[FA] 150516 Shinhwa Grand Tour 17th Anniversary Concert – TAIPEI (PART 2)

This is gonna be a long post and forgive me if in the middle I lost my sanity and started the random fangirl-rambling (esp during some winks, dongwan’s new haircut moment, some hearts, some OTPs moments and dongwan’s new haircut………..and dongwan’s new haircut) U_U

For this concert, I got seating tix..and it was so convenient so at the end of the concert I decided to just buy seating tix for the next shinhwa’s concert (WHEN though ;A;) =))

The concert venue was an exhibition one, the same one with Hyesung’s Yashion Carnival last year.. It was a very bad venue for a concert. As it’s very long and there were no elevated seats nor second floor. So if you are seated at the back, you won’t be able to see anything ^^;; Even from my seat in 5th row from the extended seat, Shinhwa looked so small when they stood on the main stage..though luckily they put a huge projector in front of my seat XDD


my seat


the live band + back vocalists place

The concert started later than scheduled (not surprising at all..since ‘tardy-dol’ U_U).. So I spent time updating the surroundings while talking to my friend who was seated right to me.. It was nice to be able to see the band clearly..as usually they were hidden.. (LIVE BAND, people..100% LIVE concert!!!!) The stage was not as fancy as Seoul (without jumping platforms or elevating platforms etc.. only one platform to bring them back to the backstage), only stairs for them to sit on during most ballads.

The concert starts with T.O.P and they appeared TT_TT

adasdnasldasldasdas White Shinhwa TTT____TTT

Since the setlist was 100% similar to Shanghai and Seoul, I won’t go through it again. I’ll just mention things happened in between..like….






Every time he was shown on the huge projectors in front of me..or stood at the extended stage in front of me, I’d either let out a high-pitched incoherent scream, fell down on my seat, or tried to contain the ugly sobbing ;;A;;


anyway..that king fanservice Minbong also let out several winks here and there /WHO ALLOWED HIM/ o<-<

The fanchants were not as clear and loud as Seoul but it was not bad at all..the crowd energy was so good. Shinhwa was in the good mood..and their voices were also good.

Impressions on members’ voices and raps

I think I mentioned in my Seoul FA about Hyesung’s voice wasn’t being as prime as he did in the first day of concert. But, man, in Taipei concert..his voice was perfect…!! Granted he may have little slips in some notes (which I barely notice)..but he sounded so velvety, clear, and crisp I cried TT_________TT It was so amazing. SHIN HYESUNG IS FRIGGING AMAZING T_T Rather than his high note..I found myself have difficulty to breath at his velvety tone..that soft voice was aimed to kill…it’s melted people!!! T_T

Dongwan’s high note, on the other hand, still gives me shivers. He sounded very good, too.. Though his voice in Singapore left an impression too deep for me, I haven’t heard his voice sounded like that on the following Shinhwa’s concerts I attended (or is it just me? XD). His high note on “Jam #1” was so awesome, I gaped widely and shouted “DO IT AGAIN!!” though ofc no one heard lmao.

Minwoo’s voice melts people..seriously TT____TT and that Hurts’ falsetto TT___TT Minwoo’s singing is like a caress to one’s ears during ballads and was so full of energy during the dance track.. And his solo dance during “Hey Come On” was…. (‘awesome’ is an understatement) idk how to describe. It’s like a reminder that it was why he was chosen as a dance master, it was why Shinhwa’s choreography are distinctly good, it was because of this particular man..

Liking Eric’s rap style so much.. Just like he was in Seoul, the rap for every song was done differently.. And that long bangs of his..he looked frigging handsome………and so adorable at some moments in the concert.. Was he even human? T_T

Andy’s rap in “Venus” was particularly imprinted in my mind.. I like it when he sounded very confident and loud. MAKNAE, YOU SHOULD DO IT LIKE THAT EVERY TIME!!!! STOP BEING OBVIOUSLY STARING AT THE LYRICS PROMPTER!!! I caught you several times…. ^^;;

Junjin’s rap at “Man who knows” at “even though you got a boyfriend I don’t care” while making eye contact to fans and staring like THAT… OMG!! I mean..he was playing and goofing around with Minwoo during the initial part of his rap..then 2 last lines, including that line, he stared directly and intensely like that……….. o<-< His singing has been improving these past few years. He sounded so good at the concert tbvh… SO GOOD!!! Baby bird has improved so much..I feel so proud T_T I’m looking forward to his solo album ❤

Some moments I remember

So many things happened at the concert, I may not remember everything cuz like I said, it was like a passing dream.. I’ll try to write as much as I can remember.. I may edit this post later if I remember other things after watching fancams haha.

So during the first ment, they started with the usual introduction of their names. They started with an intro in Chinese “wo men shi..shenhua!! da jia hao~” so cute XD

Dydy spoke first..introducing himself. Jinnie……..then………WIPED HIS SWEAT!!!!!!!

MY JINDY T__________T

Andy smiled at that while continued speaking.. Then when it was Jinnie’s turn to speak.. Andy wiped his sweat…why so cute our maknaes……… TT_________TT

Minwoo spoke next… He hoped we’d enjoy the concert..

Then it was Hyesung’s turn… and filial babybird walked up to him to wipe his sweat.. I was like “awwwwwwwwwwww <33333”. Jinnie didn’t even wipe his gurlfriend’s, Minwoo, sweat.. he skipped Minwoo and went to Hyesung LMAO

Hyesung said something about watching concert while seating down may not be enjoyable(?)..people were started to stand but he cutely said in English “NO NO..NOT NOW” HIHIHII STEVE’S ENGRISH ❤

Dongwan started with “Do you guys remember this? Ni men de xin..wo men de xin..dou yi yang..jia you!!” The crowd remembered and started chanting.. It was the beansprout song that they did in 2013 which made me laughing so hard HAHAHA.

Eric imitated Dongwan with “Do you guys remember this…? //pause//” I was like..”whut?!” LOL.. Then he continued with “Say hoo!!! Say wooo.. wo ai ni!'” You adorable, leadernim, you!!! =)))))))))))))

Then they walked up to the main stage to sing the next songs.

After sitting down, Dongwan asked ppl to do the beansprout song again.. Eric imitated him and asked ppl to follow, too..then randomly scream “LEE MINWOO!!” WHY U GUYS ARE SO CUTE XDDD

…someone should stop Lee Minwoo from winking btw. He kept winking in several songs during his parts #dying o<-<

They were messing around in “Man Who Knows” aka “MinSyung Who Knows” again.. though not as hilarious as what they did in Seoul (with all the fooling around among OTPs, then DW swore and all lmao). Hyesung started the song seriously (main vocalist, everyone! XD)..then at Minwoo’s part.. he approached Hyesung then hugged him from behind (I SCREAMED. MY GYOWOOO AKA MINSYUUNG HEART TT_______TT I NEED MORE OF THEEMMMMMMMM). Then at Dongwan’s part next..he approached Hyesung.. Hyesung hilariously was waving his hand signaling DW to stop LOL (this is what I remember happening and was not shown in projector though). But DW still approached him and linked his arm to HS’ while singing “~Hyesung already has Minwoo” Hyesung nodded repeatedly while holding his heart.



And idk if it was my eyes deceived me..but Dongwan made a little finger heart before releasing his arm from Hyesung’s.

Then VCR 1 happened (the one used ‘Never Give Up’).. All the VCRs are already being subbed in Chinese. The scream at Hyesung’s ‘Hajima!’, the collective ‘awww’ at the Birds, and laugh here and there were echoing at the whole venue XD

During the ment after the songs, I remember they were talking about the favorite songs in the album. Leadernim was being blur while asking “Was ‘I’m in Love’ in 12th (*I heard it as 11th jib too..cuz Korean pronounciation was a bit similar) jib?” I CRIED..WAYLT, CEO-NIM =)))))))))))

They spoke in Chinese here and there randomly. Mostly Dongwan and Junjin who did. Like “Do you like the song?”. Or “xie xie”. They also repeatedly (during several ments) asked fans “Are you guys happy?” in Chinese..then when the crowd answered “Happy!!”..they replied with “We’re happy too” T_T

There was a time when they spoke and banter in Korean and the crowd was “………………………….”, they were like “Do you guys understand??” The crowd say “Yes~~” in Korean. Then Dongwan blurted out “Ting bu dong (*don’t understand)” cutely then pouted (NO YOU AREN’T ALLOWED TO POUT..ESP IN THAT HAIR..NOT GOOD FOR MY HEART)…made us laugh =))))))))

Anyway..during this ment..when they talked about favorite song. I recal Dongwan also sang his “NEVER GIVE UP!!” part in a very high-girly tone lmao.

Andy answered his favorite was Sniper..and the hyungs asked maknae to whistle, then dance and sing his favorite part.. SUCH BULLIES!! lol. He complied and danced a little of Hyesungie’s part..

They talked about “Cat” being a good song, too.. And Eric asked Minwoo to do cat voice.. and he complied.. “miawww” so cringe-worthy but cute somehow..

The next songs began..

For I’m in Love, I remember RicJin stood in the extended stage beside me.. Jinnie kept dancing cutely to the beat, Riggy followed suit.. SO CUTE XD

I think this time, WooDong came so often to my side..Andy and Jinnie too.. Sometimes Riggy stood or walked up to my side. Hyesung was the least often ;;;

Having massive JinFeels this comeback, whenever Jin came to my side I was like “jksadsaldksasa CUUUTTEEE” or at whatever he did “WHY SOO CUUTEEE” XDD

additional “eerrgghh my gggaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwdddd at oppayam’s hair” =))


The I Pray 4 U ment time was so cute. Unlike in Seoul (where they did rock paper scissor to decide), this time, Hyesungie said “It’s Minwoo’s telling time” in his cute Steve-glish =))))))))))) I think I heard they were bickering “what’s telling time etc” on the way back to main stage..but it was inaudible XD

IDK who started..but the crowd started yelling Eric’s ment..asking him to do the ment. He ran away to the main stage to avoid it. HAHAHA But the crowd was resilient, and he finally complied, clearly having a mental breakdown..so adorable =]]]]]]]]]]]] He started speaking..then stopped…had his mental breakdown moment again while saying “I CAN’T DO THIS!!” HAHAHAHHA. But slowly he got the feeling and said “..I hope.. I can be with Shinhwa Changjo forever.. I prepared this already… *then makes finger’s heart* wo ai ni…” KYAAAAAAAAAAAA it was so awesome.. he looked extra adorable while doing so XD

Minwoo then continued the ment smoothly as usual, but I didn’t remember what he said. Dongwan then started messing by blurting out random Chinese “ni men hen piao liang *you guys are so pretty*” “xie xie ni”.. I think Hyesung hit him for that cuz he tattled about it after =)))

Anyway..at the next ment, Minwoo was like “Taipei is HOT, now right?” The crowd yelled “YES!!” but there were numbers of shcj shouted “TAKE IT OFF!!!!!!!!” in Korean ((including me)) LOL. They pretended they didn’t hear pffftt LOL.

Minwoo also commented about Give It 2 Me lyrics..saying he was inspired by Junjin’s naked body.


He then asked Jinnie to turn around, praising his body, and asked the crowd, “Junjin’s butt is nice(?), right?”



then he teased. “Do you want to see it?”


Then Jinnie further teased us by pretending to open his zipper…..


My R-19 oppas please XD

Give It 2 Me this time was not the sexy version I heard in Seoul… It wasn’t sexy..but it was still fun. They were running around the stage. Waving to fans etc.. Oppayam came to my side and kept waving…….ME AND MY FRIEND KEPT SCREAMING, WAVING AT HIM, AND SPAZZING LOL. ((it MUST be the new haircut’s effect..MUST be..))

Venus was amazing. It was full of energy. The crowd was already standing during Give It 2 Me, but it grew wilder during Venus. Singing along and fan-chanting, all while jumping cuz Minwoo asked us to do so.. It was so fun… They kept asking us doing “You’re my love oh oh oh oh Venus!!” repeatedly…

I fell back to the seat while sighing “AH SO TIRED!” after #expiring LOL

They went back with Sniper and I hurriedly put up the project banner..though ppl around me didn’t seem to remember LOL. The outfit for Sniper was…….OMG

Sleeveless GyoDengJin…………and Black Shinhwa…WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US…. T_T Seeing Sniper live was awesome… Granted I saw it in MNET, then Seoul.. but in Taipei, somehow it felt different…. The fans’ scream was loud at every single member’s part. But the scream during Junjin’s part was deafening haha.

Then Brand New came in.. and it was good.. Jin’s part gave so much feels haha #JinFeelsAreTooStrong

At the ment, they asked again whether we were happy or not.. They then talked about they always have a great time in Taiwan, so they promised to keep coming to Taiwan for the next, next concerts. They recalled fans chased after them with scooters the first time they came to Taiwan, they were amazed HAHAHA. They also confirmed Nanjing and Beijing stops.. Oppayam made a pun on it “don’t forget..after NanJING..it’s BeiJING”XD Reminded us that there’ll also be Encore concert in August, asked us to come ((WHERE GOT MONEY)).

Then then asked the maknae to do the ending ment.. I dunno if it’s just me or not..but Dydy always had this exasperated expression (like..”HHH AGAIN!!!” XD) whenever his hyungs asked him to do something..but he couldn’t do anything but complied LOL #CUTE

Andy did the ment..and the hyungs mischievously shoved the mics all over his body =]]]]]]]]]] Not enough with that, they then asked him to do heart dance. He dance the finger heart’s version…then the Zomdy version XDD

Dongwan’s turn next. The crowd shouted “UP AND DOWN!” So he did..and the band played for him, but while he was still dancing, suddenly they stopped playing the music LOL #thosetrolls. Next was Hyesungie. He did a shy and cute version of Up and Down..but he stopped in the middle while waving his hand, signaling that he couldn’t do it anymore hahaha.

Crowd then urged Jinnie to do it… He refused at first cuz dunno what to do..but then he danced M’s dance..completed with his mock expression HAHAHAHA. Minwoo looked at him, smiling and laughing ❤

Minbong did a cute heart dance and then some cute moves. XDD

Eric’s turn next.. he did SAMBAAAA as asked by the members!!!!! XDDD They then asked fans to follow him. The members also danced samba. Eric said “SAMBAAA!!!” with very cute voice XD After that, Minwoo joked that their next title song should be called ‘Samba’..Dongwan was so amused, he laughed so hard then grabbed the drink.. Because they and the fans kept laughing, Jinnie was like “…our next song is ballad, though” =]]

I forget when it exactly happened..I think it’s this ment.. Hyesung encouraged Eric to do the closing..saying “you’re much better than me at this, right”..while staring at him lovingly.





Eric finally did it smoothly <3333333

They ended the setlist with Memory and Once in a Lifetime. The harmonization was so awesome T_T It erased the butchered VCR version from me for a while HAHAHA. I always love the way vocal line’s voices were overlapping in this song.. it was so awesome if you hear it live.. the backing vocals were good, too. RicDy’s rap were so good, too..

In  Once in A Lifetime.. I need to specially mentioned Junjin’s voice here……. arrgghhh o<-< I already said his voice has improved so much. But the particular part that got me swooooonninnggg was his singing in Once in A Lifetime… it was so good I went “aaahhhhh <333” not to mention the eye contact he made while singing..this oppa aims to kill me o<-< Hyesung’s voice in this song also deserved special mention..especially on several soft notes..omg…//swooooon//  he was caressing our ears T_T Dongwan’s high and long note during this song was also no joke….

There was confetti moment..and special arrangement for this..the intro was longer.. the stage was extremely beautiful.. I didn’t see Dongwan’s eating confetti moment though HAHA.

Then they went to the main stage and descended back stage. Waving to fans. Hyesung covered Dongwan’s (who was waving excitedly while teasing ‘BYE BYE, GUYS!!’ at fans’ scream “encore!”) armpit while they were descending LOL.

The “Shinhwa san” chant begun..and they started the encore not long after. I think the shinhwa san chanting was much longer in Seoul.

They started with Eusha Eusha and asked the audience to stand up and danced with them. They ran around the stage while wearing or picking up the things fans threw on stage. Too many things happened, too many things I missed during encore.. but one special mention:


At the start of the encore, he was also running to the extended stage alone..not knowing the members were not following him, then he ran back to the main stage, embarrassed LOL.

I also saw Minwoo poured the entire water to Jinnie.

Then some OTPs moments which involved holding hands or huggings..

They did 90 degree bows at the audiences twice at the extended stage. Facing the crowd at the mosh, then facing seated audience.

The “We Love Shinhwa” project started during Encore People started to take out the banner. This time they noticed it. Minwoo read the banners cutely “We Love SHinhwa..” Jinnie said “We love you, too”.. While Dongwan said “xie xie, ni men.” <3333333

When the concert ended, people started yelling “DON’T GO!!!” I admitted I got teared up when screaming this, too… withdrawal syndrome hit me so hard…………T_T

But, they needed to go anyway.. They kept saying thank you while waving and started disappearing backstage.

Damn. I missed them already T_T

On a conclusion note, Shinhwa’s concerts are always fun and worth watching, worth every penny. It is expensive, indeed. More expensive than the average-but-already-expensive kpop concert. They’ll bring live band, to assure you it is a 100% LIVE concert. They’ll give you splendid performances. Granted, sometimes they made mistakes here and there, like forget the lyrics, stare at the prompters too obviously (I’m looking at you, maknae..lol), or hit the wrong notes. But never once, they half-ass the dance and singing (though, yes, they were messing around by changing the lyrics sometimes HAHAHA). They’ll know how to make a concert fun. They shine best at their concerts. They put abundance amount of efforts for every concert especially on the new arrangements of the songs. Shinhwa’s professionalism is at its best. Being veterans doesn’t mean they’re slacking off using their age as the excuse.

They could have similar setlist for every concert, but each concert will never be the same. There’ll be some different things..different feels..different performances they present to the audiences.

It’s my 5th time watching their concert, but they never failed to awe me. Every single time. Even if the setlist was the same with Seoul this time and, admittedly, I was a bit disappointed at first (because the 2012 and 2013 Grand Tour setlists were a bit different from Seoul’s anniversary ones), but at the end of the concert, I felt like I had just watched an entirely different concert. I just couldn’t get enough.. ;A;

Since I’m leaving Taiwan soon, I don’t know when will I be able to see their concert again, because it means I have to fly to see them somewhere in China/Taiwan or (by some miracle) in one of the SEA’s countries. Hopefully I could see them again next year..and the next next next next next next year… >_<


4 thoughts on “[FA] 150516 Shinhwa Grand Tour 17th Anniversary Concert – TAIPEI (PART 2)

  1. Rin says:

    It’s been a seriously long time since I checked your blog, kind of sad that you’re not active anymore ;/ anyways hope you’re doing good & still a shcj haha

    • crabbielife says:

      Hi..I’m still SHCJ, don’t worry.. XDD Just a little bit busy after finishing my master T_T I’d try to post something Shinhwa but I dunno what to post yet hehehe

      • Rin says:

        Hi hi ! Ooh I see, must be hard huh >< Stay strong !!
        I'm glad that you're posting again, I really enjoy reading them. 😀

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