With Shinhwa, Secondhand Embarrassment is Real (/_\) #ShinMoments #Shinhwa18th


Picking secondhand embarrassment moments is even harder than picking happiest moments……. There are too many moments I felt like “Why am I stanning these people…why (/________\)” The moments I pick here are the one broadcast/seen by people.. They hv lots of WAYLT moments off screen (FAs/Vapps, for example)…but the secondhand embarrassment for things that are on screen are multiplied HAHAHAHA.

After thinking hard…….it’s probably rank first:

Farting Moments

Shinhwa has been known as the pioneer of variety-dol. There was countless of embarrassing, shocking, and WTF moments in their numerous variety shows… But the one that made me completely dumbfounded was them farting shamelessly on TV (/_\). I don’t know what else I should say about this LOL #nuffsaid

Weekly Idol 

The random dance play part #enoughsaid HAHAHAHA

Shinhwa The Return Press Conferences

They said many things that got me facepalmed (/_\). Like…”They are back after a long time..but they’re still the same Shinhwa that said embarrassing thing without shame” LOLOL

The press conference was broadcast LIVE in multiple countries (/_\)

Some transcripts:

From all the members, who’s vocal skills improved the most?
Jun Jin
: It is Jun Jin.

Eric: Jun Jin, would you like to sing for us?

It has been 14 years since you made your debut and time has passed. What do you think is your secret to still being able to work together even after all members signing with different agencies?
Kim Dongwan
: The decisive factor is Jun Jin. Jun Jin, how about singing a song for us?


What if you were given a chance to switch members?
Eric: I was thinking about Dongwan!
Jun Jin: I think Dongwan can be the manager.
Dongwan: And I will be paid the same…
Hyesung: Our press conference is being broadcasted globally. (faces cameras) We are joking.


The current music scene is a lot different from four years ago when Shinhwa was active. Does the group have some kind of secret weapon to dominate music scene?

Dongwan: Ah, our secret weapon is Minwoo.
(All members become quiet)
Jun Jin: I apologize!


Full transcripts and you can find on youtube for the whole conference…the transcript didn’t really cover all.


It didn’t happen during the press conference in Seoul..but it happened in Singapore prior to their concert.

You can hear Eric said “PLUG OUT OF HIS MIC” when Dongwan was being uncontrollably lame and Minwoo did it for real LOLOLOL.


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