[FA] Shinhwa @ MNET MCountdown #Sniper10thWin + KBS Mubank ((But didn’t see them T_T))


I was still in Seoul and planned to try attending MNET Mcountdown, since I heard it’s the only music show possible for foreigners/non-official fanclub members to attend.

The direction to MNET MCountdown building (CJ E&M Media)

  • Take subway and get off at ‘Digital Media City’ station, exit 2.
  • Take bus number 7711, 7730, 710, 171
  • Get off at 상암DMC홍보관.YTN 정류장 하차 (Sangam DMC Hongbogwan, YTN Jungryujang Haja). It was easy to spot as you can see MBC and YTN buildings around it.
  • You can walk, but it is pretty far and you might not know the way, so take bus is safer. It’s pretty close, only 2 or 3 stops anyway.
  • If you want to walk, take exit 9 and walk straight until you saw SBSPlusTower. Turn left and walk straight again until you saw YTN building.

I was told to get there very early aka 2 or 3 AM. So I went around that time with 3 Malaysian SHCJs (Thank you for being crajeee with me!! LOL)

So we went there very early but there was no one to ask about what to do or where to queue. We met Japanese’s Eunhae fans and several KR SHCJ and C-SHCJ (*whom I actually met in Cknia haha). Those people kept telling us that non-official fanclub members could NOT attend pre-recording..as if we don’t know that already //rollseyes//

Non-official fanclub members can only attend LIVE BROADCAST (people called it ‘IlBan’), not the pre-recording.

So we went around the area and the JPN fans told us there were some announcement posted on the walls and that we needed to text that number (It was just a random piece of paper being pasted on a random wall near the building). The random ahjussi (idk who was he) also told us to try to text. But then again, we dunno what to text, etc.

More people came after and overheard some said the list for live broadcast attendance was fixed. We were like “????????” because we heard the list was made based on ‘first come first serve’ basis. But we decided to just wait and see. Until around 4am, there are some KR fans came with the list and started calling people’s name, then asked them to come again at 7am. We asked them what to do to attend, but they said the list has been fixed, etc. They still scribbled our name but said couldn’t promise us that we could enter. At this point, I overheard some of those fans said we definitely could NOT enter ((Please note that basic language knowledge is very important for fangirls lmao. I know basic Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, so it was very helpful for me to decipher what they said because they could not speak English)). The random ahjussi also said the list was fixed and ‘that’s unfortunate you could not enter.’ and Japanese fans also said the same thing.

Feeling dejected because we could not enter despite coming early, we took a rest on an office building across CJ E&M. While resting, I re-read all the accounts from other kpop fans on how to enter and found there might be several lists for entrance: fanlist and staff list.

So we thought it was for fan-list only. Then we decided to try for staff list. It was said that the staff would come out around 5-7 am, so we went there again around 5:30. Many fans from other groups’ have already gathered. Met Lovelyz JPN fans and Crayon Pop fanboys who were practicing their fanchant XDDD

At 6:30 am, a staff oppa came and asked us to write our names and numbers. We got number 1-4. He asked us to report again around 9:30 am.

Then we found somewhere to sleep while waiting. There were many cafes around, so you could just pick whichever you want XD

At 09;30 we gathered and found that only the staff lists people could get in. So please bear in mind, if you want to attend the recording, better to list your name with a staff, not the fans. Though it won’t hurt to find beforehand whether there was a fan-list also.

We then were asked to attend Laboum’s pre-recording because there were not many fans. It was an interesting experience to see all of those camera work..how the PD and staffs work.. The girls had to record like 2-3 times I think.. the studio was hot and I was sure the stage would be hotter, I somehow felt really bad for them.. It must hv been hard being idols.. U_U

The staff then asked us to come again around 16:30. So we went back and slept and ate lunch ((completely forgot that M has a press conference around 2..I should’ve stayed back OTL))

20150326_070504 20150326_070513 20150326_153906 20150326_153942

The CJ E&M building and the surrounding

Anyway we arrived there again around 15:30. Went inside the lobby and saw many idols I don’t recognize. Then I bumped into Princess Lulu aka Luda of Dancing9….and shamelessly asked to take pics together.. HAHAHAH. She was so pretty and tall and graceful ;;;A;;; Thank you for being so kind and let me taking pics with you ;;A;;

Looking around for Hwidong but could not see him. Too bad :\

We came when SHCJs were queuing for Shinhwa’s pre-recording. There were so many!!!!! I left when ELF was queuing for D&E, and SHCJs’ queue was three-four times longer..I was O__O when staff told me “that’s Shinhwa’s fans”

20150326_152028 20150326_152043

SHCJs were queuing to see Shinhwa’s pre-recording

Then around 17:00 (I think), they started to get us in line. The staffs asked fanclubs and ilban ppl to make lines. The fanclubs then had to decide on who entered first (I think the staffs asked them to get random number and it depends on your luck on who got in first XD). Not everyone in the official fanclubs can get it. The staffs have quota for it. If there were not many people, ofc everyone can get in. But for SHCJs, I think only 40-50 could get in.. I saw some started to queue in Ilban line too after U__U

So then we were asked to enter the building little by little, then wait until we were allowed to enter the studio. We entered almost at the same time with the start of live broadcast. Got to stand near MC stage…

Then I saw D&E left the stage (after pre-record?idk) then MC entered the extended stage and the show began…

I then saw WanJin first, when they prepared for winner interviews with MC.. Shinhwa then started to come in one by one..I can only see their behind, sadly /ahem/ U_U =))) I remember Eric kept his hand on Dydy’s shoulder the whole time <3333333 Dydy playfully hit Jinnie…and Jinnie did it to M XD

I couldn’t catch what they were saying to the MCs cuz too busy waving and gawking..I mean..looking XDDDDD Only know it was for winning interviews (since they missed two live broadcast for their 2 wins haha). Then I think the MCs announced the contender for that week. Again, I didn’t hear well but I heard fans were screaming and started finding their phones to vote, looking at their placards, those people must be Shinchangs XDDDD

Then I watched performance after performance while waiting for Shinhwa’s turn. I really did not recognize most of them cuz I don’t really pay attention to overall kpop, I’m sorry ^^;;; If it weren’t for the writings on screen, I wouldn’t be able to name them all U_U

I remember being awestruck by Baek Jiyoung and V.O.S’s performances though.. Can’t help but cheering for them too.. Their voices..man..it was soooo great and jaw-dropping T_T

WanJin then came out for another interview. This time with RV girls. Again, I was standing behind them..so could only gawking..uhm..I mean staring shyly(?) at their behind….. (((aka JUNJIN’SPEACHES))). Jinnie kept moving and danced around it was cute to see hehehhehee.


anyway..I couldn’t really hear them again as I was busy staring HAHAHAHA. I remember Jinnie then waved to fans before exiting the stage..while oppayam pretended to act cool pfft ^^:;; Later I found out the made a promise on winning without Minwoo’s permission..SMH BOYS hahahahha.

D&E, RV, and Shinhwa took the last stage. D&E had so many stages on their goodbye stage…I can’t help but feeling envious..since Shinhwa was also in their goodbye stage, but only performed one song ^^;;; I was quite impressed with Donghae’s solo..he has a good voice XDD

I squatted down almost the whole time during RV’s stage..because some of their fans were standing behind me so I think, they needed to see clearer..and there was one fanboy fanchanting so loud beside me, so it’s better for me to squat down haha.

During the live broadcast, they still sang and danced as usual but it was more playful. They smiled here and there. I remember Minwoo changed his “target” move to a heart.. <3333

SHCJs were also still fanchant-ing loudly..it’s very nice to be a part of it <3333333 During this time, I was standing a bit front, since the other fans’ have started to move back.

They then got off the stage after the performance and went up again for ending stage. I remember me and many other SHCJs were praying so hard so they could win..we were all chanting ‘Shinhwa san! shinhwa san!’ before winner announcement. As live audiences, we could not see the score breakdown at all..so we could only pray silently that they would win…

When they won..omg..the scream was so loud XDDD

Then SHCJs were trying to get to the front stage for encore while the other groups’ fans were trying to move back. The pushing and pulling were no joke DDDDDX

The full encore itself was so enjoyable. The fanchant was still loud. The members asked us to sing together, too. They were also playing around on stage. I remember Minwoo asked sassy dancer to hold the trophy to thank him for helping with Sniper’s choreography. Minwoo also did the 10x turn promise by Junjin..LMAO you bad babird..poor Minbong gets dizzy XDD Then during Eric’s part, we were asked to squat down..but we didn’t want to miss the encore and the ‘mosh’ was so tight, so we were like half-squatting and half-standing haha. Minwoo also pushed Eric’s shoulder down to make him squat down during this part. At Andy’s part of “you’re mine” HE WAS POINTING AT MINWOO and Minwoo kinda touch his hand

Again, I didn’t remember much of the happenings. I just remembered being so happy while staring at them playing on stage. I remember them smiling and laughing happily. Particularly Junjin… He was so cute ;;A;; I hope MNET would release full encore stage. Shinhwa then exited the stage after thanking Shinhwa Changjo once more.

After that, we were all going outside the studio. I followed orange people to the side of the road to see Shinhwa gets off work. On the way to SHCJs’ line, I overheard some fans (idk which group’s) were like “Shinhwa fans are crazy” HAHAHA #takeitascompliment

Then we were waiting at the sidewalk.. I like how SHCJs kept reminding each other to be careful and not to stand on the road and to keep standing on the sidewalk because it was dangerous.

Andy and Hyesung left first. SHCJs were chanting “Lee Sunho!! Lee Sunho!!” but he went too fast because of the green light. Next was Hyesung. Again, we almost missed him because he went so fast because of the green light T_T Both of them were waving and smiling to fans though..lucky I could see that. They went so fast until fans were like “nugu? nugu? nugu?” but they still screamed anyway HAHAHHA.

Then Dongwan’s car passed by.. He was waving and saying “KIDS…ANNYYEEEOOONGG~~” cheekily lol. I heard that he also threw candies to the crowd (not where I am standing though). After he left, the SHCJs beside me were like “he must be in a very good mood to be doing this” #usuallyemoyam =))

There were some random moments when we saw other singers.. ((just copy-paste from my tweets cuz I’m lazy like that lol))

  • A car passes by…fans were screaming but it turns out to be Eunhyuk and SHCJ went MWOOOYAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHA
  • A car passed by and some kids were waving to us so Shinchangs went annyyeooongg lol..some commented “must wanna be celeb” :))))
  • Boyfriend’s van just passed and stopped in front of us with the members waving at us..so SHCJs were like “goodbye~” “u r handsome” XD
  • Eric Nam’s car passed now and SHCJs were like “ANNYEONG THE OTHER ERIC SSI” BWAHAHAHAHAHA He was so nice stopping by to talk to fans XD

Waited for RicJinMin next. But they took very long to come out. So I just decided to go back because I hardly slept at all that day. Later I found out Minwoo went to record Dancing9 so he didn’t get off work. While RicJin were nowhere to be found as I saw no fanpics of them leaving hahaha. Thanks God I didn’t wait =)))


My last day in Seoul and I decided to wait for them coming for Music Bank.

How to get to KBS?

  • Take subway Line 9 and get off at National Assembly
  • It is airport line too, so please make sure you get on the right train. ‘Common’ train will stop at every stop. But ‘Airport’ train will pass the National Assembly. I got so confused and had to get on and get off because of this haha
  • Take exit 4
  • Walk straight then turn right at the first intersection
  • You will be able to find KBS Hall easily from there
  • Try to find the parking lot. It should be easy because you could see fans are heading to that direction..and there’ll be barricade like this pic:



Line of fans in front of KBS Hall

At that day, I saw many other singers: Ga In, Minah, Baek Jiyoung (a very nice unnie!!! She always greeted us when she passed by), Kwill (there was someone hilariously asked fans ‘U NO TAKE PICS OF KWILL?’ LMAO), Boyfriend, Eunhae (they passed a lot of time..both greeted the fans..Eunhyuk looked so cheerful to me hahaa), Laboum, Red Velvet, Amber, etc.

But I could NOT see Shinhwa because they came soooo late and I had to catch my flight T_T

I just find out also from security ahjussi that they would not have rehearsal so they wouldn’t be coming early.. I thought I would just wait because other singers also came after lunch time to 3pm to go to work anyway.. BUT those tardy-dols decided to come an hour/half an hour before the show ^^;;;;;;;;;; Making me think..they pre-recorded their performance for that week wayy before..so they could come so late haha.


One thought on “[FA] Shinhwa @ MNET MCountdown #Sniper10thWin + KBS Mubank ((But didn’t see them T_T))

  1. RinChan says:

    It was pretty long but I really enjoyed reading. It was nice to read your experience XD
    I’m so jealouus, they were so many fun moments ” ANNYEONG THE OTHER ERIC SSI ” LMAO and u got to met Luda ! I really want to mee her too and Hwidong **
    Tardy-dol :))

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