S4 Ch.31 “Behind the Scene (1)”
It has come full circle. At the end of this chapter, we’re back to the first chapters of S1 when Seol announced she’s taking a leave.

Chapter begins with Seol studying with her two BFFs… like she’s at war (says Bora) lol… It’s the final exam time. She’s narrating how time seems to fly. She’s recovered from her sicknesses (last chapter) and now Spring is approaching. Still studying, she’s considering to tell Bora and Euntaek all about her ominous feelings about Jung. She is even about to tell them… But she’s thinking they might not believe everything that’s happened between her and Jung (cuz he’s “that cool sunbae” lol)..she’d like them to believe so they can talk about it together. Yet at the end, she decided against telling them, she just tells them “let’s just study”.
Then suddenly Jung appears out of nowhere and sits between Bora and Euntaek. Seol was so shocked lmao (seems like she fell asleep a bit). At the end they study together. After that Bora and Euntaek are gushing about Jung..how his explanation is so easy to understand to Seol’s annoyance “more than me?” HAHAHAHA. The duo then tries to appease her, saying she’s still the best,etc. She then tries to tell them abt Jung, “Guys…truthfully…during this time…with that Sunbae…” but stops herself “…no need” then rant that it’s not useful to “raise” them since they’re all gushing abt Jung and like him a lot ..the duo then tries to appease her by treating her food =))) after tht, she thinks no one will believe her “strange stories” and she’s taking a leave anyway.

She studies more and forgets to eat…but thinking that she has no money until next month anyway #relatable Then Euntaek comes and says he got a piece of bread for Seol, from Jung (*coughs). Ofc Seol refuses and asks Euntaek to eat it himself. She thinks back how Jung gave her money (few chapters ago)…I think it hurts her pride somehow. She decides not to tell anyone about Jung, at the end. Final exam done. Seol really thinks she’ll take one semester off as she doesn’t seem to get the scholarship. She thinks she wanna go back to her quiet day (after many things happened and she suffered a lot). She broods that the sky seems happy and muttered “it’s futile”. Then the drinking party starts (I think it’s mostly covered in season 1…so won’t go through details). They talk abt their classmates who took a leave (Younggon, Juyeon). Ofc talks abt Jung too…and Seol got annoyed “Yoo jung…yoo jung…yoo jung…” hahaha. She thinks if there were no Yoojung, she wouldn’t hv gone thru all those…she felt so wronged haha. She sees Jung laughs with other friends (they sat at different tables) and rants inside her head “Happy??!! Right. ofc u happy. If I go, you’ll be happy. Right. Eat well, live well, bastard” =]]]

She also says to herself that today she’ll also eaatt welll (and drinkss well). Then the chapter ends with her telling Bora and Euntaek she’ll take a leave. Jung is still there (chapter ends with his smiling picture)…… I think after that infirmary scene last chapter, Jung has already started being nice to her。



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