S4 Ch.33 BTS (3)

Chapter begins with contemplating Yoo Jung. The books are left unorganized. He then recalled Seol and Euntaek’s convo about Seol’s part time job at the drinking night (previous chapter). He also remembered he saw a piece of paper about that part time job from Seol’s pocket (when she laid down at infirmary bed and he called her ‘Seol-a’ for the first time). He kinda have an epiphany and jumped awake to visit her. Meanwhile, Seol was busily working. Jung was watching over her from outside (he brought his bag so I’m guessing he’d go straight to the airport after seeing her). He just passed by after seeing her (why r u so cute lol). One of Seol’s colleagues ran inside to notify Seol and other peeps that she just saw an extremely handsome guy outside (assuming it’s Jung). It piqued others’ interests (including Seol) but she said that person just left. Then they were chit-chatting about one of their male colleagues who’s dating. Seol said that girl is lucky cuz she heard that man treats her well. That colleague who saw Jung instantly asked her “is that kinda man your ideal type? What abt a blind date?”. Seol was like, “why suddenly ㅡ.ㅡ”

That colleague insisted and asked her about her ideal type/preference. Seol said he has to be very nice, very affectionate very reliable, and daebak handsome. HAHAHAHA. The colleague was like “R u joking?!” Then Seol continued that she wanted someone who really looks like a foreign actor with certain type of eyes-eyebrow lolol. The collague admitted defeat and said she wouldn’t be setting her up to blind date Hahaha. Seol said she’s thankful for the offer but right now she’s not thinking about dating at all. Then she suddenly recalled Euntaek who cried (iirc it’s after he beat up Younggon near Seol’s house and cried cuz he didn’t wanna disappoint Bora). Seol thought that whether she’d ever meet someone like tht (someone who likes her so much like Euntaek likes Bora I think). Then Jung’s image suddenly appeared on her mind LOL. His back view, him suddenly appear between Bora and Euntaek (2 ch ago?) -She was shocked and was like “WTH AM I CRAZY WHY SUDDENLY I THINK OF THAT PERSON?? I WAS HARRASSED SO MUCH WHY HE AUTOMATICALLY APPEARS (on her mind)” she thought she would not choose him EVER.#KarmaisABitchThough HAHA. anyway, Jung was actually still around the corner and heard their convo. He took one last look, sighed, and walked away. Seol looked back (idk if she saw him or not). The narration said (more or less idk haha) for that person everything will be devoured/destroyed. Then the scene shifts to JungSeol at the infirmary when Jung asked her abt no one would believe her like he does (chapter before all these flashbacks). The narration is being repeated…ended with “…or so I thought” (Jung smiles, Seol looks O.O but then like…uhm..how to describe..thoughtful? Haha)


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