How Much Money Needed for A Seoul Trip for Shinhwa?

Just making this since many SHCJs are preparing to go (especially for 20th Anniversary) and wanting to save the money XDD

This is just a rough estimation, excluding your possible shopping spree.


The most expensive is 145.000 won and the cheapest is 99.000 won. Please note that Shinhwa’s concert tickets are always one of the most expensive concert tickets for a K-idol groups’ concert. But it’s worth it since they always have more than 2 hours concert with re-arrangement for every song, fan services, and 100%LIVE.

It is very likely to increase for the coming years.

If you watch both days, you can double the expense =))


The merchandise prices always range from 10.000 won to 90.000 won.

If you want to buy all, you have to prepare around 300.000 won.

If they have jewelry as a merchandise, you have to dig deeper since it will cost around 100.000-200.000 won.

Chicken Mania

The cheapest is 17.000 won.

You could never eat in Chicken Mania alone as the portion is too big for one person. It’s best to come there with a lot of friends.

It costs at least 10.000 won each time you eat there.


The price here is more expensive than average eatery in Seoul. All menus worth more than 15.000 won. Again, it’s better if you come together with friends, since you can share the cost.

It will take at least 10.000 won each time you eat there.

Shinhwa CDs

The store in Myeongdong exit 3 still has several old Shinhwa CDs. Mostly are secondhand, but it’s NOWHERE near cheap T_T The regular CD will cost around 30.000-35.000 won. DVD will cost around 50.000 won. The very rare ones, like Shinhwa Personal History and Hyesung’s Love of May Special Ed, cost around 100.000 won.

The newest CDs will cost the same with gmarket/synnara prices.


You can get SHINHWA T-money card in Myeongdong (a store in exit 3) for 10.000 won. The card is empty so you have to put some money in after you buy it.

You can recharge the card each time with 1.000-10.000 won. You will be charged 1050 won each time you go inside the subway station or get on a bus.

I used up around 40.000 won for transportation cost in 7 days.

Express train to/from the airport costs 8.000 won. Ticket can only be bought in cash or credit card. You can use Arex train which stops at every station and pay using your t-money card too. It costs the same with the usual subway charge.

Airport limousine bus to/from the airport costs 10.000 won. It would take at least 1.5 hour to reach the city. It’s more recommended as you don’t have to drag your luggage around to transfer lines, like when you use train.

Taxi’s basic fare is around 3.000 won.


The cheapest I had in Seoul was around 3500 won in Ewha University area. Mostly it costs 5.000-10.000 won each time you eat.

Street snacks will cost you at least 3.000 won per servings.

Convenient store’s foods are obviously cheaper but it is not healthy. Instant rice =1.300 won. The other food like spaghetti or chicken ((if im not mistaken)) around 3.000 won.

In my hostel, they give bread and Shin ramyun for free. It helps reducing eating budget.


The shopping expense really depends on each person. But the cheapest clothes cost 5.000-10.000 won. Mostly it will cost you more than 20.000 won. Unless you shop at a department store (I didn’t go to any so I don’t know the price range) XDD


The only thing I found super cheap LOL.

If you like using Korean cosmetics’ brands, it’s better if you hoard while you’re in Seoul. It costs twice or even thrice less expensive that it would be in your country. For example, Etude’s eyeliner costs around 125 NTD in Taipei, but I could get it around 75 NTD in Seoul.


For dorm room, it costs around 25.000-35.000 won per night. You can check the prices in Agoda and book it via there, because it’s cheaper 🙂

Music shows

You can enter for FREE in MNET MCountdown (you just need to queue super early). But it’s hard to enter any other music shows unless you’re an official member of SHCJ.

Overall cost (highest estimates)

Attend concert for both days + some merchs + t-money + gaepan + cknia = around 510.000 won

7 days staying in a hostel: 30.000 x 7 = 210.000 won

Eating 3x a day (around 5000won each time~) = around 100.000 won


6 thoughts on “How Much Money Needed for A Seoul Trip for Shinhwa?

  1. nickskullnick says:

    huaaaaaa!!! Cool!!! sharingnya bikin kepengen pergi nnton konser live in seoul jadinya >_< keereeen

    btw, unni shcj dri Indonesia kan? surabaya??? salaaam kenal~ kemaren aku ikutan gath 17th anniv di sby^^

  2. Hiekka says:

    Thank you for this! 😀 I’m kind of glad that everything is so expencive in my country, since this makes it feel a lot cheaper than what I thought it would cost to me to go to Seoul (not that this 600€ is cheap but it is relieve to know that it’s not in the thousands) 😀 But of course the plane ticket is is some where around 2000€… ;( so it rises the costs for me..

    • crabbielife says:

      For some european countries, airtix costs so much indeed :/ met a finlandian shcj and she said it took her around €2000 for everything (airtix, concert,etc) u.u

      But for asian countries’ ppl, seoul is an expensive city hahaha.. Though the airtix is not that expensive

      • Hiekka says:

        I’m also happen to be from Finland 😀 I know one other Finnish shcj,but she is a different one since she didn’t go to concert 😀
        I need to start saving money for a consert in future, been shcj since 2008 and I would love to go to consert. But I’m really worried since I get my stomach upset really easily when ever I’m traveling.. ;(

  3. kay says:

    Hi, i’m indonesian SHCJ.. what a great information for us who will be planning to see their concert..
    Btw, i’m planning to go to their encore concert in August.. I’m wondering how i should buy the ticket? Is it hard if i’m buying it from Interpark?

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