[FA] 150322 Shinhwa 17th Anniversary Concert

It won’t be a detail fan account since I could not really remember every detail as it was like a dream to me TT___TT Also because I watched the concert from mosh A and stood at the back so I could not really see what happened on stage. Just a tip: if you’re short like me and want to watch the whole thing, seating tix is much better or you can stand at the very back to avoid seeing only someone’s head the whole concert ^^;; Mosh is great to feel the whole concert’s ambiance though.

You can see the whole setlist here

I will just write down what I could remember here. it may not be in order and quite a disorganized memory XDDD

  • There were a lot of freebies distributed around the concert venue..many times I wasn’t lucky, already queued but didn’t get it cuz it ran out before my turn /sobs/.
  • At the second day, they opened the barricade at the photo wall, so now fans can actually sit on it XDDD
  • I missed D.U.R’s performances T___T
  • When Inkigayo started, people were shouting “PLEASE VOTE TO 1245!!”..then random cheer could be heard around the venue when Shinhwa won XD
  • The opening credit was not as impressive the Grand Finale 2013.
  • Seriously orange ocean was amazing… the view when they turned off the light and only orange color decorated the whole stadium was <3333333
  • The place where I stood was quite empty (I stood at the far back), we could actually sat down while waiting for the concert to start haha.
  • I could see the projectors very clearly, but could not see the stage at all, even the extended one near the mosh.
  • They opened with T.O.P.. looking so good T_T and they danced the WHOLE SONG!!! How long has it been since they did the whole choreo for T.O.P TT_____TT
  • I don’t need to describe each member again as I already did before in SG concert’s FA  and it hasn’t changed ((I couldn’t see wrinkles from afar though, so dunno whether they’ve added some or not lol)) XDD But this year, seriously Andy is looking so good… I always think cameras never did him justice..but this year, he looks even better than any other times I’ve seen him <3333333333
  • During Ment 1, they talked about their Inkigayo winning…and did a deep bow to thank fans twice.. I was so surprised and touched TTT_____TTT
  • RicMin came most often at my mosh-side. Sometimes Andy also walked around there. Vocal line came to my side not so often ;A;
  • DIED at Mannequin o<-< #youknowwhy
  • As usual, their live were on point and even better than the CD version. I haven’t changed my impression that I like Dongwan’s voice best among vocal lines. But there are things he couldn’t do as good as Hyesung and Minwoo. Hyesung’s voice (as described by Minwoo) lingers in your ears and hearts <33 and Minwoo’s voice somehow made you feel like you’re being wrapped by a ChoongJae ((you know..since he’s looking so WARM XDD)) and somehow it feels like he was caressing our ears too <33 I note that Hyesung’s voice at the second day didn’t sound as good and crisp as he did at the first day though (he sounded so good even when I only heard it from outside the venue)…hope he rests his voice well after promotion :\ Can’t really comment on rap line since I don’t really know about ‘rap’..but I like how Eric changed his rapping style in every song. He sounded sexy in ‘Give It 2 Me’, sounded cute in songs like ‘I’m in Love’ and ‘Love Song’, sounded badass in ‘Yo’, etc XD
  • As you can see from the setlist, after the ment, they were slaying me with all the ballads <333333333
  • Particularly laughing so hard at ‘Man Who Knows’..idk if they were singing ballad or doing some gags XDDDDDDDDDD They kept changing the lyrics..into some kind of GyoWoo’s fanfic lmao. Not to mention that they were fooling around among the OTPs..and Dongwan also cursed just bcoz Hyesung sang ‘you can curse at me’ LMAO
  • Hyesung’s singing and JinDy’s rap particularly stood out in ‘White Shirts’ for me.. Remember going ‘awwwww’ every time Hyesung sings XDDDDD
  • The VCRs butchered ‘Memory’ for me..why they always doing this to a perfectly flawless ballad song of theirs u_u =)))))
  • At ‘New Me'(?), Minwoo changed the lyrics..saying “Andy is my everything~” While touching the maknae XDD
  • Cried at ‘White Shirts’ and ‘Don’t Cry’.. T_T The stage setting for ‘White Shirts’ and the outfits were particularly impressive
  • They ran around the stage during ‘I’m in Love’, ‘I Pray 4 U’, and ‘Love Song’.
  • They also did rock paper scissors to decide who will do the usual talking for ‘I Pray 4 U’..how old are these ppl LOLOL. DW lost and had to do the ment. Being lame and blunt as usual lol. Then Minwoo continued with a touching talk ((just give the touching ments to M!! XDD)).
  • They did ‘Wild Eyes’ live and were slaying <333333 such a shame I wasn’t as close to the stage as I was in Singapore…
  • Minwoo’s solo in ‘Hey, Come On!’ with the dancers was so COOL AND AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • The stage for ‘Give It 2 Me’ was especially sexy~~~ The way they sang it made the song sounds very sexy (Eric’s rap killed it!!! <333).. OFC, many OTPs moments happened during it <3333333 I remember the most when Minwoo lied on the stage’s floor, then Jinnie came to him and~ and~ and~ did //something//  #CANTHEYNOT o<-<
  • For ‘Up and Down’ I think y’all saw from the fancams already. I DIED O<-< Somehow it were both sexy and hilarious lmao. I remember SHCJs were chanting each member’s name to encourage them to dance~and they had no choice but doing it~hahaha XDDD
  • When Dydy did his powerful version of ‘Up and Down’, I kept thinking about his back….and he did hold it right after he finished dancing….. ;;-;;
  • ………..and what did Minwoo try to do to Hyesungie???!!! Hyesungie ran away from M.. HAHAHAH
  • I remember before No.5 and No.6’s dance battle, Hyesung was like “TO ANYONE WHO HOLDS ‘DENG-CING (*word play on DW’s name) MACHINE’ PLACARD, PUT IT DOWN!!” LOL
  • I think they came on the extended stage near mosh quite often than the first day (based on other shcjs’ fan accounts)
  • Was dying with envy when they appeared on the second floor and even descended through fans…could only watch from the mosh is painful TT____TT
  • ‘Memory’ stage.. Just from the voices, I think their voices at the first day was much better. For this performance, I think Minwoo and Dongwan stood out…
  • During Once in A Lifetime, there was a high platform and they put ‘THANK YOU, SHINHWA CHANGJO’ on it.. again, I’m so touched TT____TT They kept waving, smiling, doing multiple version of hearts while they were on the platform. I especially remember how Leadernim did a big heart multiple times so cutely <3333333
  • At the last ment(?) when they were expressing their gratitude for fans, Minwoo was choked up and he cried. The whole stadium was chanting ‘don’t cry!! don’t cry!!’..but I was tearing up myself T_T Junjin looked like he was about to cry too..but he held in though we still saw he was teary TT____TT
  • K-SHCJs gave out orange balloons before the concert and asked us to blow it up during the encore stage.. It was an amusing scene for me when SHCJs were busy finding their balloons, blowing it up, all while chanting ‘SHINHWA SAN!!’ restlessly AHAHHAHA
  • Hyesung said “Wah orange balloons are indeed awesome” when he saw the event.
  • The SNIPER’s switch part was so hilarious but awesome. I died in laughter when Jinnie was imitating while mocking his mama bird for his part.. THAT EXPRESSION!! THOSE FINGERS!!! BWAHAHAHHAA. Hyesung did the lizard dance better than the first day..been practicing? XDDD And Dydy wore M’s fedora..slaying while looking cute at the same time o<-<
  • They had photo-taking sections with the Inkigayo’s trophy at the encore…fans were allowed to take pics.. They looked so happy <33
  • They were going to every corner of the stages to bow 90 degree to fans before ending the concert <33
  • At that point, Eric was like “MY BEPPEU” while linking hand with Hyesungie..and ofc Hyesung refused him and dragged him behind his hoodie’s neck LMAO.  Hurt Riggy apparently went to Jin and put his hand around Jin’s shoulder while saying ‘MY BEPPEU’ and Jinnie’s face was like ‘yeah whatever’ XDDDDDDD
  • I think I saw Jinnie held a Dooly doll just before the concert ended..he brought it backstage #Jinnie+Dooly=OTP XDD
  • The concert lasted for 3.5 hours. It is totally worth every penny. Shinhwa is truly a concert-dol and the reason why I keep wanting to see them in their concerts.
  • SHCJs were particularly awesome for fanchanting, singing, rapping, screaming while waving orange lightstick continuously at the whole concert. I do think they remember Shinhwa’s songs better than Shinhwa members LMAO.
  • Caught Dydy stared at the prompter at some points #whysoobvious HAHAHA
  • There were many OTPs scenes but I couldn’t really remember one by one haha #blur
  • Waited for them to come out from the VIP Exit again.. Already many fans there.. I think JinDy were the ones who were leaving first? They then waved to the fans and left to the after party. Then it was Dongwan who came out and entered the car then came out with helicam again, recording SHCJs.
  • I swear SHCJs’ gazes following the helicam, not oppayam LMAO.. They even when “WHOOOAAAA..WOOOWWW” while staring at the helicam, not oppayam #pats #sorrynotsorryoppa U_U =))
  • I left while Oppayam was still busy with helicam haha.
  • I was standing there waving Shinhwa Philippines tarp cuz obviously I didn’t bring SHCJ Indonesia banners HAAHHAA
  • There were many taxi drivers ahjussis who offered a ride to the after party. But you have to be careful. They would ask much money and insisted to bring you there and waited for you until the party finished, it could cost a bomb. I overheard an ahjussis said it took 50.000 won for a ride to the after party.
  • If you want to go to the after party, it’s better to find SHCJs who really knew the place, then found a taxi elsewhere (not the one at the parking lot at the venue) and asked the ahjussis to take you there. But Seoul is super cold during March (at the second day of the concert, it was around 1-3 degree Celsius at night), and you might have to stand outside waiting for them for hours, probably until 3-4 am. And it’s not a guarantee that you would see them either (as they could leave via back door). So if it is not worth it for you, better not go at all.


The way to the venue is decorated with WE banner


At the second day, they sold Hyesung’s ONCE AGAIN KIT and SAPPORO PHOTOBOOK too


The standing entrance where I queued. It was horrible cuz near the construction and there was sand everywhere TT____TT


Mosh A before concert started




View of second floor.. ORANGE!!


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