the present, Seol thinks that now she definitely understands what he expects from her. The next day, SC avoids her. She thinks that the person that should have apologised or asked whether they’re alright didn’t do it. She wonders if she has to approach hin after class or let him be, but if she let him be…can she endure it. She thinks back how ppl seem to get hurt when she fought with someone. Inho got hurt when Seol fought with a jerk from English course. Jung got hurt in her recent fight with Sangchul. She wonders whether it’s because of her (or her fault?). Meanwhile, Euntaek looks nervous. He wants to tell Bora abt something. Bora said he’s being weird that day…”did he regret confessing?” lol (they are a couple now btw). Euntaek brought her to the bench where he confessed and said he will enlist (at military service) #OMG. Meanwhile Seol went to the Music Department’s building, looking for Inho. Inho appears behind her and asks whether she wants to apologize or thank him. She says both. He says she doesn’t need to. He also tells her to forget his harsh words last time (me: when?? All the time?? About whom/what?? Lol). He asked her not to mind him and forget everything, as if it didn’t happen. (I’m actually confuse what’s this person referring to…about whom…about what…which things he said or done or both??)




  1. lucifer says:

    FRankly I don’t understand Inho and seol’s friendship. If Inho has feelings for Seol, how can she ignore and maintain a normal friendship. Moreover Inho speaks so bad of her boyfriend. Just my POV

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