S4 Ch.32 BTS (2)

Still flashback. Continuation from last chapter when Seol announced she’s taking a break. Euntaek and Bora fussed over who took over Seol’s locker and books instead, to Seol’s annoyance lol. After that they asked whether it’s because of tuition or full scholarship or school buffet’s food =]] Seol just said she felt tired. The sunbaes (including Jung) heard that fuss abt Seol’s taking leave. Bora asked Seol what she’ll be doing during the break. Seol said smthg abt working in marketing in an company before excusing herself cuz she wanna throw up. Meanwhile, Jung saw all that and wondered by himself “why only I keep seeing…(Seol? XD)”. Inside the toilet, Seol replayed EunTaek’s question on why she’s taking a leave again. She recalled how Jung put his hand on her shoulder and asked her to be careful (season 1). She thought she worked hard attending school…what’s she done so wrong so things went haywired like this…was it because she mocked Jung (season 1 when she laughed at her own imagination abt Jung during study group w/ Jaewoo). She thought whether it’s because scholarship or whatever, she just wanted to run away (from Jung). In drunken state, she mumbled “a good choice my butt..” :)) She then bumped into someone (Jung) accidentally. She didn’t see who was it but she apologized and Jung helped her to stand straight. She said she was ok, refusing the help. She kept mumbling that she could walk by herself, that she’s so good at doing everything herself (or good at being alone in general). Jung then asked “You’re really taking a leave?” Seol didn’t seem to hear. She kept walking and mumbling by herself. Jung stood there and asked himself “ah..really?”. The drinking session finished and ppl wanted to go for round 2. But Seol went home (she seemed to be starring at someone/something before decided to leave? Jung? Cuz the next panels showed Jung seemed to be looking somewhere while talking to his friends). Anyway, Seol just left and thought “Ends. Everything has ended. Really end.” The next day(?), it was shown that Jung waited for TA Heo and greeted him.

Then scenes shifted to Jung talking in the phone with someone. Saying something abt he’s organizing books before getting on plane (seems like he’s going somewhere..there’s air tix near him). He also mentioned he was so busy in senior year. The person he’s talking to, said that he should hv some fun too during the break. He then contemplated to send a text to Bora and Euntaek (I guess…cuz there are names in his contact but the recognizable ones are their names). I don’t understand his first msg though lol…but he erased what he initially wrote. He rewrote with more casual language…asking how’s their holidays…then went straight asking “I hv a question to ask cuz I’m curious…(I wonder) if Seol-i (((*COUGH* SEOL-I not HONG SEOL)))… school…” I guess he wanna ask about either she’ll keep going to school or keep going with her plan to take a leave? Anyway Jung seemed to be frustrated and mulling over about the text hahaha. The chapter ends with him thinking about something…. The readers’ comments about this chapter mostly saying about how cute Jung is, wondering what to send in the text haha. They also go on about “ahhh he must hv really like Seol”…”He keeps seeing only Seol (refer to that scene when Seol ran out to throw up)…” =]]]]





  1. Utech says:

    Seoul is very complicated person. It feel sorry..she got a good boy friend who loved her genuine..what she should do just keep fighting ,open and trust each other…jung is a perfect person..so many people will be jealous and try to disturbed them…keep fight seoul!unless u don,t love jung

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