How to get to Shin-related Places? #Mangosix #AmyChoco #Gaepan #ShinhwaCompany #Cknia XD

1. Mangosix in Garosu-gil


It’s the cafe where M also filmed his M10 Special DVD.

  • Take Subway Line 3.
  • Get off at Sinsa Station Exit 8
  • Just walk around the way until you see ‘Garosu-gil’ street name, then turn left
  • Go straight until you see Mangosix at the right side of the road


The cafe was just across the Line Cafe :3

2. Amy Choco, where Eric filmed DoR interview.

While at the same street, it won’t hurt to visit also XD


  • Walk straight from Mangosix
  • Until you see a cosmetic store named “Melvita”, turn left
  • Walk a bit more, then you can see this cafe XD

3. Shinhwa Company

A must visit place for Shinhwa Changjo :3

  • Take Subway Jungang Line (The one with sky blue color)
  • Get off at Hannam Station, Exit 1


  • Go straight, then you can see the first intersection, turn right (see pic below)


  • Follow the road (it was a VERY TINY AND NARROW street where only one car can pass)
  • Turn left until you see “Gomasu Building” (painted red)


  • Go up to the 6th floor (can tell they are quite obsessed with number 6 too lmao)


If you want to pass some gifts to Shinhwa, just wait until a staf passed by and asked their help to pass it to members. Don’t try to enter the office if the staffs don’t ask you to, it’s rude.

Inside the office. They decorated it with some oranges XDDDDDDDDD

20150325_120502 20150325_121124 20150325_121208


4. Gaepan

It’s run by Minwoo’s noona. Don’t really expect that some members would be there, unless you go there past midnight XDD

The food was pretty expensive and the location is a bit hard to find, so better go there with SHCJ who really knew how to get there.


I’d like to apologize because I don’t really remember how to get there in details LOL

  • Take subway
  • Get off at Apgujeong Rodeo (NOT Apgujeong, but APGUJEONG RODEO!!!) exit 5
  • Walk straight
  • Turn right at some points ((sorry I forget which intersections..I think it was 2nd intersection you found after walking straight?))
  • Keep walking straight until you are at the end of the road
  • Turn right
  • Gaepan has yellow tags and located at the right side of the road.
  • From the exit, you approximately have to walk for 10-15 minutes


Full with shinchangs cuz concert’s aftermath and anniversary’s eve XD

5. Chicken Mania (Chungmuro branch)

This branch of Cknia only opened at NIGHT 6PM.

  • Take subway. Get off at Chungmuro station exit 1
  • Go straight
  • You’ll be able to see Cknia sign right away
  • The restaurant is located at the second floor

You can also ask the waiter for Shinhwa posters XDDD

Them being the endorsers aside, but the chicken was very good <333333

20150325_185953 20150325_190540 20150325_192745







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