6 Years with 6 Men in My Life #Shinhwa18thAnniversary

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This year marks the 6th year of me becoming a SHCJ…rather than thinking “it’s been 6 years”, it’s actually “It’s just 6 years” considering how much I missed their early days… #foreverregret T_T

Because 6 is an important number for Shinhwa and SHCJ, so this year, along with their 18th Anniversary, I’m thinking of doing kind of ‘birthday celebration’…

It’s simple… Let’s reminisce our Top 3 moments with Shinhwa as a SHCJ…no matter how long we’ve become a fan…

Top 3 of 6 moments:

  1. The happiest moments
  2. The proudest moments
  3. The saddest/disappointing moments
  4. The moments when you feel extreme secondhand embarrassment (don’t lie they have never ever embarrassed you LOL)
  5. The most hilarious Shinhwa moments
  6. The most memorable Shinhwa quotes [it can be the silliest shit they have ever said…or the most touching one…or the ones make you think “Oh, shut up, oppa. I don’t wanna hear it.” (most probably it’s Dongwan’s LOL)]


  1. It can be taken from your direct experience with them (concerts, fanmeetings, random meetings).
  2. It can be taken from their shows, news, interviews, tweets, etc.
  3. Let’s do it until March 27th, the last day of their anniversary concert.
  4. Post using #Shinhwa18th and #ShinMoments tags (on tumblr/wordpress/twitter). It’s not the best hashtags I know, I run out idea LOL
  5. You can post whichever moments first
  6. This isn’t a giveaway, so there won’t be any prize ((I’m too bankrupt for that LOL))

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