The Saddest/Most Disappointing #ShinMoments for #Shinhwa18th

…actually, rather than saddest/most disappointing, it might be more apt to call it as “Shinhwa members’ decisions/deeds I didn’t agree with.” I could understand/accept these decisions/deeds back then, I still do, now… But my little fangirl heart still felt a little pang of sadness/disappointment/disagreement… Although, now and then, it never has never made me feel like “I hate them/I should unstan them *seriously*” After all, for me, being a fan doesn’t mean we should always agree with whatever they say/do…but I don’t think disagreeing with them justifies any hatred or curses directed toward any of Shinhwa members. Though some might think differently.

Before I start, I want to disclaim I don’t mean to re-ignite old debates/arguments over these issues, nor I want to attack or crucify the members’ decisions I didn’t agree with. I know and understand if some people may take whatever I say/write differently (or completely 180 degree of what I really meant), though. You may stop reading here if you don’t think you agree with me (I don’t ask you to and after all, I only do this post for personal commemoration of me being a shcj and Shinhwa’s 18th Anniversary)…or if you think you can’t accept whatever I might write here…or if you start reading with pre-determined judgment that you’ll not like whatever I’ll write.

It’s not written in order, by the way. The top doesn’t mean the thing I disagree the most.

You have been warned >:)

Andy’s gambling

When I read that there was an investigation on gambling among celebrity, I was dreading and praying that any of the members weren’t involved. Particularly after what happened with Hyesung. I wasn’t a fan when it happened. But I was a fan when he solemnly apologized prior to his Japan activity…how he looked and sounded at that time…and what the netizens said about him. I’d rather any of the members would never go through the same thing again.

But as you knew, Andy’s name was mentioned and he needed to pay fine. Regardless why or when he did it or how much did he bet or even why the hell they investigated something celebs did years ago, but Korean law still saw it as a crime. What entails…Andy had to withdraw from every activities (including Shinhwa Broadcast and Shinhwa’s concert) and went on reflection to stay out of public’s eyes for a while. Shinhwa couldn’t make any comeback during that time, as well (I didn’t mind and I agreed, really… since knowing Shinhwa, they wouldn’t release any album without complete members-that 4th album was exception, ok?).

What I didn’t agree with was why Andy even did it..the deed was done around the same time with Hyesung’s case (when it was blown up, not when HS did it). I kept thinking, “Oh, maknae, you should’ve known better T_T” Maybe there was peer pressure or whatever..but regardless the reason, I could never agree on why he even committed such deed…it is considered a crime in Korea T__T But then again, at that time, I was also worried how he coped with it…(he didn’t look good on several occasion he was spotted/seen ;;;)

Andrew Jackson

Why do they keep using him? LOL.

I trust RicMin on Shinhwa’s music production. That they’d never release anything less than perfect (in their pov) for Shinhwa’s music.

Venus, This Love, and Sniper were good. It did sound different though it has similar feels. It did well on music program (guys, I’m dreading for 13th jib…can we even get more than 10 trophies? LOL). Those kind of music are not really my usual taste, but whatever, because I still like listening to it sometimes and it suited Shinhwa.

But every time they mentioned Andrew Jackson’s name for title songs..I always go “WHY AGAIN??” Is he Shincom’s Yoo Youngjin or 2AM’s Hitman Bang now?? I kinda want them to use another composer..for I am dreading that they would have the same sound/feels over and over again… that they’d get into a ‘comfort zone’ because they did well with those songs.

I think they knew fans were worried about this… because they addressed it on one of the interview and assured us it wouldn’t sound the same. They are veterans anyway…so I think they’d choose wisely.

But I didn’t agree they kept using him and still hope they would not use Andrew Jackson’s work as the title song again in 13th jib.

Dongwan’s withdrawal from ShinBang Season 2

Season 2 is the one with kind-variety concept.

I didn’t mind with the withdrawal around Mr.Kim and The Classic comeback. Mr.Kim was a daily drama with live shooting method until it ended around mid-April. They had concert in March then album preparation+practices back to back. It might kill him if he didn’t withdraw. Even after the drama filming ended, it was perhaps not possible for him to join in the middle of a season/new format due to legalities/contract thingy (we never knew but let’s not re-ignite an old debate here LOL).

But I didn’t agree with his decision not to participate in Season 2, to be honest. I understood (I still understand) every consideration might come with it: clashing schedules, him liking the project, etc. I understood ShinBang was never meant to be a mere promotional tool for Shinhwa (aka it’s going on for the whole year regardless album release or not), nor it was a promotional activities he must (or obligated to) attend. I don’t know how to explain it…but maybe there could’ve something to be done with the schedules? ShinBang was only filmed once a week and musical practices/stages could be done for the rest of the day [unless they really couldn’t? Cause I remember musical practice time was at the same time with ShinBang filming]? I don’t know how to explain..I just felt at that time “ah what a pity…Shinbang is something we treasure a lot. It is something that we hope would be going on for a long time and it’s not complete when one of them was absent…” It just doesn’t feel the same. I really felt it was a pity. I kinda understand why he made such decision, I do (to some point, I tried to justify it, somehow… even though I could never fully agree on this). But I can’t help feeling a little pang of disappointment…’did it really have to be this way..’ kinda feeling? Though I never agreed with the hate he received because of this. Thus, I was really angry at whoever called him names over this decision/kept cursing on him.

At the end of the day, no matter if I agree/disagree with his decision (or any of Shinhwa’s decision), I thought “The members agreed. Why should I make fuss or even crucify him/them on this? LOL” Prior and after that, even if there are decisions I did not agree with, I always keep the mindset that Shinhwa members always talk to/discuss with each other before making any decisions influencing their group activities. They know the line between solo and group activities. So I’m like “fine, whatever” at the end XDD


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