[SUMMARY] Cheese in the Trap Season 4 Ch. 22-23

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These two chapters are Jung and Baek siblings’ chapters.



Season 4 Ch.22 Inho’s flashback. #치즈인더트랩 #유정
#백인호 #만화 #cheeseinthetrap
After SangChul’s thingy, he stood there, fuming. Remembering that Jung threw him a ‘warning’ look…his “WHY DO YOU CARE??!!” during their fight (where he said Jung brought more damage to Seol than him, iirc). He thinks (flashback to his interaction with Seol, Seol holds Jung’s injured hand, his own hand accident) “My feeling”

Flashback to high school. He called Jung, asking him to talk to him after class. Jung said he has smthg to do. Inho got irritated, knowing something off. He kept asking Jung to talk if he got some dissatisfaction with him, calling him petty (or narrow minded). Jung feigns innocence (MEH lol), “talk about what?” Inho got more pissed, “IF I KNOW WHY WOULD I ASK!! U R SO FRUSTRATING!! JUST TALK!!” He mentioned that Jung keeps avoiding him lately. Jung avoided answering and said he has to do smthg and left. Inho was pissed, “Do whatever you like!! Petty bastard!!” lol. Scene shifts to Jung’s house. Inho was talking to Jung’s father about concour..asking him to come. He noticed Jung passed by but ignored Inho. Jung’s father didn’t notice Jung and told Inho that “ofc I’ll definitely come” cuz he’s practically family. Asked Inho to think of him like a father. Inho thought back to his abusive aunt. Then he noticed Jung went up the stairs and then Inho left the house, humming. Jung suddenly called him. Inho was so shocked (thatguyislikeghostsometimes lol). Jung asked him “You…do you really think of me as your friend?”. Inho, “Whut? Whaat..you…you laughable bastard. Right, [think of you as] friend!! Now hv you already thought wht u wanna say?” Inho stepped back to approach him. Jung said, “If so, stop right there.” Inho halted his steps, “what?” (The webtoon was drawn beautifully, you can see there’s a line between them. Jung-light side. Inho-dark side). Jung continued, “You stop right there. Take care of your line [aka don’t cross your line]”. Inho laughed it off and told Jung to just go sleep. Mumbling “that weird bastard.” #OHNOYOUDIDNT
then he called out to Jung, “Let’s talk tomorrow!” Jung seemed only to register the WEIRD part and flinched. He looked furious and hurt(?). -End-


S4. Ch.23.

-I edit the entry cuz the line webtoon Indonesian version has reached this chapter-
There are flashbacks inside a flashback. All from Inho’s pov.

His concour. Still wondering and worrying abt Jung’s behavior. Jung’s father came to his concour and some ppl noticed him as the chairman of z group and wondered why he came. Inha saw someone outside (the piano kid that hated Inho). Inha snarls that he looks pathetic and should’ve stopped playing if he had no talent. Someone then came to interview Inho.

Then there’s a continuation of the scene (as in the next day?). Jung was mad…saying something about deception (as in Inho being deceptive). Schoolmates whispering around Inho. They all said that they thought Inho also came from rich family, but turns out he’s also sponsored by Jung’s father. All mock and look down on him.

 Inha came to Inho angrily,  saying it’s like going back to their past when ppl look down and abuse them (verbally) .

More flashback to their teenage days with abusive aunt. Inho looked bruised and battered after being beaten/fight with his peers. Inho’s aunt apologized but she also scolded Inho for looking for troubles. “You must pay me back later. If it weren’t for piano, you’d live in the street.” Inho muttered an apology and asked aunt not to beat Inha. Then he came home and heard Inha was being beaten. Aunt called her parasite, talentless person. Inho ran away. Alone, he thought sadly..he didn’t remember his mom and dad’s faces. Even grandpa’s face is fading away from his memory. Saying that aunt’s home isn’t really a home…but still he should go back, to Inha.

Flashback to high school again. Talked to Inha abt “only think that they’re family (Yoo’s family).” Flashback to younger days again. Inha called him trash. Both are bruised and battered (idk when it’s happening..I guess after he ran away?). Inha said Inho left her alone and ran away “you’re that trash-like bastard”. Inho apologized, calling her “noona”. Inha was angry, saying she’s not his noona..”you’re not my brother. don’t call me noona!!!”

Back to high school flashback…Inha seemed to recall that she overheard Jung is talking to that kid she saw outside concour venue? That kid asked Jung whether it’s true Inho is sponsored (supported) by Jung’s family…Jung said if he’s curious, he can try to find out about it (his upper-half face can’t be seen-from Inha’s pov, it might look as if he’s suspicious or hving malicious intention? Idk the impression I get from the drawing). Inho looked surprised at Inha’s story. -end-


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