Shinhwa’s Logo/Name Copyright: Good Entertainment and Open World Entertainment

[08.06.03] [Notice] With relation to the USE of Shinhwa’s logo
Hello, this is Open World Entertainment.

We would like to inform everyone regarding Shinhwa’s logo issues.

OPEN WORLD ENTERTAINMENT who holds the rights to Shinhwa’s products has contracted with GOOD ENTERTAINMENT to obtain the rights to Shinhwa’s logo. As stated in the contract, there are 2 more overseas activities. To replace this, we are in the midst of preparing for a FANMEETING for both Korean and overseas fans in Jeju Island.

This planned fan meeting will be the last fan meeting for Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan and Eric before their enlistment. And so, for those overseas fans who have shown their undying love for Shinhwa as well as the Korean fans, they can participate in this fan meeting at no charge. However, Eric and Andy have declined participating in the event and thus, the preparations for the fan meeting ceased.

As Eric and Andy rejected the idea of appearing as Shinhwa, Open World Entertainment interpreted this as that Shinhwa will not have any activities, and so in accordance with the contract, the use of Shinhwa’s logo has been terminated.

Our point here is, no matter what, Open World Entertainment will not support or wish for Shinhwa to disband.

After this, other than Good Entertainment and other companies who wishes to use Shinhwa’s logo, has to get the permission from Open World Entertainment before doing so.

This is solely to protect the brand name of ‘Shinhwa’, we hope fans will not misunderstand our intention.

Chin translation: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng translation:

taken from soompi

[08.06.03][Notice]With relation to the rights to Shinhwa’s logo

Hello, this is Good Entertainment.

First of all, regarding this afternoon’s report, ‘Shinhwa’s logo contract has ended, and Shinhwa has disbanded’ has caused much unnecessary confusion, we sincerely apologize to everyone.

The report that was published in the afternoon was untrue, and we hope to clarify things through this notice.

Although Shinhwa members are busy with their own solo activities, and are unable to appear as ‘Shinhwa’, we still hope Shinhwa will still gather and carry out activities as a group. And so, we would like to make it clear that the statement ‘Shinhwa has disbanded’ contains no truth.

Also, we will clarify the issues regarding Shinhwa’s logo.

In July 2003, Good entertainment as signed a contract with Shinhwa and had bought over the rights to Shinhwa’s logo with some conditions attached. (For the detailed conditions please refer to the actual source of news, couldn’t really understand what it was about, my apologies.)

Hence, 3 years has passed and GOOD has renewed Shinhwa’s contract in 2006. At that time, SM has passed the rights to Shinhwa’s name to Open World Entertainment (OW), and so GOOD has contracted with OW in order to carry out activities in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and parts of South East Asia. OW has also been responsible for Shinhwa’s solo concerts and the contract to hold 2 activities in Japan.

And so, to fulfill that requirement in the contract, Shinhwa’s 2007 Asia Tour in Thailand and Singapore were put up together with OW. And in December 2007 concerts were held in Japan, Shanghai, and parts of Southeast Asia with OW’s cooperation until now.

The reported ‘Asia Fanmeeting’ planned to be held in August at Jeju Island was to fulfill the contracted second activity. Earlier on, OW has suggested this fan meeting and after discussions with the members, we decided it was not possible due to the member’s solo activities. Their schedules are too packed and this fan meeting was not possible. Rumours about disagreements amongst members and Shinhwa disbanding are not true.

The contract between Good and OW which started in 2006 regarding the rights to Shinhwa’s logo will only end when Shinhwa’s contract with Good ends. Hence, there are no issues with Shinhwa’s logo. Thus, the problems with Shinhwa’s logo and the ‘Asia Fanmeeting’ were misinterpreted and led to the untrue reports.

Above are the clarifications with regards to Shinhwa’s logo. As mentioned, ‘Shinhwa has disbanded’ is totally untrue. And here, Good would like to clarify that there are no issues with the rights Shinhwa’s logo.

I hope this clears the confusion and when we see Korea’s representative group Shinhwa, I hope every one of you will give your support.

Thank you.

Chin translation: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng translation:

taken from soompi

[08.06.03] [News] Shinhwa, leaving behind their rights may suffer later on
Holding the rights to Shinhwa, Open World Entertainment proclaims to revamp the brand name, ‘Shinhwa’. The result is that it complicates the relationship of each individual member when it comes to their own benefits and they might suffer later on.

Open World said on June 3, ‘In order to protect Shinhwa who was been in the industry for 10 years and to maintain its value, we are going take measures to restore the name. We will not only look at Good Entertainment but also other companies who are using the name.’


‘Other companies’ refer to Eric and Andy’s individual managing companies. Open World, who needs to fulfill a condition that was contracted in 2006 with Good Entertainment, proposed a Jeju Fanmeeting. However, representatives from Andy and Eric’s side opposed the idea, giving rise to some issues.

Andy’s representative pointed out, ‘We don’t sense the importance of Jeju’s fanmeeting, and besides, it doesn’t fit in his schedules and so we replied, saying it’s hard for Andy to turn up for the fanmeeting.

Rumours of disagreements amongst members leading to disband had surfaced. To this, Shinhwa’s managing company, Good Entertainment emphasizes, ‘Our managing contract with Shinhwa has not ended, and thus a disband is impossible.’

Open World reiterates, ‘If the terms are not met to use Shinhwa’s name to hold a performance, then the performance will have to be terminated. In future anyone who wants to use Shinhwa’s name has to seek approval from Open World, any ongoing projects or projects that are in the planning stage also has to get permission from Open World before using their name.’

Source: 六感
Chin translation: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng translation:

taken from soompi

[08.06.03][News] Open World will manage the brand name of Shinhwa from June

Shinhwa member M(Lee Min Woo)’s managing company OPEN WORLD is carrying out managing work for the brand name ‘Shinhwa’.

In order to protect the name ‘Shinhwa’ and to raise its value, Open World Entertainment has stepped out.

3 June Open World Entertainment has announced, ‘To prevent the misuse of ‘Shinhwa’ who has been in the industry for 10 years this March and to maintain its value, we have decided to buy the rights to Shinhwa’s logo from Good Entertainment when the contract ends this June. We will take measures to protect this brand name.

For companies who want to use the name ‘Shinhwa’, they will have to seek permission from Open World Entertainment. Planning or ongoing projects that uses the name ‘Shinhwa’ will also have to seek approval from Open World Entertainment.

Open World Entertainment says, ‘To people who have been misusing ‘Shinhwa’, we will handle the matter accordingly.

Source: Newsen
Chin translation: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng translation:

taken from soompi

[08.06.04][ND Notice] Clarifications with regards to recent news

Hello, This is ND Entertainment.

With regards to the recent news about ‘Shinhwa’ logo issues, we hope to clarify some matters.

Firstly, Andy did not refuse to take part in Shinhwa activities, we hope everyone understands this.

We received some proposed schedule, but because of some other commitments that have been made earlier on, and also because the other Shinhwa members have their own solo plans, the proposal was turned down. This has been discussed amongst members and it is a decision they all made unanimously.

We hope to clear the misunderstandings, and we are sorry to have caused worries to those who love Shinhwa and Andy.

Thank you.

Chin translation:染@bestshinhwa
Eng translation:

taken from soompi

Taken this out to share to fellow they don’t have to go through 832743243232 soompi pages to find it again ((likeme)) hahaha.


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