[FA] Shin Hyesung in Yashion Carnival Taiwan (020514-030514)

This is gonna be my 3rd time meeting Hyesungie…but first time meeting him in his solo activity. SO EXCITED HE COMES TO TAIWAN \o/ This is gonna be a short FA…since I don’t really see him for more than 15 mins each time LOL. At the end of the day, I believe fangirls = waiting = stamina HAHAHHAA.

Let’s start from his arrival day.


I woke up startled due to KKT messages paging em to hurry up going to the airport because Hyesung’s airport pics in Incheon have already come out… Literally jumped out from the bed (my bed is dormitory-two-stories-kind-of-bed), I washed up and went to the airport… Just take a note, my university is far from Taipei downtown (45mins-1hour) and from Taipei downtown is around the same distance from Taoyuan Airport, so I have no choice but to run run run XDD

2014-05-02 10.59.42 2014-05-02 11.26.41

Fans at Terminal 1

I got info that his flight will land in Terminal 1 from a K-SHCJ… So I waited for them there with another fans. I was among Seo Inguk’s fans. After waiting around 1 hour, Inguk came out ALONE. No sign of Hyesungie or Taehakkie at all TT_________TT

Sidenote: Seo Inguk is CUTE. Like, VERY CUTE..  He got a very small face..and with his eyes, I thot he was looking like a cat XDDDD He smiled and waved to fans right after fans started calling him “OPPA!!!” unlike some oppa we know -..- #kickedbyHyesung

Back to Hyesungie, I started to panic cuz Hyesung didn’t come out and staffs already gone from T1.. Run around blindly following them and some fans, Idk where to go….. But then I remembered, there would be an Asiana flight landed on 11:40, so I ran for skytrain to Terminal 2. I think my guess was right cuz I met many other SHCJs taking the same skytrain.

His plane hadn’t landed yet (it was delayed to 11:56), so I waited. There are much more fans in the T2, compare to the T1. They were waiting in a loooonnng line. Staffs were also there, good signal that I was in the right place.

2014-05-02 12.15.59 2014-05-02 12.16.10

Long waiting line in Terminal 2

After waiting for around 1 hour and my bladder was going crazy already (seriously he took his sweet time after the plane landed……such a torture to my bladder -__-), HE FINALLY CAME OUT!!!

I was standing near at the end of the line, but I could see him right away, even before he turned in the corner to our waiting line.. Tall and slender. He wasn’t looking for gold lol. He was looking pretty straight ahead. He was with 2 managers.  TAEHAK IS LOOKING CUTE AS USUAL. KJDJKASKDAJDA #ahem

At some points, he started looking for gold..but I saw him looking up and scanning the fans..then he was looking down again… I was a bit behind, so I didn’t catch him waving before he went inside the van.. The staffs made a circle around him and Taehak (Wae u separate me and Taehak, staffs wae T_T)..and security kept yelling DON’T PUSH DON’T PUSH idk to whom cuz no one pushing anyone HAHHAHA. It was crowded but SHCJs weren’t a rabid crowd. Though I admit it was a bit chaotic for another people in the airport.. I almost tripped myself to a suitcase to chase on Hyesung and stayed close enough to see his side-profile -_- I finally got to see his van when he was going inside and caught Taehak’s backview only #ALLMYSADS T_T


Hyesungie arrived in Taoyuan airport

Overall, I was waiting for around 2 hours, to see him less than 5 minutes on this day.


Yashion Carnival Day!!

I honestly didn’t buy the tix because I was short of money (bought flight tix and school decided to cut my stipend this month -_-). So, I decided to go all out stalking waiting for him in front of his hotel.

I arrived there quite early..around 11-12 pm.. I saw no fangirls at all at the moment. Managed to get inside the hotel with my ninja skill LOL.. But saw no Taehak…uhm..I mean Hyesung XDD

I went out and saw around 5 fans with banner. Hotel’s staffs setting up barriers. So it was a sign someone is coming out. I asked them ‘Who will come out’. They answered it was Inguk. I thot they were Inguk’s fans. A bit disappointed, I asked “Do you know where is Hyesung?” Unexpectedly, 4 of them kind of screaming “WE ARE HERE FOR HUI XING!! (Hyesung’s chinese name)” LOL. Okay.. Good sign.. XD So I was sitting there with them, until Inguk came out around 1-2pm (I think around that time). He came out 20-30 mins after the van was parked in front of hotel’s door. Looking so cute with gray sweater (I think it was sweater..or jumper..or whatever LOL). A fan of him wanna give him present, but he just waved his hands and smiled apologetically “Sorry”.. Even his speaking is so cute AHHAHA.

The van parked there several mins after Inguk getting in, so we thought Hyesungie may come to rehearsal (or whatever) with him. But nope. Inguk departed alone. So I asked a hotel staff and he said nobody else would come… I told the SHCJs there and they said “really? But Hyesung hasn’t come out”. So we waited.





WAITED. Many more SHCJs started to arrive.. Around 10 people were there. More and more came as the hours passed by. Some brought stools and those intimidating long-lenses cameras (for me who just BORROWED camera pocket, it’s intimidating LOL).






I almost gave up -_- It was already 5 pm and no sign of him still. I went around to find signs of him or the van. But none. I almost left at 6pm, but a SHCJ there held me back ‘Just wait. He’s still there. We’ll see him’ with such conviction, so I stayed HAHA. Based on the info I get from SHCJs fellow on twitter, HS was scheduled to arrive at the venue at past 7.. so we predicted he’d come out at 6:30pm


stand by


6:45, still no van.

Past 7.. a van came. We all stood. Stand by. Random people start to crowd also, interested in “who’s coming?? who??” SHCJs are getting annoyed when the nth ppl asked LOLOL.

SAM_1095 SAM_1096

the crowds when Hyesungie was about to come out

15 mins passed.




Then FINALLY, LIKE FINALLY (how long again I was waiting???????), he came out looking so dashing in  suit  TT_________TT

He was waving at my direction…with that princely smile of a Shin Hyesung……. TT__________TT

So dashing TT___________TT

Seriously SO HANDSOME ❤ ❤ ❤


I forgive him for making me wait. In an instant. LOL.

After that, I was running to the MRT to go to the venue with other TW-SHCJ (Yey I made friend XD). We were spazzing and gushing over how shuai is this gege along the ride LOL..

Arriving at the venue, we ran again to 4th floor where the hall was located. A kind SHCJ offered me her free tix to get in.. But I refused cuz I feel bad if I receive it. Beside, the doors to the hall were opened, so I can see him from giant screens and hear him even from outside. SHCJs were filling up the venue, I see XD


the venue’s entrance

The wait wasn’t long and he appeared with 그대라면 좋을텐데. So glad to hear him live.. His voice was at the best condition that night. Pulling high notes perfectly. He didn’t sound harsh and hoarse at all…. ❤ ❤ ❤ Saw some shcjs with “PILGYO NIM”  placard haahha. Many Shinhwa’s banners/placard/towels/lightsticks can be seen at the venue.

He even did some fanservice..as in greeting the fans “ta jia hao” cutely XDDD Ment came after.. The female MC’s voice is so high-pitched. Eww.

There was an interpreter with him, but I think without her, SHCJs will be just fine XD XD XD He talked about coming back to Taiwan for countless time. Last time with Shinhwa, he said.. Then I think he were asked about his fashion, he kind of flustered…. He’s not M-STYLE yo LOLOL.. There was this funny ep during his ment, he was trying to reach his water bottle… he drank, and as usual, SHCJs screamed HAHAHAHA.

He then serenaded with 사랑해. I love this song though I can’t remember the title initially XD Voice is so soothing <3333 Seriously you hv to hear Hyesungie live, esp at his prime condition.. It sounds so so so good. Like it resonances to the whole venue then went inside your heart #ahem XDD

Then he sang Ex-Mind.. Running around the stage, asking people to sing…. So cute XDDD He ended it with “annyeong~~” and ran off the stage HAHAHA. Expectedly, when he finished, SHCJs started flooding out of the venue and ran… XD I ran to the MRT and decided to wait for him at his hotel again. Well, I got perfect excuse because the bus stop to my school is just across the hotel HAHAHHA.

I arrived there around 9:30 pm I think… and already got some SHCJs waiting there… Because it was late, we were waiting while eating supper…. looking like homeless people XDD Needless to say, many people asked again “who are you waiting for? what are you doing?” or “Is he famous?” after we answered “Shin Hyesung. Shinhwa. Korean” People asked so often I was thinking to put a banner “WAITING FOR SHIN HYESUNG” there =]]]]

Anyway, he arrived at the venue around 22:45 (ON TIME!! I gotta leave at 23:00 hahaha)… He didn’t wave.. He walked so fast inside.. Less than 30 secs he disappeared inside the elevator… that ninja U______U

At least I didn’t wait too long this time.

As a final note, fangirls really need a good stamina to run around and wait for long hours (the wind was chilly T_T)….if you wanna do shinhwa-chasing, better be prepared….esp that they are so ninja sometimes =]]]]]]]

That was the last time I met Hyesungie because I couldn’t send him of to the airport today (I have to work)….. TT________TT

PLEASE TAKE OUT THE PHOTOS WITH FULL CREDITS. (I know it is not good and I don’t put watermark but PLEASE show some courtesy if you taking it out)


 my fancams:

그대라면 좋을텐데





4 thoughts on “[FA] Shin Hyesung in Yashion Carnival Taiwan (020514-030514)

  1. KT says:

    loool thanks for your FA and all the hard work of waiting for the lil prince ^^ but ahaha it was hilarious to see him flustered by the MC’s questions XD the MC I think was Butterfly and yah her voice is kinda annoying cuz she’s trying to be cutesy <.<;; btw did you notice that that translator is pretty much the same one everyone uses when kstars come cuz haha I swear I've seen her nth times already, she should have her own fanclub by now =P

    • crabbielife says:

      ah really? I rarely attend Korean artists’ events in TW if it’s not Shinhwa… Shinhwa didn’t use translators before… so I didn’t notice XDDD

      • KT says:

        I don’t often watch TW stuff much anymore but I recognized her as the one that appeared on BFB alot so she must work for the station or something XD

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