S4 Ch.28
The story is the continuation of Seol’s flashback last chapter. She couldn’t return the umbrella after accidentally listening to Jung’s phone convo. She then attended the same class (with Jung, too). She felt so much pain in her stomach (she was sick during the bar/school festival in s3..then last chapter), but she hesitates to go to the doctor cuz she doesn’t have money… She can’t ask her family to help either (they’re in financial troubles). Then after class her department kinda collecting the students from year 1,2,3,4 to talk more about the festival preparation… Jung just stood there and the conversation between the classmates became blur in his ears.. Then he suddenly hears Seol’s voice vividly among others. Seol is talking to Bora about the umbrella “it’s not mine…It’s Jung sunbae’s” Bora asks why she didn’t just return it then go home (since she’s sick). She was like “ikr…I also dunno why [I couldn’t just return it]. Person (she uses the word 사람-can refer to Jung/herself) really weird”. It catches his ears (WEIRD is his forbidden word, remember?). But I think Seol is referring to herself more.. Cuz afterwards she continued “I’m so weird, right? I’m the weirdest [cuz can’t just return the umbrella]…maybe there’s stg wrong in my brain (lol)”. Jung then noticed the umbrella in her hand and remembered the day when he left it for her. And actually earlier that day, he noticed her kinda following him. He smiled but I think he wonders why she did that hahaha.

Then, somehow it brought his back to his high school days with Inho and Inha.. He was smiling by himself then, they approached and Inho asked “why are you smiling by yourself, this weird bastard (please note Inho use the word 새끼..it’s rather common to call someone close to you with that)”. But he seemed to register the “weird” part more.. Goes back to class festival preparation. That girl who likes Jung (Hanbyul?) was like “Jung sunbae still sick? You don’t look well” then everyone is like “ah right..you were sick…r u ok? You worked hard..shouldn’t worked alone at that time” etc…fussed over him.

at that moment, Seol returns the umbrella by putting on the table then she left without words. Jung was like “But seol……[worked hard too]” but neither Seol or the classmates hears him. Seol walks away and thinks back to bar prep when he said “You’re doing all this…but nobody will notice anyway”…then thinks back about what just happened at the class, ppl fuss over him. She thinks “Many ppl notice you..how nice” #sarcastically She thinks that day she worked so hard, stressed out by herself, even got rained on…but at the end she couldn’t even continue doing the prep (cuz she’s currently sick). She thinks back to the bar scene where she looked after Jung and thought “This person is also…like me” she thinks back while walking “Similar my butt. I must be crazy…why had such thought. So laughable, myself is… really, I’m the weirdest one.” HAHAHA. Then her mom texts her to buy something on the way home.

At the next day, she still feels so much pain. Checked her wallet, but no money. She thinks that she actually still has some money in her cards…but what if there’s an emergency… Then she sees someone at the vending machine, thinking it is EUNTAEK. She thinks that let alone to Bora, she never really talks about money problems to Euntaek. Then she giggles by herself. She decides to borrow some from Euntaek “just once..just this once…” actually the person at the vending machine is JUNG, not Euntaek hahaha. He is reminiscing how Seol always refuses when their classmates asked her to join “Jung’s treat!!” Jung thinks he has never even had proper conversation with her… Then why he keeps [thinking about her]..wondering “what the hell am I doing” At that moment, Seol pulls his sleeve (still thinking he’s Euntaek. She doesnt look at his face so she still doesn’t realize). She hesitates “…today I forget to bring my card…” asks him whether he can lend her 10,000 won. Then she said “ah nope.. 20,000.. Can you lend me?” Jung is shocked. Hahaha


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