SHINHWA “WE” Taiwan Edition

tw ver


  • 7 posters. 6 individual members’ MINI posters + 1 BIG group poster
  • Photo desktop/photo stand


  • 548 NTD (minus shipping and exchange rate may differ for each countries)


  • April 10th

Below are the pictures of the bonus and the album

I can help you to buy this if you want.

From Indonesia, you can transfer to Bank Mandiri.

From other countries, can transfer via paypal.

If you want to buy, please send me an email :

How much you should transfer and when would be sent by email.

ps: I’m still checking the shipping cost to some countries (post office is closed on weekends, so please wait until MONDAY). As for the currency exchange, for other countries and Indonesian, the rate I use would be Mandiri rate because all of the money would be withdrawn from my Mandiri ATM. I will be checking the definite rate this afternoon.

ORDER LIST (per 11/04)

Philippines (3) –> bought

Malaysia (6) –> one bought

Indonesia (1)



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