[FA] 150321 Shinhwa 17th Anniversary Concert

I didn’t attend the concert at the first day.. So this post will be mostly about concert merchandise, what I heard from outside and after-concert with members at VIP exit.

I arrived at the venue very early, around 7 am, to queue for merchandise. It wasn’t a long queue as mostly people already purchased theirs online.

So I went to queue and waited for the merchandise booth to be opened at noon.

Beside merchandise booths, there are several other booths: ShinJewelry booth, ShinCD booth, ticket booth (for people who want to buy the concert ticket directly), Interpark booth (to exchange your ticket and get the tix bracelet to get in), and snack booth. Shinhwa also arranges a photo wall for fans to take pics, but at the first day, the photo wall was barricaded with a line, so we couldn’t really take pics closely.

CD and Jewelry booths opened earlier than merchandise ones. There are individual banners around it so we can also take pics together with those.

ShinCom also puts the merchandises on display near the merchandise booth..the theme seemed to be ‘SHCJ on picnic’, they even had a fake lunchbox being spread on the official picnic mat XDD

While queuing for merchs, you can go around the venue to get free merchandise from SHCJs. Naturally, there were LONG QUEUE every where!!

K-SHCJ also set up a gongi booth (*you know..that game that Jinnie was addicted with lol). They’d teach you how to play. Then if you can win, they’d give you a present..

SHCJs are generally very nice.. If you give them something, they’d give you something back, like candies, drinks, or free merchs ^^~~

The concert started around 6pm (?). Because I didn’t attend, so I came at the venue a bit late. There was this amusing thing happened. I took subway. Once it stopped at Olympic Park station, people burst out running from the subway. Those are SHCJs!!! They ran to get to the venue on time.

It was a scary yet amusing sight.. Other people went “oh shinhwa concert..shinhwa..shinhwa..” seeing SHCJs ran like that XDD I think they were amazing to keep running even when climbing the stairs at the exit (mind you, those stairs at Olympic Park were so damn high -__-“).

Anyway..so I sat near VIP exit to listen to the concert. The fanchants screams from SHCJs could be heard very clearly from outside. The members’ voices were sometimes clear and sometimes muffled. I was amazed at their efforts to re-arrange their songs at every single concert. Many times I couldn’t point out what songs they were singing until they sang the first voice.

They must be eating their CDs before the concert.. It was freaking gooooddd TT___TT

I MET TAEHAK AT THE VIP EXIT TOO!!!!!!!!!! OPPAAAAAAAAAA TT_________TT He was picking up some girls (maybe, guest?) and taking them all inside. Three SHCJs unnies greeted him ‘Annyeonghaseyo, oppa’ and he replied with ‘annyeong’.. I was too dumbstruck cuz of his presence ;;A;; He was looking so cute and handsome ;;;;;;;A;;;;;;;;;


Anyway, the concert lasted more than 3 hours.. Then I waited for the members to come out from VIP exit. The security already prepared the metal barriers. So fans waited for them there.

The first to leave was Andy ((I think, forgive me if I’m wrong, my memory was kinda blur lmao)). Eric came out and went inside the car but he later went inside again. Saw Papa Mun was around too XDD

The members seemed to be in a very good mood.. They smiled and waved to fans before entering the car… ((I NOTE THAT JUNJIN SMILED VERY CUTELY WHILE WAVING ARRGHH O<-<)) XDDDDD

The last ones to come out was WooDong ((waiting for them until my hands were frozen and stiff cuz have to hold phone on standby TT_TT)). Minwoo came out, looking so cool with his fedora hat //swooonnn// o<-<

Then Dongwan came out (took him very loonggg!!!) and he entered the car from the side which was nearer to fans. Before entering, he said cheekily “KIDS, DREAM OF ME!!” then he went in XDD Fans then were chanting his name, then he opened the window (it seemed like he was taking pics of fans, not clear since he moved away from where I stood already). Heard he was also throwing candies to fans haha. Since he was the last member who came out, there were many fans were chasing after his car (including me lol). Saw him stopped by to take presents, but when I arrived, he already drove away.

That was the first day XD


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