When I feel the proudest of Shinhwa #ShinMoments #Shinhwa18th

ShinDependence Day


It is the ultimate prideful moment as an SHCJ.


12 years, since Shinhwa left SM. They obtained the permission to use their name and sing their songs, but not the actual trademark.

10 years, since Shinhwa’s trademark was actually registered officially by SM and sold to Open World Entertainment.

12 years, Shinhwa was never able to use their name freely.

Shinhwa has never really said anything about what restrictions or obstacles they had to face without their actual copyright. As fans, we only knew it was hard for them to gain permission from Open World to establish Shinhwa Company. We only knew they needed to pay for using it somehow (some said they also needed to pay for singing their old songs from SM). We only knew they needed to share the profits for their activities with the copyright holder. We only knew they had a legal problem in 2013 when they sued Open World on the right of use of their name.

Then in 2013-2015, they couldn’t even put SHINHWA’s name on their merchandises and albums/DVDs. They even had to change their company name to SHINCOM Ent for a while. But finally, on May 29th, we got news that they own SHINHWA legally and rightfully TTT___TTT They don’t have to pay anyone to be SHINHWA… T_T

It was pure pride and joy, that day. We knew how hard it was for them in the legal battle (though not the extent) and guessed how much they must have spent to finally obtain the name. I actually thought they didn’t have to go to that extent…since they’d been able to use SHINHWA for years even after leaving SM. It’s been 15 years for them, anyway… My pessimistic self even thinking, ‘how much longer they could go on anyway’ (not that I don’t believe they can…I know very well they can. It’s complicated to explain here lol). But it’s never been enough for Shinhwa.

One more time, Shinhwa left me in awe of how much they actually treasure SHINHWA. How much it must have meant for them to put that much effort. How precious it must have been for them. Really, Shinhwa loves SHINHWA more than SHCJ will ever do.

Establishment of SHINHWA COMPANY

I don’t have to repeat what I said in my previous post (ShinHappiestMoments).

Shincom and ShinDependence are the road no idols have ever taken before.

It got me thinking, many idol groups are actually more successful than Shinhwa in terms of album sales (if they want to make a statistically true fact) or popularity. To the point those people say “Shinhwa only has their longevity to offer”..like wtf man, it’s pissing me off so much lol. But it also saddens me that their hard work is so under-appreciated.

Any groups they can sell millions of album, top digital charts #1 (regardless company backup or whatever) and make multiple comebacks in a year, but people overlook that Shinhwa is the only one consistent making a new music every fucking year (the only time they really didn’t release anything was 2009 and 2010 and 2014-when Andy was on hiatus). Full album every fucking year. FULL ALBUM. Not minis or singles. FULL ALBUM. And they have never disbanded (no, reuniting after a very long indefinite hiatus then acting like you have never left does not count). Moreover, since The Return, they needed to take care/oversee of everything by themselves. From picking concept, picking songs, producing, promoting, and running the frigging company. They have been balancing solo and good activities very well, on top of that. They are still promoting on TV, competing with much younger juniors, and holding multiple concerts overseas. They only offer longevity, you say? Eat my foot. It’s okay if you don’t like them, but disregarding their efforts is a big no. From this perspective, they are a highly successful idol groups, too (it is not only about statistical sales).

Anyway, back to the road not taken. Shinhwa also has been working with the members under different agencies since 2007… I’m thankful that individual agencies are willing to cooperate (surely the members wouldn’t even sign with anyone who don’t? =p). It’s not easy, though. It takes a lot of efforts and willingness. Any successful idol groups may make so much money, “why can’t they open company like SH/leave together like SH?” perhaps because they don’t want? Perhaps they don’t think it’s even worth the efforts (idol groups’ lifespan is not that long, especially Korean). It’s never just about money, really. For this alone, for the efforts Shinhwa has spent only to stay together, I’m so proud of them.

Appreciation to fans


It’s not a moment, I know.

But it always gets me every time they did this.

The notable moments where they did this were: the first fanmeeting after they left SM, when they got Daesang, when they won so many on This Love, and the pic above was taken at their concert after they won 9th trophy in Inkigayo.

They didn’t have to, really. We did what we could as any fans would, to repay them for their efforts (though, yes, we always jokingly grumbled while voting and streaming for losing sleep LOL). A thank you and a 90 degree bows are enough, for we know they are genuinely happy to win (competitive boys as they are lol). But they did deep bow… I remember got choked up at the concert last year when they did this…I was like “You don’t have to TT____TT”

Moments like this, I feel so proud of them, because Shinhwa has never lost their rookie mindset and humble attitude despite being one of the most senior singers/groups in the industry.

Overall, thank you, Shinhwa-ya…for everything.


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