The Reasons Why Shinhwa Members Were NOT Under Good Entertainment for Solo

Shinhwa was the first group to have group activity under one management but solo activities under different managements.

Recently, there have been lots of talks by Kpop fans to ‘pull a Shinhwa’ ((whatever that means for each one of them))..and one of ‘pull a SHinhwa’ is having group and solo managed under different managements (recent cases it was mentioned a lot in KARA and Sohee of Wonder Girls case). Some thought..Shinhwa did it because the members were NOT satisfied to be under Good Ent for solo, that they left Good for solo act because they wanted.

However, it turned out that they did it to save Good Ent financial problem. They couldn’t handle Shinhwa’s group activities AND each member solo at the same time. Thus, it was possible for Shinhwa to branch out of Good for solo and still promoted as a group..  From then on, they have been doing this until now, with Shinhwa Company and each members are under different agencies for solo (financially, SHinCom still CAN’T manage other people beside SHINHWA themselves)

I’m still finding out whether this is official or not (though my guess is it is from FANS).. Still digging for the official notice from Good Ent itself =p

Anyway here’s the article:

[08.03.16] [Trans] The reason why setting up a new company [Good Emg – SHINHWA]


To protect SHINHWA and built a new company.

In the current good financial crises can be said that they had expose the hidden problems to the public, being as the fans maybe we have only seen the good image part on the surface, but we do not know what is actually behind it and all the hardwork which had been dumped into it. There are countless of problem and crises, they are far exceed from what we had imagined.

SHINHWA towards Good Entertainment is actually water which can cause flood to the company, especially in the entertainment biz they needed a huge investment into it and only get a slow income in return. Every time they release an album, concerts too needed a big sum of money to sustain everything, no matter you are famous or not. Company & artist business can’t be judged and their relationship are like an exploitation. But to Good, SHINHWA is their only survival reason, so Good is unlike other manage company who mistreat SHINHWA. When an artist is earning lots, their company gets very little. And being as a group the income is even hard to predict, for a famous group it is even hard to say, when they renew their contract, the company’s profit will be even much lesser. So every time on the production & promo they needed a large sum or money, as earning a $ is not easy, if not why SM would want to disband one group to another famous group?

Although there was a predict that SHINHWA will form their own company, but not now as the time has not come yet; not under this circumstances, it should be SHINHWA 6 person’s only company. But now as there are members had came out and set up their own company, there was no doubt on Good’s financial situation. They did this to sustain and protect SHINHWA, so they leak out part of their own profit to others. But if ever Good gone into bankruptcy, SHINHWA will be taken as the debt and at that time they could only listen to what GOD has to say only. That is to change strategy and to set up a new company themselves to repay the old debt, 2nd is also to attract more new income/investment. But even they are using their own name to set up their company, under the law towards the company’s debt, every profit they earn they will note get it but the company. Because the company needs to keep running, means they will need a large sum of money to sustain and for promo, dancers, teachers, makeup artist, outfit, designers and so on. They would have to pay everything with their own money in their pocket. Just as the company is still running for the day, the income must be be stop flowing in and there will forever be no relaxation. Do not be mistaken that SHINHWA has the greed to earn more money, because of they are risking their own life for the group to keep SHINHWA carry on.

Lets calculate Good’s last year income, lets not talk about the Asia concert, surely there will be lost. Singapore concert to open up the market and there were a large flow of promo, but there were related news saying that the other cooperation company could not afford to take out that sum or money to pay them, that equals to another lost. China ‘s concert the Chinese company were earning like crazy, but Good & Shinhwa hold this concert for the fans and they get nothing in return. (DBSK concert in China SM request for RMB2000000, Shinhwa’s concert were only RMB200000). Korea & Japan’s investment & production were huge, there should be a little profit in it. 8th album, was a large in production, the album receive more than 200000 copy of sale, but they could only earn very little.

Korea music market is not in good shape, to hit into the Japan & China market there will be needed a large sum of money. There are artist in the company, not much nor less, but artist which can really earn are little, and there is a large sum or workers that needed to be paid under the company. There are not much Good’s artist, new comer needed a large sum of investment too, so the only profit they could get is from SHINHWA. 6+n (n<4).

But the saddest part is, where cruelty could not be avoided, and the market does not talk about sympathy. It’s a envy matter towards SM company on how they get their income so well and to keep their company running smoothly. Hoping that the Korea music industry will turn better, and give good a chance for break. At least until when SHINHWA is back from their military service, please dont break down before they enter and hoping there wont be much huge of leak changes.

Towards the reason why Shin Hyesung’s 2nd album was being delayed and delayed again it is clearly understood that it must be the investment money problem. Good had made all their bet onto Hyesung’s 2nd album, and it must be a success but not loss. Just if they win in this bet, then Good has the chance for a better change and to get back all the loss. Hyesung’s 1st album was sold 18k, and this 2nd album must at least sold out 20k above only can count as a success. Don’t know whether Good has a company in Japan, if there is, there will be a better profit. They can just send the 2nd album from Korea to Japan and releases it there. Japan fans group are much more stable and the sales are very strong, they wont mind on the pricing and it is surely a good sale.

Please do not complain/angry and be understood why Shinhwa keep going to Japan. Because Japan’s market is a place where they can get good operation & higher. Besides than going, they must also stop by frequently. Towards China, actually the market is not much stable and it is not easy on the arrangement, Good is a small company, it is okay it they don’t earn, by looking at the visits the SHINHWA paid to China you can understand. The copyright of the album if they sell it other music company, Good will get lesser profit. They want to sell out the copyright too can’t be too immediate for them to do so, because on the pricing there will be much difference. Of course surely this entry is just the latest vision of personal point of view. The completely hurting part is due to Hyesung hurt his knee during SHINHWA 3rd jib had become part of the deal. Because there is no need for Hyesung to serve the military service, so he will be continue doing his activities, and this is also a chance to continue in earning their income.

Kim Dongwan signed a different company for his solo was completely a sacrifices, suspecting is not what Dongwan wanted, it is because he thought of the overall profit and situation of the company he had made his decision and done a sacrifices. Firstly the company have no money, and to plan a solo album is very difficult, thus Dongwan signed another management company, the new company will have to pay good a sum of money to get Dongwan’s contract from them. Secondly, it has brought an emergency income to Good, also there will be no worries on the success of releasing Dongwan’s solo album. Minwoo’s case was actually a tiring one, because this guy overwork himself always. Tour, new company’s planning, new album, the planning to hit the china market, and all other planning really need a large sum of working loads, and also receiving many people’s worrying. If adding all M’s planning up together the sum is just trying to eat up every Good’s situation and a force in it. M’s 3rd album was not release on time surely is due to the investment fund. Eric’s solo i think he would need to pay the sum with his own pocket money. Junjin will be the another money tree after Hyesung’s. Andy’s solo he actually had shown a matured part, where he always smiles in front of the camera, but behind him he have to carry up lots of work and tiring stuff.

9th album, to release or not still there will be the same difficulty. So lets just release it, towards the fund, if there is no money there will be no production, and no production there will be no promotion; If they don’t release it, there will not be a chance to gain profit. So the 9th album is a MUST to release, the concert can have large promo, expend the influency, the get more sponsorship, and also to gain $. 111billion of debt, Good is actually walking on a very difficult steps. Towards a big company 100billion is just a small sum, but towards a small company it is actually trying to fight in the market. A few big company is trying to beat down a small company who is just trying to survive. If there is a large sum of stock being sold, there will be also likely an acquired and annexation. If they wants to put a large sum of investment and to keep their own company to survive, both are also a headache to work on. The Korean Shinhwa Changjo had hailed a month ago that the 9th album target must reach to 1,000,000 copies. If this had come true, 10,000kr won X 1,000,000copies of CD = 100billion Kr won. Then Good will get to solve their financial crises and that also equal to save SHINHWA! But sadly after year 2000, there was no one able to break the 1,000,000 record till now.

To all we know that SHINHWA has the attraction and ability to attract large sum or investment and funds. but due to the military service which may take them to return after 3 or 4 years, the investment by then will have a changes.

If SHINHWA does not go well, they can just sign a new contract with a bigger company and can just walk out from Good. There are lots of company wanting SHINHWA under their contract, but they stayed back. With the miracle name of SHINHWA, 6 of them really involve themselves into it and trust that everything will be better. Good was built up because of SHINHWA. SHINHWA was not a choice, but fate. They put their own life with SHINHWA, and with all their effort to maintain the group. If there is an unfortunate day comes, this is not from their will, and they are out from controlling it. They surely felt the pain greater than we do. And we also trust that they will work hard to reform the group. Of course i trust that SHINHWA can overcome everything, they wont disband. Shinhwachangjo is hard, people who love SHINHWA will understand them, to protect them, Lets protect them together!

Above is being analysis from all the news towards Good & Shinhwa, not towards other company or any other artist. Every news are according from what had been spread / reported around on the internet.

To support SHINHWA, buy at least a copy of their album!
Support SHINHWA = Support with Origin!

from S.C.I.C 樱花
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

taken from soompi



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  1. sarairina says:

    Crabbielife, I love your page!! Thank you for existing!! 🙂
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    Thank you so damn much! *bows 90 degrees*

  2. Hươngg says:

    Hello Crabbielife ^^ Can i ask for this “The copyright of the album if they sell it other music company, Good will get lesser profit. They want to sell out the copyright too can’t be too immediate for them to do so, because on the pricing there will be much difference”? what does this mean? Thank you very much ^_^

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