S4 Ch.30 “Assurance”

Yoo Jung asked for permission to go out from the class because he had some ’emergency’. The professor halfheartedly said if emergency, then go..though there will be some consequences for Jung to leave his class. Jung said thanks then go out and run to school infirmary to see Seol.

I think he looked a bit scary while looking at her first XD He kept staring at her for so loooonnnnggg. Then looked at her rather cynically (idk, it doesn’t look friendly to me?) “Hong Seol, you fell down, got cut by a knife (probably refer to homeless women incident)”

“..a mess/ruined…”
“..it’s weird”
(idk what’s he implying here though)

Then Seol stirred and grabbed the pillow with her hand. He looked surprised, starring at her hand and unconsciously reaching it with his, he stopped for a while before holding it, then proceeded with a finger, trying to touch her hand (OH GOD /SPAZZ/). Seol suddenly opened her eyes and starred right at him. He put his hand on her eyes, told her to sleep again. Seol held the hand on her eyes and said “You haven’t left yet? How kind.. Go, quickly. Thanks” (I don’t think she’s realized it’s Jung..she’s had a fever before..so she’s not in the right mind LOL. PLUS she spoke in Banmal. She never does so to Jung. Probably thought it’s Euntaek again HAHHA).

Jung stared at her, wide-eyed. Stood still until she finally released her hand from his. Jung removed his too, he still looked shocked. He then saw a piece a paper almost fell out of her pocket. It’s a phone number for the part time job. He looked at it, folded it, then put it back in her pocket. He also fixed her blanket. He still stood there, thinking “Though it’s weird..” (please note everything in this chapter is thought by JUNG, so even I don’t put “_” it’s Jung’s). [At first I feel frustrated, but now I understand. Somehow my feeling is changing a little bit? Though it is even weirder. When I see you (looking at Seol)…there are many inexplicable things inside my heart. But if the cause of those feelings is you…does not that mean that the feeling can be contained by you only? From then on, I have decided (flashback to that time he noticed Seol standing w/ her friends)…though there are no proof, but I want to make sure again…everything that has happened all these while]. He mutters, “But why…until now I have never once regret things I’ve done. Even until now…” (looking at sick Seol)…”

The scenes shift a bit to scenery outside.. Then back to Jung who looked a bit shock (like he comes to realize something)..while looking at Seol “how come..slowly…I can’t run away” “Hong Seol… falls down…(become) weak” He thought of her crying (Seol-like cry xD) after she’d talked to her mom by phone (which he overheard), her laying down after taking care of him (she was sick too), then her crouching down (previous chapter). Then his expression is like O_O (fully realizes? lol), “Seol-a”, looking at her with a very cute smile now, crouching and leaning towards her a little, “Seol-a.” *smiles* “Do you want to do your homework with me?”, “Do you want to eat with me?” (BOY IS CRAZY HE TALKS TO A SLEEPING GIRL WHILE SMILING HAPPILY GDI LOL). He stood up straight again..looking happy and relieved(?), still smiling, calling her name again “Seol-a” *ends and I die a little lol*

=Thanks to Sharkey the Panty who helped me translating this chapter=



  1. jojo says:

    OMG a million thanks for all your summaries for season 4 ,I am already reading them
    Keep Going, Fighting~~ <3<3<3

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