[Review] Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2

So, I just watched the sequel of Ada Apa dengan Cinta. The prequel was so huge and memorable for me.

Tbvh, I didn’t have prior expectations as I think sequels can never exceed the original.

And true to that.

It didn’t.

I’ll try to avoid giving spoilers…but here are things that could’ve been “more”
1. Many characters are kinda just “there” for the sake of it. Even Cinta’s relationship with her fiancee isn’t explored and explained. Rangga’s family too…they seem to just appear out of the blue and don’t add depth to the plot/story (God “I’m your stepsister” got me “wtf” lol).

2. Too many cliches (scenes and lines)…and God damn it…when did Rangga’s lines become so cheezuh? =]]]

3. The background music… Some are too loud. Some don’t fit the scenes.

4. Some of the scenes are kinda just “there”…add nothing to the plot/story development or whatever… Just like for the sake of “we filmed here” (tho some of the street signs shown are quite funny =]]]]). I also notice some Jakarta street scenes are being re-used repetitively.

5. I’m no production expert but I find the camera work is rather making me uncomfortable to watch….

As a movie, frankly, it’s not good and doesn’t live up to the original. But I still enjoy it for nostalgia sake (Nicholas Saputra still got me and my friends giddy hhahahha)…and the chemistry between the main casts are still so good (Milly is uber cute… XD).


2 thoughts on “[Review] Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2

  1. catherinesenja says:

    I watched it today, since my friend paid for me. Lol. *i wouldn’t want to watch it if not*

    Well. I totally agree with you. This was so cliché. The ending was totally predictable.
    And guh.. those awkward dialogues. Even after 14 years, her acting is not getting better.
    Milly’s part is waaay more interesting than hers.
    Hi. I’m Cath. 🙂

    • crabbielife says:

      Hi… Ending is predictable just like another typical love story…which is fine with me. I’d throw stones at the production team if Rangga and Cinta are separated again LOL. Awkward dialogues are so cringe-worthy indeed.. Dian is okay though for me…there are much worse actresses (in the movie or not in the movie)..

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