The Most Hilarious #ShinMoments for #Shinhwa18th Events

Shinhwa Taipei 2013 “Your hearts, our hearts are the same”

Taiwanese fans called it “beansprout song” because they pronounce “dou yi yang” like “dou-ya” (beansprout) LOL.

This moment is unrivaled. They have countless of hilarious moments on screen and during concerts. But this one is the most memorable for me. It happened in 2013 during their Taipei concert leg. At that time, their most-said tagline is “your heart, my heart is the same.” They did it in Chinese and made an impromptu song from it. It was really comical. Shinhwa has a knack of repeating and laughing over their own jokes (or things they think as funny) over and over again. It also happened with this song. It was so funny I remember Minwoo fell down and laughed so hard because of this song LMAO. The song, the way the members sang it, the way they reacted to it were the funniest shit I’ve ever witnessed…one of the moments I laughed so hard I could cry =)))

In 2015, when they returned to Taipei, they sang it again…they asked whether the audiences remembered it or not… I guess the song was as memorable for me as it was to them ❤

2003 Interview

Their interviews are mostly hilarious and disorganized. But this one is the most hilarious for me. I’ve been watching it countless time XDD It was one of the first interviews I watched as a new fan 6 years ago. I felt very sorry to Nayoung who did it…felt even sorry when I found out it’s her first interview as a reporter and she cried after that T_T

But it’s hand down still the most hilarious…the randomness is unrivaled. Eric’s acting like bodyguard, the boys act like M’s fanboys, the boys threw things around, many things happened in one interview XDDD

YSMM Shinhwa 2004

So many inside jokes.

So many funny stories.

So many gold moments (like Hyesung describing how firm Junjin’s ass is *coughs* LOL…).

For me, YSMM is still one of the most hilarious shows.


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