S4 Ch.29 “Assurance”

#만화 #유정 #홍설
Started at where we left off. Seol continued her monologue to “Euntaek”…saying that her body doesn’t feel good and wanna buy meds (herb tonic), just one is ok. Saying that she couldn’t concentrate in class. Jung was so still (cuz too shocked lol) but he seemed to take in Seol’s presence (her stance, her head, the way she talked, her hand on his coat.. That man is a goner LMAO). Finally Seol looked up and got so flustered. Jung handed her money (₩40,000. She only asked for ₩20,000). She blushed hard. Jung went O.O. Then she apologized using a very formal language “I’m sorry. I saw wrongly. I’m not in the right mind now.” saying how he looked like Euntaek from a far. Kept saying sorry and ran away from him while saying “goodbye!!” Jung tried to reach her shoulder to give her money but she swatted his hand away, then ran away screaming “sorry to bother you”. She went somewhere close by, ran out breath. She wanna vomit but cuz she ate nothing, she couldn’t. Then she thought back to Jung. She remembered how much money he gave her, “Wow. Lots of money. How nice *sarcastically*” She thought back to the time where she gave him money when they went out together for group meeting (covered in season 2). “I’m so laughable,” she thinks. She’s having a flashback on how Jung treated her “That person, to me… He made me feel ashamed (when he stepped on the paper), embarrassed (he ignored her greeting, she fell off a chair in front of him), perplexed (he rejected her idea about festival publicly), humiliated (he gave her money)… He shred my pride to pieces down to the last piece.” Then she thought about whether she should take one semester off. Listing the reasons: her family condition isn’t good, no guarantee she can get full scholarship as long as Jung exists. She thought that Jung had tortured her for a year and he had one more year before he graduated. If she kept going to school would she get harassed for another year..she thought she couldn’t take it anymore. She thought of the time where she avoided him religiously, when she felt forced to smile at him, when she felt disgusted debating whether she should greet him or not. 

She thought that even though she didn’t take a semester off, she still needed to work part time. She then thought why Jung was even better at studying than her, “does he need to be like that (as in too perfect? Ha!)?!” lol. She thought even if they put the same amount of efforts, there are some ppl better than her in the world. She thought back to Jung’s “You have to be careful” back then, then decided “no. I don’t want to” she didnt wanna endure everything anymore…whether it’s Yoo Jung to blame, or her own weakness to blame. She thought she definitely needed to get herself together (while crouching down). Jung approached and saw her at that state. He just stood there, unable to get closer…… Then Euntaek came running to Seol, asking her whats her doing there, was she ok.. He asked her to go together and brought her back..joking why it was so heavy, did she bring a bomb inside lol. Seol laughed and joked with him. Jung saw all that.

The next class (still the same clothes, so I think the day hasn’t passed), Seol saw Jung approaching and she avoided him. Saw bora and euntaek then ran to them. Jung just saw them…and awww he actually bought her a bottle of meds but couldn’t bring himself to give it to her. He thought back to the times when Seol tried to greet him (and he purposely ignored her). Then Euntaek and Bora ran passd him. Euntaek piggyback fainted Seol. Jung stared at sick Seol’s face (it was sweaty I think…but does he think she cries? @.@). Then just stood there with O.O face. He went to class, still thinking about her. Thinking of her sick face just now, their first encounter when Seol gulped down that disgusting food, when Seol laughed at him (at the study group with Jaewoo. Season 1), when she stared at him with ㅡ.ㅡ expression, when she got cornered into doing more jobs at group presentation (the one she did with him, iirc), when she gave him money, when he overheard her talking to her mom by phone (that later led him to give up his scholarship), her expression when he turned down her festival idea publicly, when he took care of her during festival, when he asked for money just now. He thought of her smiling and joking with Euntaek, but she blushed hard when he gave her money. Professor is talking. He overheard Bora talked abt Seol (abt whether she should be taken to hospital or not, I think..not sure lol). Then suddenly he raised his hand and told the professor that suddenly has some emergency…and asked for permission to leave the class for a while. -Chapter ends-





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